Ship Gallery

Recently, I dragged an old frame out of the back of my closet and decided to make it into a ship gallery to hang somewhere in my room. Finally I have printed out the pics, and so my ship gallery is now complete! The frame has eight slots, so I picked eight of my favorite fandoms and my OTP for each fandom. It was pretty hard to pick just eight, but I did it. I’ll probably rotate out the pics at some point. So here it is!

Seven romances and one epic bromance!

My OTP, Link and Saria, are in the place of honor on the left, and my OT3/BroT3 (still don’t know what I would call it) are in the place of honor to the right. Then depending on how much I like the ship, they are larger or smaller – though I love all of them a lot!

From left to right and top to bottom: Link and Saria from “The Legend of Zelda”, Faramir and Eowyn from “Lord of the Rings”, Rey and Finn from “Star Wars”, Sherlock and Molly from “Sherlock”, Jonathan and Nancy from “Stranger Things”, Merlin and Morgana from “Merlin”, Kashima and Hori from “Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun”, and Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette from “Hamilton”.

Laria, Farawyn, and Reyfinn


Mergana and Kashima/Hori at the top (from Gekkan Shojo Nozaki Kun). 
My epic founding father bros, because I couldn’t not put at least one platonic ship in here.
Ah, Sherlolly. How sad it was to watch you sink in the disaster that was Season 4.

Anyway, that’s my ship wall. ūüėČ Can’t wait to hang it!

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Hamilton Relationships: Act Two

Here I am at long last *rolls eyes at myself*. Let’s hear H.G.’s fabulous excuse for this time, shall we?

On AO3 (Archive of Our Own) I started writing a Trio fanfiction in December. That fanfiction is currently at 13 chapters, about twenty thousand words. And it has become insanely popular. I have no idea WHAT is going on, but I guess people like it, because it is at 115 kudos and one thousand + hits. So I’ve been satisfying my readers by updating that more than anything. Literally, I hardly even work on my book anymore. I’m taking a one-month hiatus in February, so then I should be on here a little more, writing blog posts more often. For now, let’s honor the relationships of Act Two in Hamilton. As always, major spoilers.


Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Hamilton


Alexander is not a very good husband to Eliza around the beginning of Act Two. He chooses his work over her, and rather than accompany her to her father’s, upstate, he has¬†her go with Angelica, and without him. Then, while she’s gone, he cheats on her. Even worse, he keeps that fact a secret from her for years. His enemies find out before she does. Alexander and Eliza have kids at this point, and while she still loves him just as much as always, he begins to feel a little different about her. He’s betrayed her. It’s hard to recover from that. He is guilty and distanced from her. When¬†he finds out some people think he was stealing government funds, he publicizes the details of his affair to show that he was actually using his own money to pay his mistress’s husband. Eliza had no idea. She’s finding out at the same time as the whole world. Furious and heart broken, she burns his letters to her and banishes Alexander from her heart. (Slay, queen, slay.) Their son Philip decides it’s up to him to protect Alexander’s honor, and when a guy challenges it, Philip challenges¬†him¬†– to a duel. Philip dies. Alexander realizes this was all kind of his fault, and now he needs to take the blame and make things right. He asks for Eliza’s forgiveness, and, wonderful woman that she is, she gives it. From then on, they fall back in love and patch up everything that’s broken… only for Alexander to leave her, too. Even after his death, though, Eliza goes on loving him and carries on his legacy. She does everything to keep his story alive. She does more than enough and more than he deserves. You go, Eliza.

Alexander Hamilton/Maria Reynolds

This is where things get eyebrow-raise-y

I’ve already talked a lot about Maria in other posts, so I’ll keep this brief. Alexander offers money to Maria after she comes to his house and tells him her husband has left her and she is broke. Only problem is, Alexander’s also pretty lonely and Maria is really pitiable/attractive/good at seducing people, so he ends up cheating on Eliza with her. Poor Maria is twenty-three and under her husband’s command, so she has no way to back out of the affair. Plus she’s also lonely, and terrified that Alexander is going to leave her all alone. That of course would make her husband even more angry, as it would mean no more money. So Alexander digs a pit and falls into it… and then keeps digging. Then he flies out of the pit with copies of a pamphlet about the affair and throws them everywhere. Bad idea. Nice going, Alexander.

Thomas Jefferson & James Madison


Jefferson and Madison are the dynamic duo of… pretty much everything. Together, they bring about Alexander’s demise with the Reynolds Pamphlet. Madison is Jefferson’s second fiddle (read that in a book), but important all the same. They’re pretty tight – a bond forged in sass, judgmentalism (is that a word?), rapping, writing, and mic drops (Jefferson drops, Madison catches). It’s pretty much to only bromance in Act Two, but it’s great, so no worries. Jefferson is fabulous and flashy, while Madison is much more quiet, silent power that you didn’t even realize was power. They cover each other’s flaws and complement each other’s strengths, so if these two come at you… watch out.

