Breath of the Wild Excitement Peaks!

The newest and probably last trailer for Breath of the Wild has come out, and I have never been more excited. We got a look at some of the characters we’ll be meeting, as well as more of the gorgeous world that I cannot wait to explore. If I can make the money I need, that is! Watch the trailer below before I jump into an analysis.

Did you watch it? Great. Now watch it again and read this while you do. I’m going to have you make a couple of stops so I can comment.

First stop is at 0:24. Do you see the desert? Do you see the thing that looks sort of like Stonehedge? Now look to the left and you’ll notice a cloud of sand. This brings Gerudo Valley to mind, when you have to wander through a sandstorm. Now I believe there are more links (pun intended) to the Gerudo to be found in the trailer , but for now, hit play again. We’ll get to those remarks later.

Stop the video again at 0:58 and look at that floating thing in the distance. An island in the sky? Folks, we might be returning to Skyloft, or at the very least, to the Oocoo City in the Sky from Twilight Princess. How are we gonna get there? Keep going!

Third stop is 1:01. Link’s hair, though. So gorgeous. I’ll stop now.

Stop for the fourth time as soon as you hear the voice (around 1:17.) Now unpause and listen. It sounds like an elderly woman, and since we already know from past gameplay videos, the Sheikah will feature prominently in this game. Therefore, I have a strong suspicion that might be Impa, especially since she talks about the Royal Family. She’s the one serving them, after all!

Fifth stop is at 1:40. The shape above Hyrule Castle seems like the Phantom Ganon from Ocarina of Time far more than Ganondorf, but look more closely. The way it moves suggests a horse and rider, but the shape it takes at 1:40 resembles a boar’s snout thrust open, with the tongue lolling out. Are we going to get Boar Ganon, rather than Gerudo Ganondorf? Only time will tell.

Stop it quick at 1:52! The monster Link is fighting seems humanoid, almost feminine in fact, and also appears to be wearing a strange mask or headpiece. Are we getting a side villain like Ghirahim or Vaati, or is this just a boss or mini-boss? Curious…

Pause the video at 2:04 and observe the beautiful, enormous town. It looks like it’s thriving but not excessively, so I’m putting my money on this town being Kakariko Village. Also, 2:05 shows a desert community. Remember how I said there were more Gerudo connections?

Stop number eight is at 2:12. Notice the tree. Right before you stop it, you’ll see it is moving, around what would be a mouth. Is it, could it be… the great Deku Tree?

And stop again at 2:27. Zelda is standing waist-deep in a small pond surrounded by stonework. This pond looks almost identical to the shrines in Skyward Sword. It’s hard to tell from the lighting, but it also sort of seems like she’s wearing a white dress, as it’s lighter than the rest of her skin. She’s seen wearing this dress again throughout the trailer. It looks almost like the Goddess Dress from Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wild seems, to me, to tie in with Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time the most. As SS leads almost directly to OoT, BOTW could fall after OoT on any of the timelines and this would make sense. In Skyward Sword, Zelda had to purify herself by praying at the shrines, and she wore the Goddess Dress so she could reawaken as the goddess Hylia. Maybe the same thing is happening here! Press play again.

2:37, there’s Zelda. She is beautiful. At 2:39, we see another town, only it’s on fire. It looks different from the two we saw so far. I’m 99.9% positive that town is Hyrule Castle Town. Oh look, there’s the castle. I was right, as usual. Listen to her sob about everything she’s done being for nothing. It’s pretty gut-wrenching, actually.

Stop it yet again at 2:45 and observe, once again, the desert landscape. There’s a girl wearing Gerudo-ish clothes, who has dark skin and red hair the way Gerudos tend to. Perhaps a descendent of one of my favorite Zelda ladies, Nabooru? We’ll see her up close later on. Hit play again and prepare for a burst of feels as Zelda topples into Link’s arms. She’s wearing the white dress again.

Okay, now I want you to pause it when you see that girl again, which is I believe at 3:00. They’re about to show a variety of characters of all different Hyrulean races. Watch through all of them, then click back to 2:55 and watch through all of them again. What I am about to suggest is a bit insane, but if I’m right… Count the people. The goron. The giant lady. The Gerudo girl, who is wearing blue lipstick (you go girl.) The zora. The other zora. And the bird man. Then finally Zelda herself. That makes seven. I think that these people are the seven sages. Obviously, none of them look anything like their OoT or Link Between Worlds counterparts, but remember, this is set 100 years ahead of some point we don’t even know yet. They could be descendants, or even reincarnations. So that’s my hypothesis. And something tells me I’m right.

