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Hamilton Songs

Well, I’m back! This time, I bring you the songs of “Hamilton”. I’m going to describe and summarize all 47 and give some quotes. This post took at least a week and a half to write.

By the way, I know “Hamilton” has been in the limelight recently due to the remarks some of the cast made to Vice-President elect Mike Pence when he visited the show. #BoycottHamilton is trending, especially among conservatives. While I do not consider myself a liberal, I don’t believe there was anything wrong in what the cast did. They spoke in a manner that was very respectful and thanked the future VP for attending. Trump then began an angry campaign against them and said that they had harassed Pence. Really? That word seems a bit strong to me. I am not a Trump supporter, never have been. As a girl with a disabled brother, I could never support the candidate due to some of the things he has said. His redeeming quality, in my eyes, was that he seemed less corrupt (to me) than Hillary. So while I do not support Trump, I do support America, and I hope he’ll be a good president for us. And I sure as heck support “Hamilton”. This show changed my life. It changed the way I look at the world, at our history, and at other people. I love “Hamilton”. I am not going to throw all that aside even if I don’t believe the address was entirely appropriate to give. It was still delivered in an appropriate way. Besides, we have freedom of speech. So I stand with my fandom and I probably always will. We Hamilton lovers stick together. Just needed to get that off my chest. I am not throwing away my shot!



Now, to the songs…


Alexander Hamilton

This is the first song in the musical, where Alexander’s friends (and enemies) all describe his place in the life, and the other events are foreshadowed or outright described. Alexander arrives in America in this song.

Important quotes: “How does a b******, orphan, son of a w**** and a scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished and squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” – Aaron Burr (Sorry, I hate to post mild language, but it’s one of the most important quotes in the show and I just couldn’t leave it out.)

“Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” – Alexander Hamilton

“The world will never be the same.” – Entire cast

Aaron Burr, Sir

Arguably the two most important people in the show are Alexander and Burr, so they are the first two songs. In this song, Alexander tracks down Burr for some advice, but then he meets John, Lafayette, and HERCULES MULLIGAN after they give their introductions, and decides that they’re cooler than Burr. He starts hanging with them instead.

Important Quotes:

“‘Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.’ ‘A ya yao yo yao yo what time is it? Showtime!'” – Aaron Burr and John Laurens (This is what we call foreshadowing, children.)

My Shot

The song that is maybe the most important in the show – and the most quoted – is this one. Alexander describes his ambitions to his friends and they all talk about the revolution. Here, we also learn about Alexander’s past and the hopes for his future. He declares boldly throughout the song, “I am not throwing away my shot!” Remember that. It’s going to be important.

Important Quotes:

“Hey yo I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy, and I’m not throwin’ away my shot!”  – Alexander Hamilton (Foreshadowing, again.)

The Story of Tonight

Alexander and his friends sing about their hope. “Raise a glass to freedom”, says John, “Something they can never take away.” There’s lots of bromance and, I am told, lots of hugging if you see the stage version.

Important Quotes:

“Raise a glass to the four of us, tomorrow there’ll be more of us.” – Alexander Hamilton & Co. (Meaning his squad. Meaning John, Herc, and Laffy Taffy.)

The Schuyler Sisters

Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy sneak out of their house and into New York city to roam the streets. Angelica is excited by the prospect of a revolution, and hopes she can find someone smart enough to match her wits. Burr thinks maybe he’s that person. No way. Sorry, Burr.

Important Quotes:

“Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” – Eliza Schuyler

Farmer Refuted

A man named Samuel Seabury stands on a box and proclaims his Tory beliefs to the people of New York. He thinks that Congress is betraying Britain, and says he prays that the king will show his mercy to them. Yeah, like anyone cares. Alexander jumps up and verbally tears the guy to pieces. He had it coming!!! My sister and I identify as Samuel Seabury and Alexander Hamilton respectively, and I always try to get her to do this song with me.

Important Quotes:

“‘I pray the king shows you his mercy.’ ‘Is he in Jersey?'” – Samuel Seabury and Alexander Hamilton.

You’ll Be Back

Here comes King George with a love letter to the colonies. Hello, why did you break up with me? Yes, you do realize that I am the best you will ever get? Well, whatever. You’ll be back, so I’ll just wait for you to come to your senses here. And I’ll kill your friends if that’s what it takes. (He’s a bit of a yandere if you hadn’t noticed.)

Important Quotes:

“Oceans rise, empires fall!” – King George III

“I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.” – King George III

Right Hand Man

It’s all well and good to trash Samuel Seabury and join a revolutionary squad, but Alexander wants to see some action. Meanwhile, General Washington is swamped, exhausted, and plain overwhelmed with work. Trying to lead an army and work with congress at the same time is not easy. He needs some help. Enter Hamilton. He has brains, talent, and three whole friends. Problem solved.

Important Quotes:

“I cannot be everywhere at once, people!” – George Washington

“I have some friends. Laurens, Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette – okay, what else?” – Alexander Hamilton

A Winter’s Ball

Suddenly, Alex is popular. He works for George Washington, so he gets a lot of special attention. But he’s still poor. However, here, at a ball, there are three pretty girls who are rich, and two of them are interested in him. Sounds good.

Important Quotes:

“We’re reliable with the LAAAADIIEEES!!!” – All men

“If you can marry a sister, you’re rich, son.” – Aaron Burr to Alexander Hamilton.


Eliza falls head over heels from the minute Alexander walks in the door. She’s a little shy, but luckily, Angelica introduces them, and soon they’re writing letters back and forth. Eliza is breathless, desperately in love, and completely helpless. Soon, they’re married. She can’t even believe her luck. She is the happiest girl in the world.

Important Quotes:

“Boy, you got me helpless.” – Eliza Schuyler (now Hamilton.)


Alexander and Eliza are married. Everything’s good, right?

Wrong. Angelica loved Alexander first. He caught her eye almost right away, and then she found out how smart he was. Finally, she has an equal in everything… except wealth. She’s the oldest. She can’t marry someone as poor as Alexander. But maybe Eliza could, and then, at least, Angelica can be happy for her sister. All the same, she is not satisfied, and never will be.

Important Quotes:

“And I know, she’ll be happy as his bride. And I know… He will never be satisfied. I will never be satisfied…” – Angelica Schuyler

The Story of Tonight (Reprise)

Time for the squad! Alexander’s friends goof off and tease him about his new marriage, all the while growing steadily drunker. (Is that a word?) Then in comes Burr. Burr made it to Alexander’s wedding party… and according to John, Burr has a girlfriend too. Alexander can tell Burr isn’t comfortable around his friends, so he sends them off and talks to Burr alone. Yes, Burr has a girlfriend, but, (oh no) she’s married. To a British officer. Oh dear. (By the way, the workshop version of this song is hilarious. They’re all ten times drunker and twenty times cuter. If drunker isn’t a word, I’m making it a word. You’re welcome, America.)

Important Quotes:

“Welllll, well I heard, ya got a special someone on the side, Burrr….” – Drunk John Laurens

“I will never understand you. If you love this woman, go get her. What are you waiting for?” – Alexander Hamilton to Aaron Burr.

Wait For It

This is when Burr starts to get some character development. He is in love with a woman who is married to one of his nation’s enemies. Still, he is willing to wait for her. And that shows the biggest difference between Burr and Hamilton. Where Alexander wants to go and get everything he wants, Aaron Burr will sit around and wait for it to come to him. I keep trying to find a way to describe this song and… I can’t. You just have to listen to it. This is my favorite song in the entire production. It is so powerful. I’m sure I’ve done a terrible job explaining it, but there are literally no words to do so. Just… listen to it. Please.

Important Quotes:

“I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable, I am an original.” – Aaron Burr

“Love/Death/Life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. It takes and it takes and it takes.” – Aaron Burr

Stay Alive

Hamilton returns to war, and things are not looking good. The army can’t get supplies, and they’re about to go into a very dangerous battle. Washington promotes Charles Lee. Unfortunately, Lee is a terrible general and messes up Washington’s orders, so George puts Lafayette in charge. Angered, Lee starts saying bad things about Washington. That is SO not okay. John challenges Lee to a duel and asks Alexander to come and be his second. They get this adorable moment where John tells Alexander that he’s his closest friend. H.G. loses her mind and goes to write fic.

Important Quotes:

“I’m a general! WHEEEEE!!!” – Charles Lee

“‘Alexander, you’re the closest friend I’ve got.’ ‘Laurens, do not throw away your shot…'”

Ten Duel Commandments

Charles Lee v. John Laurens. This should be good. Alexander is John’s second, and guess who’s Lee’s? Burr. In this song, we learn what the ten commandments are when it comes to dueling. This is important, as there are two other duels in the show besides this one. This song is a ton of fun to listen to, as the tune is dramatic and suspensful. Burr asks Alexander if they can agree that duels are dumb (foreshadowing again, children) but Alexander wants John to fight Lee, so the duel is still on. Wonder how it will turn out?

Important Quotes:

“Pick a place to die where it’s high and dry.” – Ensemble

“Leave a note for your next of kin, tell ’em where you’ve been. Pray that hell or heaven lets you in.” – Alexander Hamilton.

