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Three Ways to Actually Publish Fanfiction (For Money!)

We’ve all been there before. Your favorite show ends. You stay up until one o’clock reading a book, only for that couple you’ve been shipping the whole time not to end up together. (Seriously, authors?) So you go online, pull up Archive Of Our Own or, and starting clacking away at the laptop keys until everything is set right. Then you just sit back and wait for the feedback to roll in, and cry over cute fanarts while you wait. (I’ll never let go, Mergana!)

Fanfiction is far more than a hobby. For many people, it is an obsession, and, like everything in fandom, often a huge time-sink. Trust me, I know. I have four books I’m supposed to be working on, but all I want to do watch Lost, play Breath of the Wild, and write about founding fathers giving each other sad glances and trying to disguise their obvious love for each other. (I see you there, John Laurens.) Fortunately for me, I found a way that I can both write fanfiction and be productive… and then I found two other ways which I don’t plan on using, but thought I should share all the same. Without further ado, here are H.G.’s “Three *Actual* Ways To Publish Fanfiction”.

Number One: Get Permission From The Creator

Anyone remember these? Yeah, me neither.

Pretty obvious, right? And also the one that’s least likely to work. But listen to what I’m saying anyway. A while back, lots of Star Wars fanfiction was published as companion books. And by lots I mean A LOT. Plus, they all had permission and could do some pretty zany things that were quite obviously non-canon (trust me, I read a few.) And people are still writing them! True, it’s more for the new universe now, but I’d still call it fanfiction. I can’t tell you how to get yourself onto the writing team for these books, or even if there is such a thing. All I can tell you is that, if you are given permission from the creator of a series/TV show/comic/etc., you can go ahead and write fanfiction for it. Getting that permission is the hard part.

Number Two: Write Historical Fiction


Historical Fiction is a time-honored tradition among writers – both alternate history and retellings of true events. It’s a tricky market, but if you can do it right, and if you put in the right amount of research, you can make good money off of it. In the fanfiction community, a lot of stories are written about real people, and this is called RPF. While Historical Fiction doesn’t always deal with real people, they’re often important, and it could be considered fanfiction… though the Historical Fiction community would mean that as an insult. (How rude.) Fortunately for me, I really enjoy doing research. I pretty much only read biographies these days, and I’m wiling to read a lot of them. I am in fact currently doing research for a historical fiction novel on Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette (big surprise), so technically, yes, I am going to make money off my OT3, back away from my babies, you can’t have them they’re mine. (And each other’s. But I digress.)

The picture above is from a television show which I have not watched, but I know takes place in the American Revolution -AKA my favorite thing ever. It is AMC’S “Turn” and according to the people who have watched it, it is basically a fanfiction as a lot of the stuff that happens is enormously unrealistic and/or inaccurate. Have a gif of Lafayette.

Gosh I love this man. Writing about him is going to be so fun. Also in Turn he is H – O – T.


Number Three: Write On a Work That is Public Domain


This lovely book is a retelling of the “Alice in Wonderland” story, as told by a younger Queen of Hearts. It was one of the few YA books I read and actually enjoyed – and not only as a retelling, because I’m not an especially big Wonderland fan to begin with. In fact, retellings are often so interesting because they can stand on their own and show the story in a whole new way.

But, you’ll notice that one never really sees retellings based on currently popular books. Well, that’s because those are all new and therefore still under copyright protection. About – I believe it is currently 95 years – 95 years after a book is released, if copyright is not renewed by whoever owns it upon the author’s death, a work enters the public domain and anyone can use it, because no one owns it any longer. While certain versions of it may not be public domain, the work as a whole is, and you can write adaptations, spin-offs, or fanfictions to your heart’s content. Some works that are public domain include “Anne of Green Gables” (hence the awful Netflix show), “The Great Gatsby” “Peter Pan” and some (but not all) of the “Sherlock Holmes” stories.

Of course the best and most successful fanfiction (in my mind) that fits this category would be…




So there you have it! If your story, or one you are planning on writing, fits any of these categories, go ahead and set fingers to keyboard! Of course, getting it published after it’s written is the tricky part…







Breath of the Wild Excitement Peaks!

The newest and probably last trailer for Breath of the Wild has come out, and I have never been more excited. We got a look at some of the characters we’ll be meeting, as well as more of the gorgeous world that I cannot wait to explore. If I can make the money I need, that is! Watch the trailer below before I jump into an analysis.

Did you watch it? Great. Now watch it again and read this while you do. I’m going to have you make a couple of stops so I can comment.