Eliza Hamilton & Angelica Schuyler


Angelica continues to support Eliza. Selflessly. In “The Reynolds Pamphlet”, Angelica is there to tell Alexander off, and informs him that she loves her sister¬†more than anything. More than she has ever loved him. In a cut song, “Congratulations”, she talks about how she lived in an unhappy marriage an ocean away, sacrificing everything so Alexander and Eliza could be happy. I just need to post the lyrics. I don’t have words for how much Angelica loves Eliza.

You’ve redefined your legacy, congratulations!

It was an act of political sacrifice

I languished in a loveless marriage in London
I lived only to read your letters
I look at you and think:
“God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?”
That doesn’t wipe the tears of the years away
But I’m back in the city and I’m here to stay
And you know what I’m here to do?


I’m not here for you

I know my sister like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
And a million years ago she said to me,
“This one’s mine”
So I stood by
Do you know why?

I love my sister more than anything in this life
I will choose her happiness over mine every time


This is what true love looks like, my friends.

Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr


Throughout Act Two, the relationship between Hamilton and Burr becomes more and more complicated. Hamilton makes bad choices and a few enemies. Burr sides with said enemies and judges his old friend with them. Aaron Burr actually doesn’t have a political position,¬†and he starts to feel left out. To fix this, he runs for Senator against Philip Schuyler, Alexander’s father-in-law, and wins. In the end, that deepens the divide between them. By Cabinet Battle #2, Burr is majorly annoyed that Hamilton always gets whatever he wants and never faces consequences. He teams up with the Southern Democratic-Republicans to rip Alexander apart from the inside out. They go through his history as Treasurer and stumble across the shocking amount of money being spent. When they confront him, Hamilton tells them about his affair and then, to their delight, makes it public. Finally getting ahead, Burr decides to run for president. Hamilton endorses Jefferson, who ends up winning, leaving Burr as vice-President. Thinking that they’ll at least be able to work together, Burr goes to talk to Jefferson, who laughs at him and slams the door of friendship in his face. Now Burr is mad. He turns to Hamilton as a way to vent his anger, and Hamilton responds by being rather obnoxious and unapologetic. Burr kills him. (It’s a little more complicated than that, but I’d rather not think about it or the day will be ruined for me.) Hamilton is dead. The end. *runs to clutch ten dollar bills and cry because she is too distraught to elaborate*

Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton


I’ve talked a bit about them in the Hamilton and Burr section. Hamilton and Jefferson¬†loathe¬†each other. In fact, if Jefferson had killed Hamilton, we all would probably be a lot less sad and a lot more, “Yeah, I kinda expected that.” They agree on literally nothing. They are not friends for a single instant. From the moment they meet until the day Hamilton dies, they dislike each other. Yes, Hamilton endorses Jefferson for president, but not out of a genuine like for him – more that he believes him to be slightly better suited than Burr for the job. I guess the only thing they agree on is that they’re both friends with Lafayette. But that’s it.


Well, thus ends the Hamilton post series. Expect more posts on this show at some point, however. I’ll love it till the day I die, so it ain’t goin away any time soon.

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A Brief Hamilton Observation

In lieu of another relationships post, seeing as I am lazy and haven’t gotten around to it yet (I will soon!) I would like to present to you a brief observation I’ve had when reading through some of the letters of the Trio. Yes, you’re getting a post about my OT3. BroT3? Still haven’t determined what to call this. Either way I love it. I’ve been writing a fanfic on them on my AO3 account. Read it.

But anyway, as you know from reading my other posts or listening to the show, John Laurens died at the age of 27. Alexander Hamilton died at 49. Lafayette outlived both of them and survived for 30 years after Alexander’s death. Additionally, the three of them were all close, as I have definitely mentioned a number of times. I’m currently reading a Lafayette biography, and the author has been talking a little about their “warm friendship”, to use his words.


So turning to more serious matters, after John Laurens died (and I’m dying too because that gif) Alexander didn’t really want to talk about it. Now remember, this guy wrote obsessively about¬†everything. He was almost never quiet. Throughout his life he produced enough writing to fill 27 volumes. To be silent about anything goes to show how deeply it affected him – he had no words.

To the best of my knowledge, we only have two letters where he discussed Laurens’ death. One of those was a letter to Lafayette. Observe the following quote:

“Poor Laurens; he has fallen a sacrifice to his ardor in a trifling skirmish in South Carolina. You know how truly I loved him and will judge how much I regret him.”


This was tacked onto the end of a long letter, which I have not read all of as it concerns with a lot of business matters. Additionally, this bit about Laurens comes as a postscript, since Hamilton has already closed and signed the letter. So remember these points: mentioned briefly, placed at the end of a long letter, and indicating great sorrow without really going into it.