Meet Me Inside

And the winner is John! John shoots Lee in the side, but oh no. Here comes Washington. They are in soooo much trouble…

Washington yells at Hamilton, angry with him for doing something so immature. Alex replies sarcastically that maybe John should have shot Lee in the mouth to shut him up. George, he was defending your honor. Alexander again asks for a command. Washington is furious and tells Alexander to go home.

Important Quotes:

“‘Your wife needs you alive, son, I need you alive -‘ ‘CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME!'” – George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

That Would Be Enough

Alexander comes home to discover that Eliza is pregnant. Suddenly, he is humbled, and concerned that he won’t be enough for her and this child. Eliza tells him that he is more than enough for her, as long as he will make time for her and let her into the legacy he has created for himself. It’s a very sweet, romantic song. It’s hard not to love Eliza after hearing this. Apparently Alicia Keys is covering this song soon…

Important Quotes:

“‘Will you relish being a poor man’s wife, unable to provide for your life?’ ‘I relish being your wife.'” – Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Hamilton

“We don’t need a legacy. We don’t need money. If I could grant you peace of mind, if you could let me inside your heart…” – Eliza Hamilton

Guns and Ships

LAFAYETTE!!! This is where America’s favorite fighting frenchman takes control of your heart, and Washington’s. As one of Alexander’s best friends, Lafayette knows that he would be a good leader, so he presses Washington to give a command to Hamilton and basically brags about how great he and his friend are. This is the fastest rap in Broadway history – the song is 334 words in just two minutes. Let that sink in. Anyway, it’s an amazing song, and Lafayette is a cinnamon roll, and I would totally marry him if I could.

Important Quotes:

“I’m takin’ this horse by the reins, makin’ redcoats redder with bloodstains!” – Lafayette

“No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical brilliance!” – Lafayette about Alexander Hamilton

History Has It’s Eyes On You

Washington gives Alexander a command (about time!). He reminds him, however, that their story isn’t going to end when the war does – they’re making history, and the things they do will be told throughout the ages. Don’t forget that, Alex. The Hamilsquad harmonizing in the background makes this song even better. I could listen to Christopher Jackson’s voice all day. He’s like the Morgan Freeman of singing. So calming…

Important Quotes:

“I know that we can win. I know that greatness lies in you. Just remember, from here on in, History has it’s eyes on you.”

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Lafayette and Hamilton both congratulate each other on making it this far and give themselves a pat on the back. And then they say goodbye (even though they don’t realize it’s goodbye). The two never speak to each other in the play again, since pretty soon, Act One ends and Lafayette’s actor plays Jefferson instead. Before that, though, Hamilton makes a promise to Lafayette that if he ever needs him, he’ll make sure America sends aid. Remember that. After that, Hamilton takes his battalion and gets ready for the battle of Yorktown. Lafayette goes on ahead to Chesapeake Bay, and John goes to South Carolina.  HERCULES MULLIGAN does his awesome spy tricks, and so we’re clear, this plan is great, the redcoats are deadcoats. Woot. After a week of fighting a young man in a redcoat stand on a pillow pet (parapet, sorry) and waves a white flag. The British have surrendered, and America is free. This song always gets me pumped. It’s so patriotic and exciting and amazing and wow I love it. I love it so gosh darn much.

Important Quotes:

“Immigrants: we get the job done.” – Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton.

“Gotta start a new nation, gotta meet my son!” – Alexander Hamilton

“We’ll never be free until we end slavery.” – John Laurens

“Freedom for America, freedom for France!” – Lafayette (this is his last line in the show, aside from “We won”.)

What Comes Next?

King George is sad. America has officially broken up with him. He is dejected that they weren’t willing to come back, and asks them what they plan to do now. Freedom is tough, especially if you don’t know how to use it. Leading a country is even tougher. It’s scary how right he will turn out to be.

Important Quotes:

“Do you know how hard it is to lead? You’re on you’re own. Awesome, wow!” – King George

“When your people say they hate you, don’t come crawling back to me…” – King George

Dear Theodosia

Now that the war is over, Hamilton and Burr can both just… breathe. What’s more, they both have families now. They are both fathers. Burr’s daughter is named Theodosia, and Alexander’s son is Philip. In this song, they commit to raise their children and promise to make the world safe for them. It’s a sweet, beautiful song and one of my favorites.

Important Quotes:

“We’ll bleed and fight for you. We’ll make it right for you.” – Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton


Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us

You thought everything was going to be okay now that the war’s over? You were wrong. Alexander is at home, when Eliza comes in with a letter. “It’s from John Laurens,” Alexander says, but Eliza replies that it is not. It’s from his father. John stands on the other side of the stage and watches as Eliza reads the letter to her husband. “Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens was killed in a gunfight against British troops in South Carolina.” And for once, Alexander has nothing to say. He gives a quick reply about having work to do, chokes back a sob, and flees the room. Everyone cries. John deserved so much better than this…

This song is not in the album, but you can listen to it on YouTube. Watch an animatic for tears and ugly sobbing.

Important Quotes:

“‘Tomorrow there’ll be more of us…’ ‘Alexander, are you alright?’ ‘…I have so much work to do.'” – John Laurens, Eliza Hamilton, and Alexander Hamilton


We’re a little more than halfway in here. Act One wraps up with a song about Alexander moving on after the war. He joins forces with John Jay and James Madison (we’ll meet him soon) to write a series of essays to defend the Constitution. And he writes 51 essays. In six months. Seriously, who even does that!? Anyway, after that amazing feat, Washington asks Alexander to be the Secretary of the Treasury. This is distressing to both Eliza and Angelica (who has just moved to London with her new husband), since it means a lot of work for Alex and less family time. But still, he’s ready to buckle down and get things done for America. Alexander is not throwing away his shot. Or so he thinks…

Important Quotes:

“I was chosen for the constitutional convention!!!” – Alexander Hamilton


“He will never be satisfied…” – Angelica Schuyler (technically now she’s Angelica Church, but I’m gonna keep calling her Schuyler.)


What’d I Miss

Oh, hello, Daveed Diggs is back, only this time he’s wearing a fuschia jacket and has his hair down. No more Lafayette. Well, we will hear more about him later on… ANYWAY! Thomas Jefferson is back in America after going as the Ambassador to France, and the minute he gets home, he finds out that he’s been appointed Secretary of State. He sails up to New York, where his friend James Madison pulls him aside and warns that Alexander Hamilton has a new financial plan that neither of them will agree with. Jefferson is introduced to Hamilton, and then they get down to business.

Important Quotes:

“‘Where have you been?’ ‘Uh… France?'” – James Madison and Thomas Jefferson

“So what’d I miss?” – Thomas Jefferson

Cabinet Battle #1

Alexander has a banking system plan. Jefferson hates it. Rock paper scissors? Flip a coin? Nahhhh. Rap battle, obviously! The two secretaries each try to convince Washington why their idea is right. Alexander’s plan is going to involve assuming debt, however, and Jefferson doesn’t think it’s fair that the South should have to pitch in, since all their debts are paid. Alexander reminds him that that’s only because they have slave labor. Burn.

Important Quotes:

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals, we shouldn’t settle for less. These are wise words, enterprising men quote ’em, DON’T ACT SURPRISED, YOU GUYS, ‘CAUSE I WROTE ‘EM!” – Thomas Jefferson

“A civics lesson from a slaver. Hey, neighbor, your debts are paid ’cause you don’t pay for labor.” – Alexander Hamilton

Take a Break

Eliza wants to take a vacation upstate and visit her father, but Alexander isn’t sure he can make it away. Philip has just turned nine (yeah, some time has passed) and is writing poetry. Alexander and Angelica have been writing each other flirtatious letters across the ocean. When Angelica actually arrives to go on their holiday with them, she finds out Alexander isn’t coming. They beg and plead and sing amazingly, but to no avail. Alexander has to stay behind to work on his plan.

Important Quotes:

“My daddy’s tryin’ to start America’s bank! Un, deux, tois, quatre, cing!” – Philip Hamilton

“It says ‘My dearest, Angelica.’ With a comma after dearest.” – Angelica about Alexander’s letter

Say No To This

Eliza’s gone. So is Angelica. Alexander is weak and lonely… and vulnerable. Enter Maria Reynolds with a sob story about her abusive husband. Alexander offers to walk her home and then the next thing you know… affair. Bad. And then worse when her husband sends a letter to Alexander for blackmail – pay or Eliza finds out. Maria pleads with Alexander to stay, says she didn’t know any better, and essentially seduces him… but really, she’s just a young helpless girl who actually doesn’t know any better, so I forgive her. Like it would matter if I didn’t.

Important Quotes:

“I didn’t know about any letter! I didn’t know any better. Please don’t leave me, I am helpless.” – Maria Reynolds (She’s using Eliza’s phrase, if you didn’t notice.)

“How could I do this?!” – Alexander Hamilton

“Just give him what he wants and you can have me! Whatever he wants, if you pay, you can staaaaaay…” – Maria Reynolds

The Room Where it Happens

Alexander is still hard at work to get his plan through to Congress. Jefferson and Madison have decided that they’d like it if the U.S. Capital were in the South. So, the three decide to get together and compromise over dinner. Burr is annoyed that he’s being left out, and then angry when Alexander goes along with them so that the capital will be down south like they want. He begins to realize that he always seems to be left out of the picture. Hmm.