Stop it again at 3:07 just to admire how gorgeous Zelda is. And the fact that she’s flying.

The King of Hyrule tells Link he must save his daughter (it shows Zelda and her father is definitely the king of Hyrule, sooo) and then we see Link collapse in nearly the exact same way as he does in Skyward Sword at one point.

Let it play the rest of the way. You’ll see a very dirty Zelda praying to what is likely the Great Deku Tree, and then you’ll hear the now-iconic voice saying “Open Your Eyes”. Now listen to that voice! Does it sound like the voice we heard for Zelda? A little, but not too much. Could it be someone else? Who else could it be?


So that wraps up my deductions. I have a feeling I’m either totally right or totally wrong, so all that remains is to play the game. As I’m still saving up to buy a Wii U, let alone an actual Breath of the Wild copy, please do not give spoilers when it comes out! I’ll be posting more and more the closer we get, as the hype builds. I can’t wait!

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The Eighth Day of Fanfic

Today is days 9 and 8 since I couldn’t yesterday…


on the eighth day of fanfic my H.G. gave to me, eight chefs a-cooking!

Seven jedi dudes!

Six knights a-training…


Four kids and Aslan!

Three wizard ships.

Two-oo festive daleks

and the Everdeen’s Christmas tree!

Author’s note: Since all the Kokiri but Link, Mido, Fado, and Saria are unnamed, I had to take some liberties name-wise.


In the land of Hyrule, hidden far from the eyes of Hylians in their day-to-day doings, there was a forest. Deep within this forest lived the Kokiri, a race of children born from magic, who never grew up. Each had a fairy guardian – save for Link.

It was mid-December in the forest, and all the Kokiri on the cooking committee were busy preparing for their feast that would take place later that night.. All, that is, but Link. As usual, Link was asleep in his house, having stayed up late the night before to finish the gift he was making for Saria.

“Where is that no-good no-fairy?” Mido said aloud. All the girls around giggled, except for Saria.

“That’s not funny!” she shouted. “When will you leave Link alone?”

“Alright, alright,” said Mido. “Gee. Don’t get so offended.”

“Mido!” Fado called from her batch of cookies. “I need more sugar!”

Mido went off to help her.

“Why don’t you go look for Link, Saria?” asked Tila. “You can ask him to come help with your snowman cake.”

Saria sighed as she examined her cake. It was supposed to be three layers of  life-sized vanilla snowballs, but without Link’s help, so far she only had the bottom layer.

“Alright. Can you and Lati mix up my frosting?” Saria shoved her bowl at the two know-it-all brothers.

“Sure thing!” said both boys, jumping onto the project.

“Hey! Saria!” Sodo waved at her friend. “I think Link’s in his house.”

“Thanks, Sodo!” Saria headed out of her house, where they were making all the food, and headed over to Link’s.


Link was dreaming of eggnog, large cake slices and honey cookies, all drowned in sauce, of popping a cookie into Saria’s mouth and maybe getting one in return. Oh, the food would be so good… the food… the food! He sat bolt upright, only to see Saria grinning at him. “Hey,” she said.

Link scrambled out of bed and threw his hat on. “What’s wrong with you?” Sara giggled.  “You’re late! Come on, Link, I can’t make my snowman alone.”

Link clapped a hand to his forehead. How could he forget about the snowman cake?

“Don’t worry,” Saria said, handing him his boots, “Lati and Tila are making the frosting. I just need you to help me put it on and make the other layers. You can do that, right?”

Link bobbed his head affirmatively.

“Well, alright,  then,” said Saira cheerfully. She skipped out of the treehouse and down the ladder. Link followed, and grabbing his arm, Saria skipped off. “Let’s go!” she said.


In the kitchen, she and Link mixed up the batter with furious speed, flour flying all about, dusting their clothes. Link went and grabbed two aprons, then helped Saria tie hers in the back and pull her green hair into a net. They popped the layers in the oven, while Sodo’s friend Mire shouted out instructions for the boys setting up the tables.