The observation that I made was that Lafayette reacted to Hamilton’s death in nearly the exact same way – in a letter to someone he was extremely close to, but at the end and with few words. That person was Thomas Jefferson. Here’s the quote.

“The Deplorable fate of My friend Hamilton Has deeply Afflicted me‚ÄĒI am Sure that whatever Have Been the differences of parties, you Have Ever Been Sensible of His Merits, and Now feel for His Loss.”

See what I mean? Hamilton and Lafayette both reacted to the death of a friend without a real reaction. Now I ought to note that Hamilton did emphasize his feelings a little more elsewhere, but for him, it was still not much. They all loved each other a lot, my friends.


This was interesting to me, as well as very sad. You know how truly I have loved the trio and how their deplorable fates have affected me. Now that I’ve had a careful philosophical analysis on these men and their lives/deaths/friendships, off I go to write fanfic where they’re all college students. Go figure.

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Valentine’s Day (A little late!)

Sorry I’m late on Valentine’s day posts! I’m always late, huh? Anyway, this is just a post on shipping, since what’s more romantic in a fandom than shipping?

This is accurate. This is terrifying. 

Oh, I have so many ships…


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - OP - Large 04
Oh yes.

So… romance. *sigh* Romance… romance is beautiful…

Sometimes it’s hard not to ship a couple. Especially when they’re popular on the internet.


There is a very creepy community out there of people who will burn your ships and drown you in bad fics and do… um… stuff until you can’t really look at your ship again. And then there are those creepy Sam and Frodo people… but… anyway… so! I love shipping! And my ships are sweet, beautiful, and sail along through serene waters.

Except Mergana and Ghirafi. Those kind of sank.

What are your favorite ships?


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Obscure Fandom Friday #6 – Guest Post from Eruleese!

Hello, everyone! Today we will have our first ever GUEST POST on Middle Hyrule! How exciting! The guest post is by Eruleese, who writes a wonderful fandom blog. She agreed to guest post Obscure Fandom Friday with a series she has been fond of for many years! Here it is:



Hey guys! This isn’t H.G.¬†posting for Obscure Fandom Friday, it’s one of her friends, Eruleese! You can find my blog at www.lifeofafangirlsite.wordpress.com. So, if you ever find a chance, check it out! This week’s obscure fandom is Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky. Sorry if this isn’t the best you’ve ever seen, Eruanna is a much better blogger than I am. Well, we may as well get started!

Name of the Fandom: Wolves of the Beyond

This fandom has almost no fangirls and fanboys, as well as no memes or things like that. Pretty much all we have are our books, of which there are six. The books chronicle the story of Faolan, a young dire wolf with a splayed paw. He finds his way back to the clans and packs of the Beyond. There he becomes a gnaw wolf, a word for deformed wolves, or malcadhs, and they are used as objects of teasing for the rest of the pack. In the second or third book, you meet Edme, Faolan’s one-eyed best friend. You can follow his journey through all six of the books. You’ll cry, smile, and laugh along with the wolves, and even grow to love characters that you hated before you finished the series. I joined the fandom in third grade and even now, I still love them so much! You will stay by Wolves of the Beyond through your whole life.

Books: Wolves of the Beyond has six books. There aren’t that many illustrations, but the ones there are are some of the most perfect things you’ll ever see. The cover art is brilliant and so is the writing. The characters are created down to the very last detail, and reasons for everything are explained.

TV Show/ Movies: No. I wish, but no.

Video Games: No. Still wishing for them, but no.

Shippable: Well, you’ve got Faolan and Edme, Myrr and Maudie (you see, in my opinion they knew each other long enough before Maudie’s mother died, so they could still be shippable.) That’s probably it, unless you go so far as to ship wolves with owls.

Fanfictionable: Certainly. I write my own all the time! I never finish it, though…oops

Feels: AGH! Yes! Morag, the Faome, Myrr’s parents, Thunderheart, Banja, Winks, Bells, agh! The pain! They all died so tragically, and I died as they all died inside. I need a wolf plushie now to hold.

My personal fanbase with WOTB:

My OTP: Faome hands down, but I do love Myrrdie.

My favorite character: That’s like telling me to choose my children. This was pretty much my first fandom, so I’ve been with them for three years, and you’re telling me to choose one of them? So evil.

My favorite book: Probably either Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, or Star Wolf. Meaning that I can’t choose. Probably Star Wolf though. The Faome is so strong…or Spirit Wolf.

To join this fandom, visit a bookstore or library. I can almost guarantee that WotB will be there, if Kathryn Lasky’s writing is there. It’ll be over near Guardians of Ga’Hoole, which are more popular books of hers. But again, if you’re bad with violent themes, I would stay away. They almost killed Faolan in the first book! He’s constantly facing death in the face. Also, if you don’t like fantasy languages, don’t read this series. Even I have trouble pronouncing malcadh. But I guarantee it, if you read the first book, you’ll get hooked immediately


Worst ships EVER!!!