First stop is at 0:24. Do you see the desert? Do you see the thing that looks sort of like Stonehedge? Now look to the left and you’ll notice a cloud of sand. This brings Gerudo Valley to mind, when you have to wander through a sandstorm. Now I believe there are more links (pun intended) to the Gerudo to be found in the trailer , but for now, hit play again. We’ll get to those remarks later.

Stop the video again at 0:58 and look at that floating thing in the distance. An island in the sky? Folks, we might be returning to Skyloft, or at the very least, to the Oocoo City in the Sky from Twilight Princess. How are we gonna get there? Keep going!

Third stop is 1:01. Link’s hair, though. So gorgeous. I’ll stop now.

Stop for the fourth time as soon as you hear the voice (around 1:17.) Now unpause and listen. It sounds like an elderly woman, and since we already know from past gameplay videos, the Sheikah will feature prominently in this game. Therefore, I have a strong suspicion that might be Impa, especially since she talks about the Royal Family. She’s the one serving them, after all!

Fifth stop is at 1:40. The shape above Hyrule Castle seems like the Phantom Ganon from Ocarina of Time far more than Ganondorf, but look more closely. The way it moves suggests a horse and rider, but the shape it takes at 1:40 resembles a boar’s snout thrust open, with the tongue lolling out. Are we going to get Boar Ganon, rather than Gerudo Ganondorf? Only time will tell.

Stop it quick at 1:52! The monster Link is fighting seems humanoid, almost feminine in fact, and also appears to be wearing a strange mask or headpiece. Are we getting a side villain like Ghirahim or Vaati, or is this just a boss or mini-boss? Curious…

Pause the video at 2:04 and observe the beautiful, enormous town. It looks like it’s thriving but not excessively, so I’m putting my money on this town being Kakariko Village. Also, 2:05 shows a desert community. Remember how I said there were more Gerudo connections?

Stop number eight is at 2:12. Notice the tree. Right before you stop it, you’ll see it is moving, around what would be a mouth. Is it, could it be… the great Deku Tree?

And stop again at 2:27. Zelda is standing waist-deep in a small pond surrounded by stonework. This pond looks almost identical to the shrines in Skyward Sword. It’s hard to tell from the lighting, but it also sort of seems like she’s wearing a white dress, as it’s lighter than the rest of her skin. She’s seen wearing this dress again throughout the trailer. It looks almost like the Goddess Dress from Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wild seems, to me, to tie in with Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time the most. As SS leads almost directly to OoT, BOTW could fall after OoT on any of the timelines and this would make sense. In Skyward Sword, Zelda had to purify herself by praying at the shrines, and she wore the Goddess Dress so she could reawaken as the goddess Hylia. Maybe the same thing is happening here! Press play again.

2:37, there’s Zelda. She is beautiful. At 2:39, we see another town, only it’s on fire. It looks different from the two we saw so far. I’m 99.9% positive that town is Hyrule Castle Town. Oh look, there’s the castle. I was right, as usual. Listen to her sob about everything she’s done being for nothing. It’s pretty gut-wrenching, actually.

Stop it yet again at 2:45 and observe, once again, the desert landscape. There’s a girl wearing Gerudo-ish clothes, who has dark skin and red hair the way Gerudos tend to. Perhaps a descendent of one of my favorite Zelda ladies, Nabooru? We’ll see her up close later on. Hit play again and prepare for a burst of feels as Zelda topples into Link’s arms. She’s wearing the white dress again.

Okay, now I want you to pause it when you see that girl again, which is I believe at 3:00. They’re about to show a variety of characters of all different Hyrulean races. Watch through all of them, then click back to 2:55 and watch through all of them again. What I am about to suggest is a bit insane, but if I’m right… Count the people. The goron. The giant lady. The Gerudo girl, who is wearing blue lipstick (you go girl.) The zora. The other zora. And the bird man. Then finally Zelda herself. That makes seven. I think that these people are the seven sages. Obviously, none of them look anything like their OoT or Link Between Worlds counterparts, but remember, this is set 100 years ahead of some point we don’t even know yet. They could be descendants, or even reincarnations. So that’s my hypothesis. And something tells me I’m right.

Stop it again at 3:07 just to admire how gorgeous Zelda is. And the fact that she’s flying.

The King of Hyrule tells Link he must save his daughter (it shows Zelda and her father is definitely the king of Hyrule, sooo) and then we see Link collapse in nearly the exact same way as he does in Skyward Sword at one point.