Important Quotes:

“Two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room, diametric’lly opposed, foes.” – Aaron Burr

“I wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens, the room where it happens…” – Aaron Burr

Schuyler Defeated

Burr tries to get accepted by becoming a senator, but this makes Alexander angry. Burr switches parties to replace Philip Schuyler, who is Alexander’s father in law. Annoyed, Burr insults Alexander for being so prideful. Philip is in this song. Philip is adorable. His actor left….

Important Quotes:

“I swear, your pride will be the death of us all. Beware, it goeth before the fall!” – Aaron Burr

Cabinet Battle #2

Remember when I said we’d hear more about Lafayette?

Remember when Lafayette and Alexander were bros?

Remember when Alexander promised to help Lafayette in his revolution?

Well. Turns out Alexander is very bad at keeping promises. In this cabinet battle, the issue on the table is France. They’re on the verge of war with England. Jefferson believes America should send funds to help out, but Alexander convinces Washington otherwise. Jefferson then asks him if he’s forgotten Lafayette. Since Jefferson and Lafayette are both played by Daveed Diggs, it essentially means that Alexander is betraying Lafayette… right in front of Lafayette’s face. So this really breaks my heart, especially since I learned that Lafayette had been thrown in prison at this time. It’s okay, Laffy Taffy, I still love you even if Alexander doesn’t…

Important Quotes:

“Did you forget Lafayette?” – Thomas Jefferson

“Lafayette’s a smart man, he’ll be fine. And before his was your friend, he was mine.” – Alexander Hamilton about Lafayette.

Washington on Your Side

Jefferson, Madison, and Burr are annoyed that Alexander can basically do whatever he wants. The president listens to him and hardly pays any attention to any of them, since Alexander sort of has him in his pocket. The only thing to do is to wreck Alexander. Since he’s the Secretary of the Treasury, they decide to find out how he’s spending the money – see if there are any misdeeds of his that they can report. Let’s show these federalists who they’re up against… I’m not saying what comes next…

Important Quotes:

“I’m in the cabinet, I am complicit in watchin’ him grabbin at power and kiss it. If Washington isn’t gon listen to disciplined dissidents, this is the difference, this kid is out!” – Thomas Jefferson

“OH! This immigrant isn’t somebody we chose… OH! This immigrant’s keepin’ us all on our toes…”

One Last Time

Jefferson resigns. Alexander is surprised, then angry, then excited because he thinks it means he can say whatever he wants about Jefferson now. Washington then explains that Jefferson is stepping down to run for president – and Washington is stepping down from running for president. Alexander is shocked, and certain this will only have bad outcomes, but Washington knows that stepping down can help the country to move on and learn to continue without him. Alexander writes a farewell address for the president. Washington steps down and moves on.

Important Quotes:

“‘He’s stepping down so he can run for president.’ ‘Ha! Good luck defeating you, sir.’ ‘I’m stepping down, I’m not running for president.’ ‘I’m sorry, what?'” – George Washington and Alexander Hamilton

“I want to sit under my own vine, and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade. At home in this nation we’ve made… one last time.” – George Washington

I Know Him

King George is back on the scene with plenty of opinions to offer. He doesn’t exactly understand the way American government works – are they just going to keep switching around whoever’s in power? And who’s next? John Adams, apparently. King George is sure that the Americans are going to rip Adams apart and then destroy their nation from the inside out. This is going to be fun for him to watch. At the end, he does this maniac laugh to show that at this point, he’s not entirely stable. Groffsauce (Jonathan Groff, actor who plays King George, ray of sunshine, and national treasure) pulls it off so well.

Important Quotes:

“I’m perplexed…” – King George

“There’s nobody else in their “country” who looms quite as large…” – King George

The Adams Administration

George Washington is gone. Unfortunately, George Washington is the only thing that keeps Hamilton under control.

Hamilton loses control. Adams says some slightly unkind (okay, pretty nasty) things about him in private, so Hamilton publishes an even nastier response that I am NOT going to repeat here for many, many reasons. Jefferson, Burr, and Madison are gleeful, and decide to let Hamilton know what they’ve discovered while doing their detective work.

Important Quotes:

“Say what.” – Thomas Jefferson

“This is great! He’s out of power, he holds no office, and he just destroyed President John Adams.” – James Madison

We Know

Strangely, this is one of my favorite songs, even not too much happens. There are five notes that play in between the lyrics, but aside from that, there isn’t too much music in it. Still, it has a sort of suspenseful feeling, like the three Democratic-Republicans are circling Hamilton. Essentially, they go and tell him that they think he’s stealing from the Treasury fund to give to James Reynolds for whatever reason. Hamilton explains that, well no, he wasn’t doing that – what he was doing was cheating on his wife and letting himself get blackmailed. Wait, whaaaat? Well, um, wow. At least the three can leave knowing that there’s no way Hamilton can mess up any more badly, right? Right?

Important Quotes:

“‘Dear sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health, and in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of people like me, down on their luck. You see, that was my wife you decided -‘ ‘WHAAAAAAAT?'” – Aaron Burr reading a letter from James Reynolds, and Thomas Jefferson reacting

“I never spent a cent that wasn’t mine. You sent the dogs after my scent, that’s FINE.” – Alexander Hamilton

“The people won’t know what we know.


WRONG. Hamilton decides that if the American people think he’s stealing from them, he has to come clean and show them that he was always honest with their money. And the only way to do that would be to tell everyone in the country about the affair. Tell everyone in the country about the affair, it is!

Important Quotes:

“I wrote my way out, wrote everything down far as I could see…” – Alexander Hamilton

The Reynolds Pamphlet

All hell breaks loose when Alexander publishes a pamphlet detailing his affair, including letters from James and Maria and the places that he met with her (his own house, mainly.) The world goes nuts. Loud music plays, lights flash, papers go flying. The entire cast fills the stage to toss pamphlets everywhere – even King George comes and throws a handful in Alexander’s face. I wish I could go back in time and join in. As much as I love Alexander, it would be pretty fun… Also, Angelica arrives and turns her back on Alexander – she loves Eliza far more than she ever loved him. This was not the effect Alexander expected, but there are far worse things to come. His poor wife. Jefferson is overjoyed right now. He’s never been happier. Once you listen to this, you will never get it out of your head  – it is far too catchy for it’s own good.

I love this song, in case you couldn’t tell.🙂

Important Quotes:

“Well he’s never gon be president now, that’s one less thing to worry about.” – Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

“I love my sister more than anything in this life, I will choose her happiness over mine. Every time. Put what we had aside. I’m standing at her side. You could never be satisfied, god I hope you’re satisfied…” – Angelica Schuyler to Alexander Hamilton.


Poor Eliza shows up. She is finding out about this at the same time as the whole world – he’s been stringing her along and lying for years. And she in all her goodness never suspected a thing. Not only did he have an affair, he told the entire world about it and humiliated her in front of… well, everyone. She is heartbroken and outraged. And this is where the cute, loving Eliza retreats and Fire Girl bursts out. Eliza bashes Hamilton, burns his letters, and banishes him from their room. She is very scary when angry, and deserved so much better than him. What’s amazing about Eliza is that she doesn’t blame Maria at all. She calls Maria a girl, indicating that Alexander is wholly responsible. Because, yeah, he is. You go, Eliza. We all love you, Eliza.

Important Quotes:

“She said, ‘Be careful with that one, love. He will do what it takes to survive.'” -Eliza Hamilton about Angelica

“How they perceive you… you, you, YOU… I’m erasing myself from the narrative. Let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted, when you broke her heart…” – Eliza Hamilton

“I hope that you burn.” – Eliza Hamilton

Blow Us All Away

Philip is now 19, smart, fresh out of college, and reliable with the ladies – he’s like his father was at the beginning of the musical. Philip looks up to Alexander, so when he hears someone named George Eacker saying bad things about his father… well, that’s not okay. Philip has to make his father proud, which means no one can talk trash about him and get away with it. Philip challenges Eacker to a duel, then instantly becomes scared and unsure of what to do. He goes to Alexander for advice, and Alexander tells him to fire his gun into the air to show he means no real harm. Eacker will probably follow suit and do the same thing, and they can all go home unharmed. So, Philip goes to the dueling ground and aims into the air like the honorable guy he is.

And then Eacker shoots him in the side.

Important Quotes:

“I doubt you would have let it slide, and I was not about to.” – Philip Hamilton to Alexander Hamilton

Stay Alive (Reprise)

Alexander arrives at the doctor’s, where Philip lies dying on a table, still not entirely sure what went wrong. Alexander runs to his side and  listens as Philip says that he did exactly as his father said. Eliza arrives in time for Philip to say goodbye and apologize, still thinking he must have made a mistake somehow. Eliza tries to soothe him by reminding him of his childhood and singing the same French counting song they’d use when he was nine. Philip tries to sing along, but at three his heart stops and he lays back. He dies. Eliza screams, and our hearts all shatter.

Since he’s played by the same actor as John Laurens, Anthony Ramos, it means we have to watch him die not once, but twice, and cry both times.

Important Quotes:

“I held my head up high.” – Philip Hamilton

“Un deux trois…” – Philip Hamilton

It’s Quiet Uptown

The Hamiltons move uptown. Alexander stops worrying about his work and walks the streets, heartbroken. Angelica watches and narrates as he slowly comes to realize and admit all of his mistakes, and he and Eliza eventually grow back together. Take pity on them. Out of the unending goodness in her, Eliza forgives Alexander.

