Submissions Guidelines

Middle Hyrule is open for guest posts of any fandom – including ones I am not a member of. The more audiences I can reach, the better! I am willing to publish posts or fanfictions from anyone who would like to be featured, and who is willing to meet my guidelines. Anyone is welcome to submit, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, cultural background, political affiliation, etc. Things I would be interested in publishing include:

  • Fanfiction
  • Essays
  • Assessments
  • Reviews (e.g., of merch)
  • Fanart
  • Lists (e.g., five best characters in ___)
  • Advice

This is a blog that should be enjoyed by everyone, including younger fans. As such, no content that is sexual, profane, heavily violent, discriminating, or otherwise offensive or suggestive in nature will be considered. Please keep all fanfictions submissions at a T or below rating.

Submissions Format

All submissions must be sent to in the following format


My name is Example Yourname, and ___ (something like I am interested in writing for your blog, spin it however y0u like.)

FandomName (Type of Fandom)

Pitch: This is where you will describe the story in one three to five sentence paragraph. Please give me a quick summary and also let me know what the pairing is – if there is one. I welcome all pairings, (I am especially fond of gen), so long as they are not incestuous in nature.

In the next paragraph you’ll tell me a little about yourself, where your story has previously appeared, how you found about about Middle Hyrule, and why you’re interested in submitting. Also, tell me if you’ve been published anywhere else.


I’ll contact you as soon as possible letting you know whether your story has piqued my interest. If it has, I can work with you to figure out how you want the post to go, you can send the story to me, and I’ll post it. There is a slight chance I may reject the story after reading, but that would only happen if you’d withheld information about any warnings in the story or if you’d violated my requirements. Otherwise, the story will be up in a few days.



My name is Example Yourname, ___

Quick introduction of yourself and your interests as a fan and  potential guest poster on my site.

The artwork should be attached as a .jpg or a .pdf. Again, do not send me any artwork that is suggestive or gory.


All Other Content:

My name is Example Yourname, ___

FandomName (type of Fandom)

Pitch: Here you’ll tell me what this is: an article, an essay, a review of the new Funko Pops line – whatever it is, I have to know. This can be longer than fanfiction submissions, and I want you to tell me about yourself here rather than in two paragraphs. Introduce yourself, tell me where your passion came from, and then tell me why you  you’d like to post on Middle Hyrule. After that, tell me about your post. Tell me what you want to talk about. It helps to have read some of my posts.

I’ll get back to you and help you to craft your post – if you haven’t already. If you have, I’ll let you know whether I’d like to see it or not, and we’ll go from there.



Remember: Middle Hyrule is not highly competitive. If you send me something that’s good, original, and appropriate, it’s a fair bet that you’ll be accepted. I look forward to receiving any submissions.