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Three Ways to Actually Publish Fanfiction (For Money!)

We’ve all been there before. Your favorite show ends. You stay up until one o’clock reading a book, only for that couple you’ve been shipping the whole time not to end up together. (Seriously, authors?) So you go online, pull up Archive Of Our Own or, and starting clacking away at the laptop keys until everything is set right. Then you just sit back and wait for the feedback to roll in, and cry over cute fanarts while you wait. (I’ll never let go, Mergana!)

Fanfiction is far more than a hobby. For many people, it is an obsession, and, like everything in fandom, often a huge time-sink. Trust me, I know. I have four books I’m supposed to be working on, but all I want to do watch Lost, play Breath of the Wild, and write about founding fathers giving each other sad glances and trying to disguise their obvious love for each other. (I see you there, John Laurens.) Fortunately for me, I found a way that I can both write fanfiction and be productive… and then I found two other ways which I don’t plan on using, but thought I should share all the same. Without further ado, here are H.G.’s “Three *Actual* Ways To Publish Fanfiction”.

Number One: Get Permission From The Creator

Anyone remember these? Yeah, me neither.

Pretty obvious, right? And also the one that’s least likely to work. But listen to what I’m saying anyway. A while back, lots of Star Wars fanfiction was published as companion books. And by lots I mean A LOT. Plus, they all had permission and could do some pretty zany things that were quite obviously non-canon (trust me, I read a few.) And people are still writing them! True, it’s more for the new universe now, but I’d still call it fanfiction. I can’t tell you how to get yourself onto the writing team for these books, or even if there is such a thing. All I can tell you is that, if you are given permission from the creator of a series/TV show/comic/etc., you can go ahead and write fanfiction for it. Getting that permission is the hard part.

Number Two: Write Historical Fiction


Historical Fiction is a time-honored tradition among writers – both alternate history and retellings of true events. It’s a tricky market, but if you can do it right, and if you put in the right amount of research, you can make good money off of it. In the fanfiction community, a lot of stories are written about real people, and this is called RPF. While Historical Fiction doesn’t always deal with real people, they’re often important, and it could be considered fanfiction… though the Historical Fiction community would mean that as an insult. (How rude.) Fortunately for me, I really enjoy doing research. I pretty much only read biographies these days, and I’m wiling to read a lot of them. I am in fact currently doing research for a historical fiction novel on Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette (big surprise), so technically, yes, I am going to make money off my OT3, back away from my babies, you can’t have them they’re mine. (And each other’s. But I digress.)

The picture above is from a television show which I have not watched, but I know takes place in the American Revolution -AKA my favorite thing ever. It is AMC’S “Turn” and according to the people who have watched it, it is basically a fanfiction as a lot of the stuff that happens is enormously unrealistic and/or inaccurate. Have a gif of Lafayette.

Gosh I love this man. Writing about him is going to be so fun. Also in Turn he is H – O – T.


Number Three: Write On a Work That is Public Domain


This lovely book is a retelling of the “Alice in Wonderland” story, as told by a younger Queen of Hearts. It was one of the few YA books I read and actually enjoyed – and not only as a retelling, because I’m not an especially big Wonderland fan to begin with. In fact, retellings are often so interesting because they can stand on their own and show the story in a whole new way.

But, you’ll notice that one never really sees retellings based on currently popular books. Well, that’s because those are all new and therefore still under copyright protection. About – I believe it is currently 95 years – 95 years after a book is released, if copyright is not renewed by whoever owns it upon the author’s death, a work enters the public domain and anyone can use it, because no one owns it any longer. While certain versions of it may not be public domain, the work as a whole is, and you can write adaptations, spin-offs, or fanfictions to your heart’s content. Some works that are public domain include “Anne of Green Gables” (hence the awful Netflix show), “The Great Gatsby” “Peter Pan” and some (but not all) of the “Sherlock Holmes” stories.

Of course the best and most successful fanfiction (in my mind) that fits this category would be…




So there you have it! If your story, or one you are planning on writing, fits any of these categories, go ahead and set fingers to keyboard! Of course, getting it published after it’s written is the tricky part…






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AO3 Fic Haul

~Hamilton/18th Century RPF~

Destiny Put Us All In One Spot

Everyone is born with a mark on their wrist that matches the mark of their soulmate. Most people have one mark; some people have none. Alexander Hamilton has two.


Alexander Hamilton’s Hierarchy of Needs

John toys with an assignment from his Psychology professor and learns a few things about his roommate along the way.


Let Me Take It Away

Yet another Laflams soulmate AU, this one taking place in the Revolution. You can take away your soulmate’s pain just by touching them, but the catch is that you then have to make that pain your own.


The Issue on the Table

Fed up with all of the infighting from his cabinet and hoping to put them in their place, Washington forces Jefferson and Hamilton to hug before a meeting. Little does he know the effects this will have on his right hand man. Fortunately, Aaron Burr is there to help.



Hurts That Go Too Deep

A Merlin/Lord of the Rings Cross over. Sam and Frodo are sent to Gaius, the physician of Camelot, for healing after the destruction of the Ring.


In This Album, There’s a Picture

Several drabbles based on the musical “In the Heights” by Lin-Manuel Miranda


Broken Blades

A Fi x Ghirahim retelling of the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.