Hello, Middle Hyrule fans! As many of you know, I am way into shipping. I know all the shipping lingo (though sometimes I question whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.) But of course, there are some ships that are just completely NO. The worst part is, if you are a member of any fandom or shipping group, they’re bound to come up sooner or later. And often, there’s nothing you can do about it! How awful is that? No matter how often you tell people that it’s ridiculous, they keep doing it. They ship the dumbest things, like Katniss x Cinna, Thranduil x His Moose, Morgana x Arthur, Usagi x Kunzite, or worst of all… Frodo x Sam. Ick ick ick.

But I have barely even scratched the surface of these horrors! There are so many that are equally bad, if not worse, than the ones I have stated here.¬†Plus, there are hundreds of fandoms, which means there are literally¬†thousands of ships. And, more likely than not, half or more of them will be stupid or pointless. There is an ingenious term for these ships, called a “NOTP.” An OTP is a one true pairing, so a NOTP is a not one true pairing.

So, since I am inadequate to represent the protesters against this horrid monstrosity, I need YOU to help! Just use the following easy-to-work method I have created below to submit the worst ship ever. We’ll put these to poll and in a few weeks, I’ll announce which ship ranked as worst ever. You can leave a “Worst ship ever” comment any time between now and the twenty-first, which will give you ten days.

Here’s the form:


Fandom creator:


Who’s in this ship:

Why I hate it:

What I think the creator would say about it:

For example, I’ll show you my NOTP:

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

Fandom creator: J.R.R. Tolkien

My NOTP: Frowise

Who’s in this ship: Frodo x Sam

Why I hate it: It’s basically just all around stupid! They are FRIENDS, people, friends.

What I think the creator would say about it: Tolkien – *raises eyebrows* you do realize I am Catholic, right? My fans are lunatics.

So, what’s your NOTP? And soon, we will take an official poll! Tell everyone you know, because we want to get as many ships dissed as possible, right?

Obscure Fandom Friday

Obscure Fandom Friday #3

It’s that time again where we delve into another obscure fandom on friday!!!

This week’s obscure fandom is one I have only been a part of for seven days, but am completely addicted to at this point. It’s….


Name of the fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

This will contain spoilers…

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, or just Sailor Moon for short, is a manga series that later spawned an anime show, and then a live action one. It is one of the most popular shojo mangas of all time, and redefined the magical girl genre. The main character, Usagi is an ordinary girl living in Tokyo, when she meets a talking cat who reveals to her that she has the power of moonlight and is destined to protect the world and the “Legendary Silver Crystal” from the forces of evil. She must now learn to harness her powers as the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Soon to be joined by other Sailor soldiers such as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon must battle evil and win the heart of Tuxedo Mask, a mysterious vigilante.¬†The plot is cheese, cheese, and more cheese, sappy lines and obvious endings. That being said, this is a fandom you want to get into! Its silliness makes it seem charming, and its emotional moments are just incredible. Every character is so diverse, the magic¬†is awesome to read about, and the romance is beautiful to watch. The only issue is, everybody has about five million names. Usagi alone has Usagi, Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, Usagi-chan, Sailor Moon-chan, and Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit.

Books: Sailor Moon is a manga series. Manga is a type of japanese art that translates into beautiful graphic novels read backwards for true japanese reading. I’ve read the first five (and there are fourteen of them for goodness sakes!)

Tv Show/Movies: Sailor Moon was an anime in the 90’s. It was later reproduced for a live action show. (I haven’t actually seen it… but I hope to soon!)

Video games: A series of Sailor Moon video games were released by the japanese company Angel. It included RPGs, versus battle games, and mini games.

Shippable?: There are so many Sailor Moon ships I can’t even count them all. There’s even a ship with cats (and I love that ship…)

Fanfictionable?: Sailor Moon fan fiction would be really fun and pretty fluffy, since the majority of it would consist of teenage girls hanging around having fun.

Feels?: So many. So many…. and the deaths are just… no. I can’t speak of it.

My personal fanbase with PGSM –

My OTP: Sailor Mask. Or would that ship be Mamosagi? Or Serendymion? However you call it, I SHIP IT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

My favorite character: Ami-chan/Sailor Mercury. Gotta love a girl who’s IQ is 300.

My favorite book: The third one. It was so good.

When Pluto died I was almost in tears. I loved her and she died not knowing Chibiusa would be saved by her selfless acts… oh Pluto-chan…. *cries*

To join this fandom, visit a library or watch an episode. It’s much easier to join than the other Obscure Fandoms I’ve posted so far.