Important Quotes:

“We push away what we can never understand, we push away the unimaginable.” – Angelica Schuyler

The Election of 1800

After all that sorrow, time for the dynamic duo of Jefferson and Madison to come back. The   Presidential Election is just around the corner, and once again, T.J. is in the running. John Adams wasn’t great, so he has practically no chance. Which means that the election is Jefferson v… Burr? So Burr is running for president. Madison suggests that he try to get an endorsement from Hamilton, and Jefferson begrudgingly agrees that this could be a good plan. To everyone’s surprise and Burr’s chagrin, Hamilton does. Jefferson wins and then decides he doesn’t really want Burr as VP, since back then, the runner-up would get that. Poor Burr. Even though he’s about to…

Important Quotes:

“It might be nice, it might be nice, to get Hamilton on your side.” – James Madison to Thomas Jefferson

“I have never agreed with Jefferson once. We have fought on like seventy-five different fronts. But when all is said, and when all is done, Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none.” – Alexander Hamilton

Your Obedient Servant

Burr isn’t just annoyed now. He’s angry. Once again, Hamilton was in his way – but this time, he sided with his enemy rather than with Burr, who used to be his friend. This can’t go on. Burr writes to Alexander and expresses his grievance. Rather than be polite, Alexander sends back a list of thirty years of arguments they’ve had – I don’t know which time you’re referring to, here’s every single one. Now Burr is furious and demands an answer. Alexander replies that he only did what was right, and he’s officially crossed the line. Burr challenges him to a duel. Hamilton accepts.

Important Quotes:

“I wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens, the room where it happens. You’ve kept me from the room where it happens for the last time.” – Aaron Burr about Alexander Hamilton

“Careful how you proceed, good man. Intemperate indeed, good man. Answer for the accusations I lay at your feet or prepare to bleed, good man.” – Aaron Burr

“‘Weehawken. Dawn. Guns drawn.’ ‘You’re on.'” – Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton

Best of Wives and Best of Women

I believe this is the shortest song in the album, but it packs a lot of emotion. Alexander doesn’t tell Eliza about his duel. She finds him awake early in the morning – he’s writing his goodbyes, even though she doesn’t know it – and asks him to come back to bed. Alexander tells her he has a meeting out of town and then kisses her hand as she goes back to bed. This is the last time he’ll see her while he’s alive. We’re getting close to the moment… breathe, H.G., breathe.

Important Quotes:

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.” – Alexander Hamilton

“Hey. Best of wives and best of women…” – Alexander Hamilton to Eliza Hamilton

The World Was Wide Enough

Burr and Hamilton arrive in Weehawken. At first it’s standard procedure, the two of them examining the terrain (and each other) trying to figure out what to do, and what the other person will do. Burr grows steadily angrier throughout the song. At this part, it’s sung to the same tune as “Ten Duel Commandments”, and many of the lines in that song are repeated here, such as “Most disputes die and no one shoots”. Both men recall that they are standing in almost the exact same spot where Philip died. Burr notices Hamilton examining the gun and begins to get nervous. Then Alexander puts on his glasses, and Burr panics. Alexander is a good shot, and why would he put on his glasses if not to take aim? Then Burr thinks of Theodosia, and decides he can’t let Alexander make her an orphan. So he makes his choice. And fires.

Then everything freezes, and Alexander takes over. The world revolves in slow motion as he stares at that bullet that’s coming closer and closer, and reflects on his life and the choice he has to make now that he’s facing the end of it. If he dies, will he take Burr with him? There’s still time for him to shoot. As he contemplates all of this, Alexander catches a glimpse of heaven. He sees John (who, remember, was very close to him and died young) and Philip beside him. Washington is also there, having died a few years earlier, and Alexander is on the verge of tears. Suddenly he snaps back to reality with the thought of Eliza. There is a brief moment of absolute stillness, and the only sound is Alexander breathing. And then he says to Eliza, “my love, take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.” He raises his gun and then whispers, “Raise a glass to freedom…”

Alexander throws away his shot.

“WAIT!” Burr screams, but it’s too late. The bullet hits Alexander directly between his ribs. Burr stumbles towards him, but he is ushered away, and Alexander is brought back across the Hudson. Burr wanders and hears people crying in the streets. Someone comes and advises him to go into hiding, and he discovers Angelica and Eliza were both by Alexander when he died. Aaron Burr is lost in his regret. He may have survived, but he’ll live with guilt and the hatred of others pinned on him – forever.

Important Quotes:

“This man will not make an orphan of my daughter!” – Aaron Burr

“Burr. My first friend, my enemy?” – Alexander Hamilton

“Laurens leads a soldier’s chorus on the other side, my son is on the other side! He’s with my mother on the other side. Washington is watching from the other side, teach me how to say goodbye. Rise up, rise up, rise up – Eliza…” – Alexander Hamilton

“I survived, but I paid for it…” – Aaron Burr

“I should have known the world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me…” – Aaron Burr

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

The entire cast takes the stage, and Eliza begins to talk. Rather than spend time on tears, she decides to take on Alexander’s legacy and make sure the world will remember him. She interviews every soldier who fought with him, she goes through his pages of writing, she enlists Angelica’s aid to help tell Alexander’s story. Lafayette, Hercules, and John harmonize in the background at one part, and I think that’s usually what gets me. This song is so hard to listen to without crying. Eliza lives for fifty years and never again remarries. She always loves Alexander. She works so hard to make sure he is remembered, and she does more than enough. When her time is up, Alexander comes to bring her to the other side, and the entire company sings as she takes his hand and accepts her passing.

I’d like to point out that now that Eliza is gone, someone else tells Alexander’s story and keeps him alive, and that person is Lin Manuel-Miranda, who created this whole thing and who I adore from the bottom of my soul. *salutes* Thank you, sir. *Salutes Alexander* And thank you. You changed my life. Both of you.

Important Quotes:

“Who keeps your flame, who tells your story?” – Aaron Burr

“I interview every soldier who fought by your side.” – Eliza Hamilton

“She tells our story…” – Lafayette, Hercules, and John

“The Lord in his kindness, he gives me what you always wanted. He gives me more time.” – Eliza Hamilton

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” – Entire cast.



Now, off to listen to Hamilton!

Next post: Relationships!





Hamilton: An American Musical

Hello all! Well, lately I’ve been VERY inactive, and my fanfictions have sort of fallen by the wayside. I have a lot going on right now – I’m reading who knows how many books, writing a lot, plus doing college research, regular schoolwork, social life, and fangirl stuff.

But speaking of fangirl stuff, I have a new fandom. Well no, it’s not *exactly* new, because I joined in July, but the obsession didn’t really take hold until I think about September, and now I’ve decided to do a post about it. As you can probably guess from the title, my new fandom is:


I loveeee this Broadway musical SO much! Pretty much everything I say lately is a Hamilton quote. I’m fairly sure everyone reading this has heard of it, but just in case you haven’t:



Oh, and naturally this entire post contains spoilers.

Basically, this is a musical about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, the first treasurer of the United States and George Washington’s aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War. However, this is different than most Broadway musicals, in that many of the songs are rap. There are over 20,000 words in Hamilton, crammed into just two and a half hours, and that is an amazing feat, in case you weren’t aware. That’s 144 words per minute. Phantom of the Opera is only about 7,000 words (although, admittedly, Phantom is about an hour shorter.) The show starts when Hamilton is 19 and wraps up with his death in a duel, at the age of 49. In between all of that we have other founding fathers trashing or supporting Hamilton, a fabulous frenchman saving the day, a not-so-secret affair, Revolutionary War stuff, King George being a clingy ex, bromance, romance, hatred, ponytails, and crying. Lots and lots of crying.

Basically, Hamilton arrives in America in the first song, and by song eight, he’s established himself as Washington’s right-hand-man. The first act revolves around the war, as well as laying some of the groundwork for act two, when all hell and tear ducts break loose. That’s because, while act one was all friendship and saving America and all that, act two involves Alexander cheating on his wife, and getting slapped around by two of the other founding fathers, and ultimately being shot in a duel against his long-time political rival and previous friend, Aaron Burr. Over the course of 46 songs, “Hamilton” becomes simultaneously the best thing you ever listen to and the worst. So naturally I’m doing a post series on it.

Over the course of the next two weeks or so, I’ll try to get five+ posts out there about my love for Hamilton – the songs, the characters, the relationships, etc. etc. etc. For day one, and that’s today, we’ll start with the characters!

Naturally, we open with the title character:


Introducing Alexander Hamilton, the character I relate the most to, the reason why you’re here, and the lead in the show. Portraying him here is Lin Manuel-Miranda, who wrote the music, the lyrics, the book about the show, and then played Alexander to top it all off. Alexander loves to write, but he does have a tendency to overshare. He is married to Elizabeth Schuyler, who he loves a lot (though not enough to keep from cheating on her, as we shall hear later on.) He’s George Washington’s right-hand-man, doing all of the jobs Washington is to busy to do. Alexander is great at making adorable bromantic friendships, but sadly he’s also great at making enemies, and that lands him in sticky situations rather often. Still, he’s very lovable, a terrific writer, and ultimately pitiable. Oh, and he gets shot at the end of the musical. Get tissues, trust me.