Let it play the rest of the way. You’ll see a very dirty Zelda praying to what is likely the Great Deku Tree, and then you’ll hear the now-iconic voice saying “Open Your Eyes”. Now listen to that voice! Does it sound like the voice we heard for Zelda? A little, but not too much. Could it be someone else? Who else could it be?


So that wraps up my deductions. I have a feeling I’m either totally right or totally wrong, so all that remains is to play the game. As I’m still saving up to buy a Wii U, let alone an actual Breath of the Wild copy, please do not give spoilers when it comes out! I’ll be posting more and more the closer we get, as the hype builds. I can’t wait!


A Zelda Poem

I was looking through an old notebook and found this poem I wrote a while back about The Legend of Zelda. I revised it a little and thought I’d share it. Enjoy!



Awake, young boy, to destiny

Become the hero you’re made to be

Take into your hands the Master Sword

With which to slay the evil lord

Your friends are here, and far away

There waits a princess fair as day

Ride forth to her, the future queen

Put on the hero’s tunic green

Your quest at long last has begun

Go out beneath the dying sun

Be brave and true, and ever wise

Take care to keep away from lies

And on your journey you will learn

From friends, and teach them in your turn

The echoes of your past remain

Your life shall be of grief and pain

But though you suffer, many find

A joy they thought they’d left behind

And on your journeys you will see

The happiness of those set free

They rally at you – you shall not find

A day when none are close behind

Your friends will bring you great relief

A fairy, spirit, a chivalrous thief

A bard, Twilight’s Princes, a blue-haired mage

A group of heroes, each a sage

Hero, alone you shall never go

For not one instant think it so

Though death will stalk you every day

Your friends will never turn away

They shall not leave you on your own:

It’s dangerous to go alone.


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Shades of Green

So, how are all you people functioning without me? :p Sorry posts have been on a downswing lately, but I’m a busy girl, kay? Anyway, today we will be discussing girls with green hair – because I’m thinking about dyeing my hair green as soon as I’m allowed to. ^.^ Let’s talk about some girls that have green hair going for them – among many other things
Saria (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)

Saria’s hair is a sort of foresty-green. Like her clothes. And her headband. And her eyes. She’s almost a little TOO green… and then she’s also green in the sense that she’s only just awoken as a sage. But, I really like Saria’s hair. Although, in the game, it rings a little closer to lime green.


Setsuna/Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)


Now, Setsuna’s hair in some scenes looks black-green, like very dark green ink. I personally think that it’s so very gorgeous, and since I really like Setsuna, (she’s actually the only outer guardian I genuinely like – I can tolerate Haruka but I loathe Michiru and Hotaru), I wouldn’t mind her green hair in the least. I wonder if the perfect silkiness comes with it.


Yuzuki Seo (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun)

Yes, Yuzuki, yes you are.

Yuzuki Seo is from an anime that a friend recommended to me. Now, usually, I HATE starting new TV shows. They’re hard and time-consuming, and I have to keep track of a ton of deaths, plot lines, ships, bromances, etc. There are fifty million episodes and each is like a mini-movie in length and complexity. So, when people recommend shows, I usually say “NO THANK YOU!” knowing full well that I’m passing up on joining a popular fandom. But, I thought I’d give Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun a chance, since she said it was appropriate for our age, cute, and pretty happy. So I tried it out. And I really like it! I can sit down when I have half and hour and watch seven Japanese high-school students flirt, draw manga, and fall in love. What could be better?

And Yuzuki is by far my favorite character. I tend to usually adore the bad girl. (Funny, because I myself am a “good girl” or a “goody-goody”, as it were.) I know her hair doesn’t look green. It’s actually brown with a greenish tint to it. Then sometimes it looks blond. Maybe I’d dye my hair this shade, so it could be more subtle.

So, yes. Those are three girls with awesome green hair. Now, I wonder how I’d look with those shades… which do you think is best? Let me know in the comments, I’ll do a tribute post to whichever girl wins!




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My New “Merlin” OTP

(Spoilers for “Merlin”)

Hello everyone…

It’s me, H.G.

I have something to confess.

I’ve been on a “Merlin” marathon lately, and, well, even though I’ve watched the show before, this hit me harder this time.

I ship…




I know she’s evil… I know he kills her… but I also know that he understands her and that he regretted who she became, and that he would have saved her at the end but it was too late. After all, he could have killed her long ago, but he specifically begged the dragon to save her, knowing the consequences. Some people say he saved her for Arthur, but I don’t know. Merlin wants to protect Arthur, right? And he knew that sparing Morgana would result in so much pain for Arthur… yet he spared her and saved her anyway.