“Done!” Sara pulled the two layers out of the oven. She and Link frosted them. “Has anyone seen the chocolate buttons?”

“Chocolate buttons, right here!” Mire pointed to the counter. Link dashed over, and they used them to decorate the snowman cake. They finished with a carrot nose. “Now, let’s eat!” said Mire.

The remaing Kokiri filed in and sat down to their desert feast, chomping cookies and cakes and pies. Saria and Link got up to carve slices of their snowman

“Hey, Link? Saira?” said Fado from her seat. Link turned. “Look what’s above you.”

Link and Saria looked up, then immediately a blush spread over both their faces.

“Who hung mistletoe there?!” shouted Mido. He had hoped he and Saria would be under it… not Link and Saria.

“Kiss!” cheered the girls. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Link and Saria turned towards each other. “…Do you mind?” Saria asked.

Link smiled slightly, and shook his head.

“Well then…” Saria leaned towards him over the top of the cake. Link leaned towards her, grinning ear to ear.

And Saria’s lips landed on that broad grin.

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The End of Twilight Princess

So I just beat Twilight Princess. It took me about eleven weeks, so all in all it was a fairly challenging game – but Ocarina and Majora took four moths, and Link to the Past took half a year, so not the most challenging. Now that I have beaten the game, you get to hear my overanalyzed rants about it. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First off, I want to say that Midna is incredible. I’ve talked about her awesomeness in another post, so I won’t go on and on here. I’m just going to say it again. I absolutely love her. I really hope they bring her back. Her words about how as long as the mirror is intact, “we could meet again” sounds like a knockoff of Into the West but hey, it works, right? (By the way, I’ve posted before about a Twilight Princess Into the West, which you ought to watch if you haven’t yet.) Yet it could be true. Midna could return. I’ve seen a lot of, “But then she broke the mirror, so no, she couldn’t.” Well, Zant broke the mirror earlier but Link and Midna were able to fix it.

Zant. I have a bone to pick about him. He is, in my opinion, quite possibly the lamest Zelda villain ever. I barely ever saw him, aside from cutscenes, until the boss fight with him. I suppose you could say we saw him when he turned Link into a wolf, but that interaction was brief and unmemorable. I couldn’t exactly tell what angle they were playing him from, until during the – I can’t remember if it was the fourth or the sixth – anyway, during the fourth or sixth section of his battle, he started slashing at me like a maniac, and I realized, “oh, he’s insane. Wow, that came out of nowhere.” And it did. Ganondorf is power reincarnated. Majora is lonely and immature. Ghirahim is fabulous, fabulous, and more fabulous. But Zant? He’s devoid of personality until about thirty-six seconds before his death (which I loved by the way, I loved how Midna stabbed him through the heart – rock on, girl!) And then it turns out Zant has just been a puppet the whole time.

That’s right, because who is it that was pulling the strings? Why, it was clearly none other than.. drumroll please… GANONDORF!!! 0.0 Whoa! I never ever would have seen that coming. NO WAY!!!! He manipulated Zant? He was planning to take over the world all along?

^Note the sarcasm in my voice.

There were a few other issues. For one thing, characters would come up with a problem, but once that problem was resolved, they sort of….faded away. Take Ilia, for example. For about hakf the game her memory is missing, but once you recover it, she only greets Link with an already-given line that conveys no emotion or romance, which some people love to imagine. Or Colin, who was so well developed for the first third of the game, then spent the rest of it standing in a hotel with that Native American girl who had so much potential but did absolutely nothing, like Ashei, Hannah, Shad, Rusl, Uli, Talo, Beth, Ralis, Telma, and nearly every other character in the game. *sigh*

Overall, there were a lot of good points to the game, but the sheer number of NPC’s, combined with the poor villains, made it one of the more “meh” Zelda games. But I did enjoy it, and I did tear up a bit when I saw the name “Satoru Iwata” under Executive Producer. But not my favorite game ever.

If we were talking about Majora’s Mask, now……


New Long Fanfiction

Hello everyone! H.G. here (obviously. Who else would it be?) with a dilemma that will be resolved by… YOU!