This is Aaron Burr, and by now you are probably very confused if you aren’t familiar with Hamilton. Neither of the actors I have shown you is white, even though both Burr and Hamilton were. The great thing about the show is that it is “America then told by America now” as the book says. In fact, there’s only one white actor in the main original cast. But anyway, back to Burr.

Burr is a bit of a wannabe. At the beginning of the show, he and Alexander are friends, but as time passes, they begin to disagree. From the start, they didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but as Hamilton becomes more powerful, he seems to always be in the way of Burr’s goals (like being President). What do you do when something is in your way? You get it out of the way. So Burr challenges Alexander to a duel and shoots him for a number of reasons too numerous to mention here. But oh boy does he regret it.


Now this cutie pie is John Laurens. Depending on who you ask, John is either Alexander’s best friend or his boyfriend. They’re a very popular ship in the fandom, and even those of us (like me) who don’t ship them as a couple ship them as friends. John’s an abolitionist – he hates slavery the way most people hate Twilight. Maybe more. He’s a bit hotheaded at times, but at heart he’s a sweetheart and you can’t help but adore him from the bottom of your soul. Naturally, he’s killed in a gunfight at the age of 27, since all of the best people die young. Alexander’s never the same after that. His death song isn’t in the album, but you can find it on YouTube. You’ll cry. I cried. But then again, I suppose I cry at everything…


This is Lafayette, better known (by me anyway) as Laffy Taffy, and he is too good for this world. I am almost positive you have heard of Lafayette before, and I am also positive you will love him, because it’s pretty much impossible not to. Lafayette is one of Alexander’s closest friends. They’re both immigrants, and they both have a common goal: free America. He’s one of those people that has literally unlimited energy – for example, he does the fastest rap in the show (19 words in three minutes) while jumping off a table about seven feet into the air. Since Alexander is the type who can function on two hours of sleep and three pots of coffee, he and Lafayette probably pull all-nighters and drive the rest of the camp crazy.

hercules mulligan gif.gif

I give you HERCULES MULLIGAN, whose name is always said the way I just wrote it. He is brash, he is loud, and he is amazing. Hercules is a tailor who spies on the British. He’s outspoken and obnoxious and really, really sweet when you get to know him. He makes up the fourth part of our epic bromance group which already consists of Alexander, John, and Lafayette. Hercules is the oldest – he’s sort of the dad friend of the group. Well, maybe more of the mom friend, since he’s got the sewing thing going on. We love you, Herc.


Meet Angelica Schuyler, (in pink), the strongest woman in the show and the sister to Alexander’s wife, who we shall meet next. Angelica is the oldest in a prestigious family, and so it’s obvious that she must marry well. She meets Alexander at a ball, and falls in love with him almost immediately – however, once she finds out he is poor and of no social standing, she introduces him to her younger sister, Eliza. Why? Because Angelica loves Eliza more than anything in the world, and she wants her to be happy. We see this throughout the show as Angelica continues to watch over her sister and stick up for her.


This beauty is Elizabeth Schuyler, Alexander’s wife. Gosh she is pretty. Makes me feel bad about myself… but anyway! As I said above, Eliza meets Alexander thanks to Angelica. He’d already caught her eye at that point, and they are instantly attracted to each other – they get engaged only three weeks after they meet! Eliza loves Alexander, and she brings him hope and reassurance even when things seem dark. Essentially, she is a ray of sunshine and a perfect cinnamon roll to good for this world. However, Alexander is her superior in brains – he’s more matched with Angelica in that aspect – and eventually he cheats on her with a girl we’ll meet later. Later he realizes his mistake and begs her forgiveness, and then Eliza, in all her wonderful goodness, gives it. After his death, she works for 50 years to keep his legacy alive.


Last of the Schuyler sisters is Peggy, the youngest. (At least the youngest in the show. In reality there were two younger than her, but they hadn’t been born yet.) Peggy is often overlooked, since she’s just really there to keep her sisters happy. She’s a little bit naive, but she confides in Alexander and provides a lot of fun for everyone around her.


Make way for King George III, the fabulous and sassy. He’s actually a very minor role, but you’d never know it from the way he fills up your eardrums. King George sings three songs, two of which are breakup ballads to America. He acts like a clingy ex. To him, the war is a game and America is a girlfriend who doesn’t realize that he’s as good as it gets. Because, let’s be real, he is. Even if he does go crazy.


Give it up for the pride of Mt. Vernon, George Washington! The general, the first President of the U.S. (the one who keeps everyone under control…), Washington is cool and collected even when Alexander and the squad are jumping around and shooting people in the spur or the moment. (Yes, that happens. Don’t question us.) Throughout the show, Washington is someone Alexander looks up to. He gives him a position as his “right-hand man”, and then, after the war, a position as the Secretary of the Treasury. Washington can see the greatness in people even when they can’t, and he sees that Alexander can do amazing things for America.


Give it up for Thomas Jefferson and his fabulous fuschia coat. He’s played by the same actor as Lafayette – many of the roles are dual cast – but they could not be more different. Pretty much the only thing they have in common is France. Jefferson was the ambassador to France during the revolution, and when he gets back, he becomes the Secretary of State. This means that he works with Alexander, but since they tend to disagree on everything, they’re always fighting. They each try to convince Washington why they are right (Alexander always wins) in a series of epic rap battles. Still, for all his annoying arrogance, you just have to love Jefferson. I mean, look at that face. Too much handsome. *sweats*


This is James Madison, played by the same actor as HERCULES MULLIGAN. Where Hercules was brash and outspoken, Madison is quiet. He’s mostly there to back Jefferson up. The two are very good friends, but Jefferson is obviously in charge of this relationship. Madison’s not in perfect health, so he’s seen here coughing – he always has a handkerchief with him. Maybe he works behind the scenes, but he still works (even if he is working for Jefferson.) Don’t underrate him, he gets enough of that. Madison is my favorite character in act 2. He just cracks me up.


Here is Philip Hamilton, Alexander’s eldest son. Philip is a sweetie who would never hurt a soul, but when he hears someone saying bad things about his father, he gets angry and challenges that guy to a duel. He’s a good person, so he plans to throw away his shot at the end and spare his opponent, but the man has other plans. He shoots. Philip dies. And we all cry our eyes out.


Meet Maria Reynolds. Words cannot express how bad I feel for this girl. Essentially, she has a terrible husband who is cruel and abusive, and, not really knowing any better, she seduces Alexander so that her husband can make money off of him. Only trouble is, Maria actually really likes Alexander. And she’s desperate for someone to love her. So, Alexander has an affair with her, and when it seems like he will move on, she pleads with him to stay with her. And he does. So while I love Eliza and while I will always be angry with Alexander for betraying her, I can’t help but pity Maria. Oh, and she is maybe the best female singer I’ve ever heard in my life, on top of that.



So that wraps up the characters. I should be back soon to give you my top ten favorite songs. In the meantime, if you haven’t listened to Hamilton, get to it!

First and Last Chapter 13

Sam: Well I am *quite* satisfied with how that turned out.

H.G.: I bet you are.

Rosie: Considering that you had no idea where it was going, it went very well.

Frodo: But I don’t think any of us were surprised with how it turned out. *grins*

H.G.: Yes, Frodo and I will sit back and watch our ship take off.

Frodo: They are good together, aren’t they?

H.G.: Perfect together. Just like you and Sam are perfect as best friends and brothers and all.

Frodo: Indeed.

H.G.: So Rosie, want to give me some tips on how to get a boyfriend? A good one?

Rosie: Sorry, but there are no hobbit boys where you live.

H.G.: No, but there are human boys with hobbit souls, and I will not be satisfied with anything less.


Chapter Thirteen


I lie in bed, smiling as I think about Sam. Odfrin waited at home for me, so he’s in a guest room on the other side of the hole. I’m not at all happy about that, but as long as he’s gone in the morning.

Odfrin didn’t come after me, of course. He’s too selfish to go out in the rain for something as unimportant as his fiancée. I’m glad, though. It means that there was nothing to keep me from reaching Sam.

We talked for a few more minutes after he agreed to elope with me at some point down the road, and then I decided I ought to get going, and he said he had to go back to Frodo. He kissed me goodnight, very gently, and then went to the door. I watched until it shut, and then went back to my pony, still grinning from ear to ear like a small child given a candy.

My door creaks open, and Mother comes in. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. She stands over me for a few moments, and then turns and leaves again. I open my eyes, but all I can see is Sam.

“I could talk to your parents,” says his voice in my mind, and I sigh. Dear Sam, thinking everyone is wonderful and reasonable like him. I love him so much. I’m just a tiny bit jealous of Frodo, who gets to spend all his time with Sam, but maybe we can meet in the future. I do like Frodo, and I’ve never grudged him the time of Sam’s that he takes, but, well, a girl can wish for more time with her beau if she wants.

I feel my eyes shut, and I give in. I need to sleep at some point.

Besides, it’s not as though I won’t see him in my dreams…


I’m awoken by a knock on my window. I roll over, blink a few times. The knock comes again. I look over and am shocked to see Frodo standing outside. I pull a blanket around my shoulders and open the window a crack.

“I am in my nightclothes,” I hiss.