I mostly decided to accept this ship because of the episode in Season Two where Morgana finds out she has magic in the first place, but there are other cases of it.


This is very, very rare for me to go off-canon with a ship. I nearly always stick with the canon ships (unlike a friend of mine who might be reading this right now, who cannot stay in canon to save her life.) All my non-canon ventures are in Zelda and Harry Potter. But now… I have a non-canon ship in my favorite TV show, and I kinda have to admit, it feels really, really good.

*sigh* Mergana… *sigh*

So now that all hardcore fans are cursing my name, I’m going to go post more MMM.


Tri Force Heroes Letting Me Down!

I have finally watched the trailer for Tri Force Heroes.

More precisely, I watched the first seventy-five seconds.

After that it became too horrid to look at any more. It terrified me. The evil witch who curses a fashionable princess to wear a leotard? Come on, Nintendo! By the time we get Zelda Wii U, the console will be almost past its time, and 3DS is dying. I feel sort of like they were working on Tri Force Heroes as a “just in case we need it” project.

No, we do not need it, if this is the best you’ve got.

Zelda Wii U looks terrific, but by now, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to play it! Tri Force Heroes looks awful. The animation seems to have trouble deciding whether its the Wind Waker or a Link Between Worlds (and I love a Link Between Worlds, even though I’ve enever actually played all the way through.)

If Zelda Wii U is as good as Hyrule Warriors, I will blog about how it was worth the wait, how the Wii U was made for Zelda games. If Tri Force Heroes manages to be amusingly under-done, I will apologize. But until then…

Well, as a commenter on Zelda Dungeon said, the CD-I games are no longer the worst in the franchise!

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The End of Twilight Princess

So I just beat Twilight Princess. It took me about eleven weeks, so all in all it was a fairly challenging game – but Ocarina and Majora took four moths, and Link to the Past took half a year, so not the most challenging. Now that I have beaten the game, you get to hear my overanalyzed rants about it. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First off, I want to say that Midna is incredible. I’ve talked about her awesomeness in another post, so I won’t go on and on here. I’m just going to say it again. I absolutely love her. I really hope they bring her back. Her words about how as long as the mirror is intact, “we could meet again” sounds like a knockoff of Into the West but hey, it works, right? (By the way, I’ve posted before about a Twilight Princess Into the West, which you ought to watch if you haven’t yet.) Yet it could be true. Midna could return. I’ve seen a lot of, “But then she broke the mirror, so no, she couldn’t.” Well, Zant broke the mirror earlier but Link and Midna were able to fix it.

Zant. I have a bone to pick about him. He is, in my opinion, quite possibly the lamest Zelda villain ever. I barely ever saw him, aside from cutscenes, until the boss fight with him. I suppose you could say we saw him when he turned Link into a wolf, but that interaction was brief and unmemorable. I couldn’t exactly tell what angle they were playing him from, until during the – I can’t remember if it was the fourth or the sixth – anyway, during the fourth or sixth section of his battle, he started slashing at me like a maniac, and I realized, “oh, he’s insane. Wow, that came out of nowhere.” And it did. Ganondorf is power reincarnated. Majora is lonely and immature. Ghirahim is fabulous, fabulous, and more fabulous. But Zant? He’s devoid of personality until about thirty-six seconds before his death (which I loved by the way, I loved how Midna stabbed him through the heart – rock on, girl!) And then it turns out Zant has just been a puppet the whole time.

That’s right, because who is it that was pulling the strings? Why, it was clearly none other than.. drumroll please… GANONDORF!!! 0.0 Whoa! I never ever would have seen that coming. NO WAY!!!! He manipulated Zant? He was planning to take over the world all along?

^Note the sarcasm in my voice.

There were a few other issues. For one thing, characters would come up with a problem, but once that problem was resolved, they sort of….faded away. Take Ilia, for example. For about hakf the game her memory is missing, but once you recover it, she only greets Link with an already-given line that conveys no emotion or romance, which some people love to imagine. Or Colin, who was so well developed for the first third of the game, then spent the rest of it standing in a hotel with that Native American girl who had so much potential but did absolutely nothing, like Ashei, Hannah, Shad, Rusl, Uli, Talo, Beth, Ralis, Telma, and nearly every other character in the game. *sigh*

Overall, there were a lot of good points to the game, but the sheer number of NPC’s, combined with the poor villains, made it one of the more “meh” Zelda games. But I did enjoy it, and I did tear up a bit when I saw the name “Satoru Iwata” under Executive Producer. But not my favorite game ever.

If we were talking about Majora’s Mask, now……