Disclaimers and Note

I am not a man, and I am not from Britain, nor am I from Japan, so therefore I am not the genius author J.R.R. Tolkien or the brilliant director Peter Jackson, nor am I one of the masterminds Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Aounuma. Therefore, I do not own The Lord of the Rings or The Legend of Zelda. Sadly. Therefore I also do not own Link or Frodo…. Alas!!!

If I owned Lord of the Rings, the ending would be like this, “Frodo kissed Sam on the forehead, and then as he watched his best friend cry, he realized how much he needed to stay in Middle-Earth, and how selfish it was to leave for the Undying Lands just to be healed when so many people needed him. Therefore the ship sailed without him, and he returned to the shire with Sam, Merry, and Pippin, married a lovely young hobbit lass named H.G., and lived happily ever after to the end of his days.”

If I owned Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time would end with Link ditching Zelda to marry Saria, (who by a gift from Farore would grow older like everyone else.)

But I do NOT own either of these stories, so these endings do not matter. And the stories you will read on this blog are Fanfiction. I take absolutely no credit for the characters, places, or ideas created by Nintendo or by Tolkien, and I am not trying to make money off of them.

PLEASE NOTE: These fanfictions are not in any way meant to be mature or inappropriate. While there will be your typical fantasy violence, there will not be blood and guts and organs exploding everywhere. The farthest we will go with romance is kissing. The worst swear word you will hear is, “Drat!” which isn’t even a swear word, but I use it a lot. ^.^ I swear before God and Tolkien that I will not destroy the story and go insanely off the plot for the sake of made-up ships (like my sister, who ships Thranduil with his pet moose)or flat-out stupidity, like making the hobbits go tubing or visit Dineyland or whatever. I swear before God and Nintendo that I will not turn Link into a murderholic and that Zelda will not be made any more annoying than she already is. So, relax. These are for all ages, unless otherwise stated. 🙂

I’ve received some recent criticism on this, so I’m going to address it:

Some of my stories, particularly ones involving Sam and Frodo, might seem like slash (the shipping of two same gender characters). I can assure you 100% that they are not slash fan fictions. The Greek had four words for love and one of them was philia, which means “brotherly love”, and that’s all the certain stories (e.g. The Land of Shadow, Hobbit Drabbles, and To Hurt and To Heal,) are. Some people see a kiss on the forehead or the words “I love you” as exclusively romantic, but I don’t think about it that way. If you see something you are concerned about, you can let me know. (I’ll just tell you it’s not slash, though.) Please remember that before leaving hate comments on my works. Thanks.

15 thoughts on “Disclaimers and Note

      • That’s the issue I have too. I can’t smash my sister. But I HAAAAATE Frowise. I loathe it and I bet Tolkien, Frodo, Sam, Sean, and Elijah don’t believe it, too! Actually I KNOW they don’t because I saw a Sean quote where he said he doesn’t think it’s true, and that Sam marries Rosie anyway, not Frodo. *sigh* Sean Astin has all the good quotes.

        Oh, I meant to ask you – would you guest post on my blog this friday? I want to do an Obscure Fandom Friday for that book you mentioned, “The Wolves of Beyond” or whatever it was. Just write it up using the usual method (look at past OFFs to see what that is:)) and then add something like, “Hey guys, it’s addbratlove225 from lifeofafangirlsite,” or something, then post it in the Off Topic Topic on LadiesotR sometime between now and thursday – if you want to, that is:). But then everyone who looks at my blog will go to yours. Would you like to?


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