“I know. I’m terribly sorry about this.” He smiles. “I won’t ask to come in -”

“You’d better not.” I push back my hair – I just know it’s a mess. “What time is it?”

“Just before dawn. Sam’s still asleep. I think. I got up two hours ago and rode here.”

“Won’t he notice you’re gone?”

Frodo considers. “No, I don’t think so.” He adds, as if to himself, “I usually only have one each night. And I already had it before I left.”

“Had… what?” I ask.

“A nightmare.” He straightens and smiles. “Anyway, don’t worry about that. I just wanted to tell you that Sam came back to bed and talked on and on about you.” He smiles fondly. “I couldn’t fall asleep for half an hour because he wouldn’t shut up. Not that I mind, of course. He loves you so much, Rosie.”

“He loves you just as much,” I say. “Maybe more. He refused to leave with me for your sake.”

A shadow crosses Frodo’s face. “What? Well, don’t let that stop you. Elope!”

“We’re going to. Just not until he’s found some way to keep both of us safe.”

Frodo frowns. “I’ll talk to him. With any luck, you’ll be married by the end of the week. Anyway, I’m just here to tell you that he’s coming over tonight to talk to your parents.”

“He is?” I ask, surprised. “How is he going to get them to invite him?”

“Oh, he’s not. He’s just going to walk in. Anyway, see you tonight.”

“You’re coming?”

“Of course I’m coming! I have to help Sam, don’t I?”

“Frodo,” I say firmly. “Does Sam know that he’s coming tonight?”

“Well, no, not yet, but I want him to. He needs to at least try.”


Frodo smiles. “If it fails, you can still elope, but if it succeeds, you can marry anyway. There’s nothing to lose.”

“Frodo, you can’t plan my and Sam’s life.”

“I was the one who made him dance with you seventeen years ago.”

“Well -” I sputter.

“And you wouldn’t have started courting if not for that.”

“We might – have-”

Frodo raises an eyebrow. “I’m right. Admit it.”

“Why are you doing this?” I ask. “Why are you trying to make everything work out for us?”

Frodo sighs and looks away. “Because I love Sam very much, Rosie,” he says. “I love him so much that sometimes I think I’ll forget how to breathe if I look at him for too long, or my heart will just explode from it all. I want him to be happy.” He looks back at me and grins. “And Eru knows you two are adorable together.”

I blush.

“So, you get your fiancée out of the way tonight, you get your parents into a good mood, and Sam and I will drop by between dinner and supper.”

“It’s not going to work.”

“No, but we have to try. And now if you’ll excuse me, if I’m not there when Sam wakes up, I’ll be in serious trouble. See you soon, Rosie.” Frodo closes the window for me and then creeps away.

I lie back down. Frodo loves Sam like mad. I can see it in his eyes. I can’t believe he’s going to do this for me – for Sam, for both of us. Surely he knows that if Sam and I are married, things will be different for them.

And yet he’ll give that up, so that Sam can be happy. What have I done for Sam? I love him, of course, and naturally in a different way than Frodo, but somehow…

Somehow, compared to Frodo’s, my love for Sam doesn’t seem to mean quite as much as it did only yesterday night.


First and Last Chapter Twelve

Sam: I am excited for this.

H.G.: Well, I’m not. I have NO plot for this chapter, so I’m basically winging it off of a couple ideas I’ve bounced around my head. Here goes.


Chapter Twelve



Her dress somewhat rumpled, a little muddy, damp from the rain. Her hair is sprinkled with mist and droplets of water. She is turned away from me, but as I close the door behind me, she turns her head and my breath catches. She is as lovely as the last time I saw her.

“Hello, Sam,” she says softly.

“Hello, Rosie,” I whisper in reply.

She smiles a little and turns all the way, to face me. “It’s been… so long,” she says hesitantly.

“Yes.” I gulp. My mouth’s dry as sandpaper and there’s nought I can think of to say. “Over a year,” I get out.

“You’ve changed.” Her eyes scan me quickly. “You’re thin as a reed. And tanner.”

That’s what starving in hell does to you, I think, but I only say, “you… look the same as ever.”


“Well, no. You look older.” Sadder.

She smiles a little. “Well. I suppose we’re both older.”

The awkward conversation dies and we both stand there in silence. Then Rosie says, “Frodo told me Odfrin came.”


“He’s awful, isn’t he?”

I nod, thinking of the disastrous talk with that horrible person. “He is. Terrible. But Frodo said you -”

“Hate him?” she finishes. “Yes. I never loved him, but my parents sure did.”

“So you …” I gulp again. “Didn’t… ever…”

“Stop loving you?” She takes a step closer. “No, Sam, I didn’t.”

Suddenly I’m up against the wall with one of her hands in my hair and the other on my shoulder, and her lips pressed firmly against mine. I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes. I can feel her tears on my cheeks, and her hand tightens until she might be pulling my hair out, but I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care…

Rosie tips her head back and we both stare at each other, gasping. My face fills with warmth and I know I’m blushing and crying all at once. “Sam,” she whispers.  Slowly, she leans against my shoulder and begins to cry softly. I slip one of my hands into hers and hold her to my side, gently, not desperately,  like how I kissed her. She looks up at me. A tear clings to her eyelashes. “They thought you were never coming back.”

“That’s what I thought, too.”

“But you came back.”

I laugh through my tears. “Yes.”

We’re silent for a moment, and then Rose lifts her head and steps away from me. “So what happens now?” she asks.

I lean back against the wall. “What do you mean?”

“Orcs in the Shire, me engaged to Odfrin Proudfoot. What are we going to do?”

I think for a moment. “I don’t know what to do about the orcs, but Odfrin… I could talk to your parents. Try to work things out.”

“I can’t see the good it will do.” Rosie ponders for a minute, and then her whole face brightens. “Sam!” She grabs my hands. “Let’s run away!” she says, breathless. “Let’s run away and elope! No one’s stopping us. We could go to Bree, we could -”

“I can’t,” I say instantly.

“Why not?” Rosie looks surprised.

“I can’t leave Frodo.”

“But you could leave me.”

“Rosie…” I trail off, run a hand through my hair. I try to think of something, anything, to say that can make her understand. I didn’t know this would happen, any of it, and suddenly I have a strong urge to crumple to my knees and cry, I feel so weighted. Somehow this feeling gives me the words I need, and they come spilling out. “When I left,” I say, “you were here, well looked after in what I knew was and thought always would be the safest place in the world. Frodo went into danger. And so I went with him. I never imagined the Shire would end up this way. I assumed I would leave you somewhere comfortable and happy, and come back soon.

“If I left with you now, I would leave him here, destroyed, broken, in a destroyed and broken world. And we wouldn’t be safe either, even in Bree. But it would kill Frodo to be left behind. And I love him far to much to do that to him.”

Rosie looks up at me. “You won’t leave with me.”

“No.” I stop, trail off, and then add, “But if we can figure something out, something more permanent, in a few moths, a way to stay here and protect him…”


I smile. “Then I’ll go along with the second part of your plan.”

Top Five Female Characters in Anime

Most of my posts lately have focused on Sam, Frodo, and Rosie, so let’s take a break from them and visit a completely different side of my mind – anime/manga. Now, I’m not as obsessed with anime as I am with some other things – Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Sherlock, Hamilton, etc. – but I still adore it. Usually I read manga for popular series more than watch the anime, because there’s more to be learned that way as the shows often cut out a lot. And, let’s face it, I don’t have the time for all that tv-watching. So this post is more of “Top five female characters in anime AND manga”, but that would be a long title, wouldn’t it? So without further ado, to the list.


#5: Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket)


Tohru is adorable, friendly, and so sweet to everyone she meets. I love her kindness. Fruits Basket is one of my favorite manga series of all time, and I have read all 23 volumes – I guess you could say I’m committed! We’ll meet another Fruits Basket lady later on. Well actually, she’s not much of a lady, but anyway, onward.

#4: Seo Yuzuki (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun)


I’ve rambled on and on about my love for this show and for Yuzuki in particular, so it’s no wonder that she made it on here. Forget anime, she’s one of the best female characters in fiction. Period.

#3: Houshakuji Renge (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

I make this face ALL the time.

Renge the fangirl! I see so much of me in her – she’s a geek, she has nothing to do with her life except write fanfiction (though hers tend to get filmed by a Hollywood crew) and cosplays badly. I love this girl.

#2: Sohma Izuzu “Rin” (Fruits Basket)


Rin wasn’t in the anime, which is a real shame. She has depression and serious self-worth issues, but watching her over come them out of love for her boyfriend, Hatsuharu, was beautiful. I am nothing like her, but she’s #2 on my list all the same.

#1: Mizuno Ami (Sailor Moon)


Ami’s my girl. I have a button of her on my purse, and she’s the only girl on this list who I’ve cosplayed. She is smart, loyal, kind, and she has blue hair. AND she has water powers. Seriously, she couldn’t be better.

Honorable mentions: Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat).

My First Guest Post!

Hello everyone! I am very lucky to have written a guest post for Mr. Steven Winter on his blog about Lord of the Rings. Here is my post!

A big thank you to all who have contributed to this short “Éowyn of Rohan” season whether you did so as bloggers, commentators or as readers. All of you have been most welcome! This is the final contribution to the season and it is a poem written by H.G Warrender. This is what she says about […]

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Chapter Eleven First and Last

Frodo: Yaaay, my chapter.