After writing “The Land of Shadow”, which many of you have probably read (if not it’s at the top bar right next to the poll page) I’ve had an itch for another long fanfiction. There are three floating around. Two I have already written out, just not on the blog. One has only ever been in my mind. So, that is where you come in. Please vote by commenting below. I will make a page for it and write it chapter by chapter, replying to reviews and doing basically the exact same thing I did with “Land of Shadow.” Voting will last until the 29th. The first chapter will come out on the 30th. You can only vote once. Here are the three choices:

Option Number One

Title: To Hurt and to Heal

Status: Never been written

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

Genre: Angst

Synopsis: This is the sequel to “the Land of Shadow”. Once again, it is told from Sam and Frodo’s points of view, only this time Merry and Pippin are narrators, too. Sam wakes up after being rescued from Mount Doom only to discover that something terrible has happened. Frodo has lost his memory. He woke up with nothing but the knowledge of his name and one word – Sam – although he has no idea what this means. Therefore, upon waking up, Frodo physically attacks everyone in the room thinking they are threatening him. As if this were not enough, Sam and Pippin are suffering from PTSD and Merry is gravely wounded from his battle with the Witch King, and is possibly on the brink of death. He hates Frodo for attacking Pippin, who was on of the victims of the former Ringearer’s assault, and frequently fights with Sam over Frodo’s current state, and whether or not that will change. Pippin is heartbroken that Frodo has forgotten him. Sam feels as though someone’s cut out half of his heart. Frodo’s confused and tormented by dark dreams of things he cannot remember, especially as he and Sam begin to grow back together. Will he remember? Will Merry and Pippin be healed? Will Rosie make an appearance (yeah, probably.)? And most importantly, will Frodo and Sam ever go back to the loving relationship they had during the Quest? Find out by voting for To Hurt and To Heal!

Option Number Two

Title: The Quell

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars

Genre: Action, Angst, Romance

Synopsis: For the 75th Hunger Games and the third Quarter Quell, it is decreed that four tributesd will be sent – two victors and two children. But in addition to that, four tributes will be reaped from other worlds. These worlds are Middle Earth, Hyrule, and the Galaxy – and the Reaped are of all ages. Sixty tributes all pitted against each other in the most epic Quell in Hunger Games history – particularly considering who these tributes are. From Panem are victors, including Haymitch Abernathy and Katniss Everdeen, as well as children who have never held a sword. From Hyrule come heroes of legend – Princess Zelda, Anju, Kafei, and Link, hero of Time. From Middle Earth come more well-known characters – Eowyn of Rohan, Shelob, Frodo Baggins, and Samwise Gamgee. And from the Galaxy come Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Aalaya Secura, and Jedi Master Yoda. These tributes are fierce, and yet some do not intend to go home, for the sake of a loved one. In addition, Katniss and Haymitch befriend the girl tribute from their district, a shy yet strong twelve year old named Carynn, who reminds Katniss so much of Rue. Sixty Tributes. Two weeks. Only one can survive. Who will that one be? Find out by voting for The Quell!

Option Number Three

Title: Modern Multi Mash-up

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Merlin, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings

Genre: Adventure, Humor

Synopsis: Take Katniss, Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Gwaine, Leon, Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, R2, Link, Zelda, Saria, Nabooru, Fi, Frodo, Pippin, Legolas, Eomer, and Eowyn. Now pit them against Morgana, Vader, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Ugluk, Saruman, and Shelob. You won’t even be close to imagining Modern Mutli Mash-up, the hilarious, confusing, chaotic rip-roaring comedy of a finfiction where absolutely anything can happen.The seal placed on Ganondorf has been broken, and he is returning to power. But suddenly, the Lost Woods is becoming a collection of portals – portals that all lead to various sections of other worlds. Characters are wandering away from their stories and into Hyrule – both good and evil. And when the villains begin forming alliances, it’s clear that all worlds are in grave danger – unless the Band of Heroes can stop them! The twenty-one heroes of five stories come together to travel the worlds looking for ways to defeat each villain in turn. And yet, as they travel, crazy things begin to happen. Friendships are forming. People are falling in love. Starships are appearing in the middle of Kokiri Village. Frodo is acting like an angsty teenager. Saria’s heart is being broken. Han is driving everyone crazy. Hilarious, ridiculous, and slightly stupid jokes are being made. You don’t have to know all of these fandoms to enjoy Modern Multi Mash-up – all you need to do is buckle your seatbelt, prepare your vocal chords for more laughing than is considered appropriate, and vote for option number three, the single best fandom mash-up of all time – the one and only MODERN MULTI MASH-UP!!! And what’s even better is if you like it, there are two other books in the MMM trilogy! I’m currently writing book two at my house. ^.^

Please vote below for whichever fanfiction tickled your fancy most. I will be delighted to share any one with you. Voting will end on the 29th and chapter one of whichever you choose will be released on the 30th. Make sure that’s really the one you want, as you can only vote once. And let the voting…. COMMENCE!!!