H.G.: Do I detect… sarcasm?

Frodo: Maybe just a little. I can probably sum up this chapter without even narrating it.

H.G.: Oh really?

Frodo: Sam cries.

H.G.: Yup.

Frodo: I probably cry.

H.G.: Maybe.

Frodo: And you are mean to us.

H.G.: True. Now let’s get going.


Chapter Eleven


“It’s hot. I don’t like it,” I push yet another blanket off.

Sam stands by the bed and looks at me. “What do you mean? It’s November. It’s not that hot.”

“It feels hot,” I whine, rolling over under the thin sheet.

“You’ll be cold with no blankets.”

“Don’t care.”

“Well, I’ll be cold.”

“Then sleep somewhere else.”


I point across the room. “Chair.” I glance up from above the sheet. “I’m just kidding, you know.”

Sam laughs and sits down next to me. “I know. Why don’t you go for a walk to cool down?”

“This late at night?”

“It’s only nine o’clock.”

I shrug, but as my eyes train on his face, I see that he didn’t just want me to leave so I could cool off. Sam needs some time alone to say goodbye to any future he expected to have with Rosie, and that is something that I’m not part of. I realize that once it is gone, nearly everything about Sam – his life, his future – will belong to me. It’s a strange prospect, and sad. I’ve never cared for romance, but I know he’d like to get married someday and have children. And obviously he’s not going to marry me. I shudder at the thought. “Okay. I’ll be back soon.” I get up and quickly change back into regular clothes. “Try to sleep while I’m gone,” I add, even though I know he won’t.

“I’ll try,” Sam assures me. I go out of the room and close the door quietly behind me.

I should give him at least ten, maybe twenty minutes, and by the time I come back, he can pretend to be asleep if he wants to. Dear Sam. How hard this must be for him. I walk down the hall to the empty common room, where the fire is dying, and the bar is empty in the corner, as are all the tables and chairs. I curl up in one of the chairs by the fire for a minute, before standing up. The fire is too hot, far too hot, even though it’s dying. Maybe I have a fever.

I wonder if Merry and Pippin made it to Buckland safely. I wonder if they’ll come back here at some point, if they didn’t make it or it wasn’t safe.

I go out the door and roam silently around the inn. The orcs are probably not holding camp in this part of the Shire – my skin starts crawling again, orcs, in the Shire – but I know better than to wander too far.

It’s cold outside, and I shiver. It doesn’t seem hot anymore. The world is still damp from rain earlier this evening.  I’ll walk around the perimeter of the inn and then come back. I turn to the left and start walking, when I hear thudding hooves. I turn around, wondering who could possibly be coming to an inn this late at night. It’s definitely a hobbit and pony, not orc and horse. I stand still and watch as the rider dismounts and ties the pony up. Now that she’s in the light, I can see the rider is a girl, but she still has her hood up. She looks around, and then she sees me.

“Frodo?” she says, and as soon as I hear her voice, I know who it is.

“Hello, Rosie,” I say stiffly.

Rosie laughs and runs forward. Before I can protest, she gives me a hug. I stiffen, and she lets go of me. Her hood has fallen off, and little water droplets cling to her blond hair. She smiles brightly. “It’s so good to see you!” she says cheerfully. “Odfrin told me you and Sam were here.” She rolls her eyes. “I didn’t quite trust the idiot, so I came to see for myself. Sam’s with you, right?”

This story is poor, but maybe she doesn’t know that I’m aware of her betrayal of my best friend and is trying to seem friendly. “Yes. He’s with me,” I say coldly. “He’s inside.”

“Oh, that’s fine! Will you take me to him?”

“No. I’m sorry. Good night.” I turn to walk away. Rosie grabs my arm.

“Frodo, what’s wrong?” she asks. “We’ve always gotten on so well. Are you angry with me for something?”

It’s true, we have usually gotten along well. I look into her freckled face, flushed with riding and specked with rain, and for a moment, I wonder what it would be like to have her in my family, married to Sam. But that will never happen now.

“You left Sam,” I say.

Rosie sighs. “If you’ll let me explain -”

“There is nothing to explain,” I say. “He has been through hell. He went to the end of the world and starved himself to keep me alive, and then I lost my mind and he never left my side. And now we’ve returned home from all that to find it destroyed. And now this. It may be my fault that he’s so broken, but at least I stayed with him!” I’m so angry I can hardly speak. Sam deserves so much better than this, and there’s so much only she can give him. And now he will only have me. And what am I? A destroyed, broken wreck of a living being who will burden him forever. He will never be fully happy with me. But I will stay with him anyway. “You will never find someone better than Sam,” I tell her. “And you threw him away. You didn’t even come in person. You sent your fiancé to ridicule us. So no. There is nothing to explain.” I turn to walk away. “Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Frodo, listen!” Rosie pleads. “I know how this must look, but I never stopped loving Sam, I promise.”

I won’t listen to this any longer. I keep walking.

“I don’t love Odfrin!” Rosie shouts, running along behind me. “I don’t know if you’ll believe me -”

I’m at the door.

“-but my parents set me up with him!” she finishes.

I stop and turn around. “What?”

“They’re trying to force me to marry him. They like him.” She swallows hard. “I don’t, though. I still love Sam, but they don’t want me to marry a gardener. At least, mother doesn’t. Father doesn’t really care, but he likes Odfrin, so he agrees with her in that. Please, will you at least send him out to see me?”

I stare at her for a long time, trying to decide. If it’s not her fault, then isn’t it wrong for me to keep them apart? But if she’s lying…

“I’ll tell him that you’re here,” I say. “But if he doesn’t want to see you, I won’t make him.”

Rosie nods. “Thank you. Um, Frodo, can I ask you something? Odfrin was saying about you and S-”

I cut her off. “Don’t say something that will make me want to change my mind about telling him.”

She nods. “Right.” I go inside and start back to our room.


“She still wants to see me?” Sam asks again.

“I told you that twice.”

“I know. It’s just…” He sighs happily. “This is the first good news I’ve had in a while. And do you mind?”

“No, of course not. I expect you’ll talk for a while, though.”

“Probably…” He smiles, kisses me on the cheek. “Thank you.”

And with that he heads out the door.



First and Last Chapter Ten

Sam: Waaaah….

Frodo: There, there.

Sam: It’s just so sad…

Frodo: Well, cheer up, H.G. has come to a decision.

Sam: *sniffle* what?

Frodo: She’s going to write a pre-quest fic.

Sam: Really? Good. I’ve decided any more torture would be too much.

H.G.: It will be very cute.

Frodo: Little baby us.

Sam: Well, little baby me, as you’re twelve years older.

H.G.: So cute!


Chapter Ten


I look around the kitchen. The dishes are put away, the bread I baked is resting under a cheesecloth for tomorrow. I’m thinking maybe I should get some apple preserves from the cellar to go with it, but maybe I’ll end up being the only one eating them and it will be a waste of time.

The front door creaks on it’s hinge, and I hear my mother say, “why Odfrin, what a lovely surprise.”

I go to the cellar door. Looks like I’ll be getting those preserves after all.

“Rosie?” mother calls. “Mr. Proudfoot’s here to see you.”

“I’ll be up in a minute!” I call. Let him leave while I get the jar.

I come back up with the jar after a minute of dawdling, hoping he can’t stay long and will scram. However, when I come up the ladder again with the jar in hand, I can hear his voice still talking to mother.

“…so rude, sometimes,” he says.

“I agree. Lately she’s been very overbearing,” Mother murmurs.

I set the jar on the counter and begin to unscrew the lid very, very slowly. If I’m going to talk to Odfrin, first I need food to keep me sane. Just a little lick…

“You know, I am a bit worried, though,” Odfrin says. “Especially now that…”

“Now that they’re back,” Mother finishes. “Yes.”

I stop with one finger halfway in the jar. Someone’s back? Are the orcs are back in this part of the Shire, even after the Tooks drove them to Northfarthing? Quietly, I go to the doorway of the kitchen, press my back to the wall, and strain my ears.

“But the Silver Scale, of all places,” Odfrin says, and I’m very confused. “Doesn’t seem lordly enough for the likes of Frodo Baggins, does it?”

I’d forgotten I was still holding the jar, but I remember just in time to catch it before it crashes to the ground. I clutch it to my chest with trembling hands. Frodo Baggins is back. And when he left, he took my Sam with him.

So could that mean…?

“Ah, well,”says Mother. “At least that’s far enough from here that he shan’t get the urge to drop in for a visit.”

“Dear Mrs. Cotton. Judging from today, Frodo won’t let his pet out of his sight. Not that Sam would want to leave it.”

The jar crashes into a thousand pieces on the floor, but I am too far ahead for it to be any danger to my feet. I fly into the living room, and before the sound of the crash has faded, I have Odfrin up against the wall by the sides of his coat.

“How dare you not tell me!” I scream into his face.

“Rosie Cotton!” Mother exclaims. “That is not ladylike-”

“SHUT UP, MOTHER!” I roar. I turn back to Odfrin. “HE CAME BACK! I TOLD YOU! AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!”

“Release me,” Odfrin hisses calmly.

I let go and run to the door. Sam, Sam is here, in the Shire, so close to me, and nothing Odfrin does will stop me from going to him, from reaching him…

“You don’t want to do that,” Odfrin says.

I whip my head around. “No, I do, actually.”

“Run all those miles in the dark, when it’s all for nothing?”

“I’ll take a pony,” I say haughtily, grabbing my scarf. “And who says it’s for nothing?”

“I do. You see, I told him our little arrangement.”

I stop. “What?”

“Yes, you see, I met with him this morning and, shall we say, spilled the beans.”

I turn away and lean against the wall. “Knowing you, you said it horribly.”

“Well, wouldn’t you hate it if I disappointed you?” Odfrin asks cheerfully.

“You should have let me explain…”

“Why? It’s true. It’s true whether he hears it from me or from you.”

I close my eyes, a tear sliding out. Yes, it’s true, but if I had gone and let him explain, we could fix things. I should go, anyway. I should run to him and tell him everything, even if… even if he already hates me.

“It’s no good, even if you do go,” says Odfrin, as if reading my mind. “He was very upset. Blubbering like a little bairn, can you believe it?”

I whirl around. “He has every right to be upset!”

“And another thing,” Odfrin continues, ignoring me, “I don’t think he’s interested in you anymore. He’s staying at the inn with Frodo Baggins.”

“They’re friends!”

“Yes, but they’re odd. They’re always holding hands and kissing, it’s just so strange.”

“There are plenty of people who are affectionate with their friends,” I say coldly. “I hold hands with my friends, sometimes.”

He shrugs. “Do as you will. I find that relationships as intimate as theirs are strange and unnatural. But I shan’t complain.”

“I find that faces as ugly as yours are strange and unnatural, but do you see me complaining?”

Odfrin stares at me.

“Good evening,” I say, and with that I snatch my scarf and run to the stables while he’s still recovering.




Chapter Nine of First and Last

Warning: this chapter contains references death and suicide – nothing is attempted, just mentioned (not seriously) in a conversation. No one is actually considering doing it, but if you don’t like hearing about it in passing, you have been forewarned.


Chapter Nine


We’ve just gotten into bed when there’s a knock on the door.

“Mr. Gamgee,” I hear the innkeeper call. “May I have a word?”

Frodo lets go of me reluctantly. “Be quick,” he whispers.

I get up and go to the door and open it enough to look out. “Yes?”

“I hope I’m not bothering you,” he says. “You see, the company’s only just dispersed, so I couldn’t get away, but I was asked to bring a message to you.”

I start. “By who?” I was hoping no one would notice we’re here.

“He’s a gentleman by the name of Odfrin Proudfoot, maybe you know him?”

I shake my head.

“All the same, Mr. Proudfoot called me over after you left and said he couldn’t help but overhear Mr. Frodo’s conversation with me, and he told me to let you know that if you’ll meet with him tomorrow, he’d be happy to take the cost of another room, as he understand’s money is tight for everyone these days.”

“I’d be happy to meet with him, but we don’t need another room,” I say.

“He said you’d say that, but he really doesn’t mind -”

“It’s kind of him, but really,” I say firmly. “We don’t need another. When does he want me to meet with him?”

“Tomorrow around first breakfast in the common room,” says the innkeeper, “but I think it was to discuss renting and your paying him back.”

“Well, I can just tell him it’s not needed,” I say. “Thank you.”

I close the door and go back to Frodo, who looks up at me. “What was that about?” he mumbles drowsily, settling against me.

“Someone named Odfrin Proudfoot offering to get another room for us.”


“It’s strange, though,” I say. “We don’t know him, not at all, do we? It just seems odd that he’d offer it out of the blue because he overheard us. I’m supposed to meet with him tomorrow.”

No reply comes. Frodo is fast asleep.


I smooth the blanket over him and press a quick kiss onto his temple. “Try and go back to sleep.”

Frodo snorts, keeping his eyes closed. I brush back a lock of hair hanging over them.

“Just try,” I say softly. “I’ll be back soon. Love you.”

“You too,” he mumbles, pulling a pillow over his face. I smile and go out the door, closing it softly behind me.

“Mr. Proudfoot’s in the corner, sir,” says the innkeeper as I enter the common room. Someone calls to him – Boffin I hear them call him – and he goes away. I walk to the table he indicated and stand beside it. Mr. Proudfoot looks up at me and rises to greet me.

He has dark green eyes and brown hair, a square jaw with a long nose – a strange combination. Not that I’m particularly good-looking either, and yet I love the two most beautiful people in the world. He appears to be a little older than Frodo, and therefore much older than me.

“Samwise Gamgee,” he says. His voice is silky and soft. He extends a hand to me. “Odfrin Proudfoot. Such a shame we haven’t met sooner.”

I shake his hand. “Shame, indeed.”

“Do sit down.” He leans back. “I confess that, although you no doubt didn’t know me, I’ve seen you several times. You see, my father runs a shop in the market.”

“Which one?”

“He runs a cloth shop for the… upper class, so I’ve only seen you a few times when you were with your friend. Where is he, out of curiosity?”

“Sleeping, hopefully.”

“I see.” He smiles. “Do you perhaps recall what you were doing every time you visited the market together?”

“Um, shopping?” I ask, confused.

“Holding hands.” He smiles again, but it’s more like a leer. “And you’re quite sure you’re not going to take me up on my offer?”

“Quite sure.” I feel very uncomfortable all of the sudden, and hoping to wrap the meeting up soon, I say, “Well, is that it?”

“I’m afraid not.” Mr. Proudfoot smiles yet again – each smile seems more and more false. “I understand you’re close to Rosie Cotton.”


“You would consider yourself her friend?”

We were more than friends. “You could say that.”

“Certainly you have her best interests at heart.”

“I think so.”

“You will be happy, then, to hear that she is engaged.”

…and I forget how to breathe.

Odfrin Proudfoot is still looking at me, but I can’t see him any more. I cannot move or breathe any more; my heart stops and my mouth dries up, and at first I’m not even sure why, because the words don’t sink in at first. And then…

Feelings return so strong I want to throw the table over and scream like a child. Engaged? To who?

Not to me.

She told me she’d wait for me…


There’s a cool hand on my shoulder. Somehow I manage to turn around and see Frodo standing behind me, looking concerned.

“Mr. Baggins,” says Odfrin Proudfoot from a hundred miles away. “I thought you were resting.”

“I was,” says Frodo from behind me, “but then I decided to stop resting.” He cups my chin in his hand and turns my face towards him. “Sam? Is something wrong?”

I just look at him.

“Sam, what is it?” he asks softly.


Please,” says Mr. Proudfoot coldly.

Frodo turns to him. “Excuse me?”

He gives another simpering smile. “Oh, nothing, only that some of us may dislike watching unusual public displays of affection.”

Frodo looks from him to me, then back to him. “I beg your pardon?”

“I believe you understood me.”

Frodo draws himself up. “Listen, Odfrin Proudfoot. I have no idea who you are or what you’ve done to Sam, but something is wrong, and I don’t let people hurt my friends physically or emotionally. Do you understand me? And I’m afraid that any threats you may have given will not work, as my social standing is far superior to yours, whatever it may be. Are you done here?”

“Yes,” says Mr. Proudfoot coldly. “We are, unless your friend has anything else to say.”

I lift my head. “Who is it?” I manage to ask.

He grins, this time not trying to keep it friendly. “Why, me, of course.”

Frodo takes my hand and pulls. I allow him to lead me away from Odfrin, down the hall, and into our room. He throws me in, slams the door, and pulls me into a furious embrace.

“You’re crushing me,” I mumble.

“Sorry.” He loosens his grip on me and looks into my eyes. “Sam, what’s wrong? Won’t you tell me?”

I struggle not to cry.

“What did he tell you?” Frodo asks gently.

I gulp. “He-he asked all these questions about you… and then he said Rosie’s engaged – to him…”

Suddenly I’m in his arms again, and this time I don’t try not to cry. “Oh, Sam,” Frodo whispers, and it sounds as though he is crying to. “Oh Sam, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I love you…”

“I love you too,” I manage to say.

Frodo squeezes me tight again, holding on to me, not letting me go. I bury my face in his neck and close my eyes, trying to shut all this out. There are orcs in the Shire, Frodo has still not recovered from carrying the ring, and Rosie is marrying someone else. Everything is so horrible I can’t even believe this is really my life.

“I want to die,” I whisper.

NO,” says Frodo firmly.

“But I can’t -”

He pulls back slightly and covers my lips with his hand. “Shush. If you died, I would kill myself.”

“No you wouldn’t,” I say dismissively.

Yes I would,” says Frodo firmly. He kisses my forehead. “Yes, I would, Sam. I couldn’t bear to go on without you. But you are not going to die. You don’t even want to die. Do you?”

I shake my head slowly.

“Then why did you say it?”

“Because… it all felt like too much.”

“We’ll get through it, though. I promise. Okay?”

I manage to nod.

“Rosie’s gone,” says Frodo. “But I’m not. I’m here for you, and I always will be. I’ll stay with you all your life. I promise I will never leave you all alone. I love you, and I don’t want you to be in pain. Right now it hurts horribly, and right now you need to cry and suffer, but someday that will pass. Everything will be alright. It hurts now, but it will be alright. Isn’t that what you always tell me?”


Frodo embraces me agin, gently. “Go ahead and cry.”