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Top Five Most Handsome Men in Zelda

Earlier today, I did a list of top five most handsome men in LotR. Hey, why not do LoZ too? Though, the pickings are slim. Very slim. But here’s my list.


5. Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)


He’s handsome, if you like evil, powerful, muscular men. Which I don’t. But I can see how other people would.

4. Pipit (Skyward Sword)


Pipit’s cute. Handsome, even. Freckled. ^.^ Maybe expect some PIparane fanfiction in the future, because I love that ship.

3. Shad (Twilight Princess)


Shad is very underrated. Personally, I think he’s extremely good-looking, And he’s scholarly. What’s not to love?

2. Adult Link (Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword)


Link is sooo handsome. He’s such a great looking guy, and so kind too. But oddly, he’s only the second spot. And that’s because the top spot of most handsome men in the Legend of Zelda goes to…

1. Ghirahim (Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors)


Ghirahim is fabulous. He’s so evil, but he acts so polite about it – the classic wicked gentleman. He’s also extremely handsome, in such a creepy, despicable way… I just love him. I seriously do. And I love the whole “one eye covered purple eyeshadow” thing. Don’t you? So he made the top spot.

Do you agree with my list? Are there any cute guys I overlooked? Let me know in the comments!

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Journey Out of Ordon

Basically this is a fanfiction where Link leaves Ordon and begins his journey. Not exactly angst, but it might be a little sad… I guess it leans more towards adventure.


“Hmm.” Midna toyed with the sword and sheild in her hands, swinging them around from her perch on Wolf-Link’s back and nearly taking his ear off. “So these are the weapons people use in your world? Kind of funny-looking.” She put the cheild on her face like a mask, then took it off and giggled. “Ehehehee! But I guess maybe you’ll know how to use them when you get back to your original state. Or should I say, if? Ehehehee! Anyway, we’ve got to go find the Dused Shadow.”

Link rolled his eyes, which despite his transformation had remained blue. Midna kept talking about this Fused Shadow, but not yet told him what it did or why she needed it. He was a bit annoyed with her, too – after all, Ordon, his home village, had just been attacked and the children carried off as spoils of war. And now Link was a beast. On top of all that, he had this sassy imp-girl giggling and ordering him around. He sighed and padded to the edge of the village.

“What’re you waiting for?” Midna asked. “Taking a last look around? You may as well. Might be awhile before we come back… if we ever do come back. You might die out there.”She cocked her head towards the dark path they were about to take. “Or, I might. Or we both might! Ehehehee!”

Link growled a little.

“Oh, hurt your feelings, have I?” Midna flashed a smile and ran her fingers through her bobbing locks of orange hair. “Sorry. May as well make light of it. Ha! Get it? Light.  And your world is falling under shadow? Eh-”

Link barked angrily, cutting off her laugh. She smirked and jumped backwards, dissolving into black bubbles and merging back together on the other side of a tree. “You’re cute,” she said. “Loyal, too. Helpful sometimes. Overall, good servant, good beast, I like having you around. Besides, I don’t mind being carried around.”

Link’s eyes travelled over Ordon as Midna chattered. He had spent his whole life here, in this village, laughing by the spring with Ilia, shooting slingshots with Talo and Colin, and herding the goats for Fado. Would he ever come back? Would he die out there, with no one but a girl he barely knew beside him? When it came down to leaving, he was terrified.

But, he would never save Colin, Malo, Talo, Beth, or Ilia, by sitting in fear, or by waiting as a wolf. He had to return to himself. And he had to fight for his friends.. even if he had to put up with Midna. He purred softly, and she came back over, smirking. She landed firmly on his back and he started down the darkened path.