Broadway Gift Exchange

Hello, everyone? Remember a while back when I was having that Hamilton gift exchange on Archive of Our Own? Well, only two people (aside from me) signed up, so it wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

But now I am running another exchange, and this one already has four people signed up! (One is me, one is my friend, one is my cousin, but eh, who cares?) My goal is to get it to ten people. This isn’t just a Hamilton exchange, though, it’s an exchange for all fandoms under the Broadway umbrella! Phantom, Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked, etc. – if it’s a show on Broadway or ever has been, you can write about it, even if you haven’t actually seen the show in a theater.

So here is a link to the collection, and if there’s anything confusing in the sign ups or the FAQ, let me know! I really would love it if everyone reading this who is in a Broadway fandom – and you can sign up for more than one, by the way – would sign up. That would be so awesome.

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Hamilton Relationships: Act Two

Here I am at long last *rolls eyes at myself*. Let’s hear H.G.’s fabulous excuse for this time, shall we?

On AO3 (Archive of Our Own) I started writing a Trio fanfiction in December. That fanfiction is currently at 13 chapters, about twenty thousand words. And it has become insanely popular. I have no idea WHAT is going on, but I guess people like it, because it is at 115 kudos and one thousand + hits. So I’ve been satisfying my readers by updating that more than anything. Literally, I hardly even work on my book anymore. I’m taking a one-month hiatus in February, so then I should be on here a little more, writing blog posts more often. For now, let’s honor the relationships of Act Two in Hamilton. As always, major spoilers.


Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Hamilton


Alexander is not a very good husband to Eliza around the beginning of Act Two. He chooses his work over her, and rather than accompany her to her father’s, upstate, he has her go with Angelica, and without him. Then, while she’s gone, he cheats on her. Even worse, he keeps that fact a secret from her for years. His enemies find out before she does. Alexander and Eliza have kids at this point, and while she still loves him just as much as always, he begins to feel a little different about her. He’s betrayed her. It’s hard to recover from that. He is guilty and distanced from her. When he finds out some people think he was stealing government funds, he publicizes the details of his affair to show that he was actually using his own money to pay his mistress’s husband. Eliza had no idea. She’s finding out at the same time as the whole world. Furious and heart broken, she burns his letters to her and banishes Alexander from her heart. (Slay, queen, slay.) Their son Philip decides it’s up to him to protect Alexander’s honor, and when a guy challenges it, Philip challenges him – to a duel. Philip dies. Alexander realizes this was all kind of his fault, and now he needs to take the blame and make things right. He asks for Eliza’s forgiveness, and, wonderful woman that she is, she gives it. From then on, they fall back in love and patch up everything that’s broken… only for Alexander to leave her, too. Even after his death, though, Eliza goes on loving him and carries on his legacy. She does everything to keep his story alive. She does more than enough and more than he deserves. You go, Eliza.

Alexander Hamilton/Maria Reynolds

This is where things get eyebrow-raise-y

I’ve already talked a lot about Maria in other posts, so I’ll keep this brief. Alexander offers money to Maria after she comes to his house and tells him her husband has left her and she is broke. Only problem is, Alexander’s also pretty lonely and Maria is really pitiable/attractive/good at seducing people, so he ends up cheating on Eliza with her. Poor Maria is twenty-three and under her husband’s command, so she has no way to back out of the affair. Plus she’s also lonely, and terrified that Alexander is going to leave her all alone. That of course would make her husband even more angry, as it would mean no more money. So Alexander digs a pit and falls into it… and then keeps digging. Then he flies out of the pit with copies of a pamphlet about the affair and throws them everywhere. Bad idea. Nice going, Alexander.

Thomas Jefferson & James Madison


Jefferson and Madison are the dynamic duo of… pretty much everything. Together, they bring about Alexander’s demise with the Reynolds Pamphlet. Madison is Jefferson’s second fiddle (read that in a book), but important all the same. They’re pretty tight – a bond forged in sass, judgmentalism (is that a word?), rapping, writing, and mic drops (Jefferson drops, Madison catches). It’s pretty much to only bromance in Act Two, but it’s great, so no worries. Jefferson is fabulous and flashy, while Madison is much more quiet, silent power that you didn’t even realize was power. They cover each other’s flaws and complement each other’s strengths, so if these two come at you… watch out.

Eliza Hamilton & Angelica Schuyler


Angelica continues to support Eliza. Selflessly. In “The Reynolds Pamphlet”, Angelica is there to tell Alexander off, and informs him that she loves her sister more than anything. More than she has ever loved him. In a cut song, “Congratulations”, she talks about how she lived in an unhappy marriage an ocean away, sacrificing everything so Alexander and Eliza could be happy. I just need to post the lyrics. I don’t have words for how much Angelica loves Eliza.

You’ve redefined your legacy, congratulations!

It was an act of political sacrifice

I languished in a loveless marriage in London
I lived only to read your letters
I look at you and think:
“God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?”
That doesn’t wipe the tears of the years away
But I’m back in the city and I’m here to stay
And you know what I’m here to do?


I’m not here for you

I know my sister like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
And a million years ago she said to me,
“This one’s mine”
So I stood by
Do you know why?

I love my sister more than anything in this life
I will choose her happiness over mine every time


This is what true love looks like, my friends.

Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr


Throughout Act Two, the relationship between Hamilton and Burr becomes more and more complicated. Hamilton makes bad choices and a few enemies. Burr sides with said enemies and judges his old friend with them. Aaron Burr actually doesn’t have a political position, and he starts to feel left out. To fix this, he runs for Senator against Philip Schuyler, Alexander’s father-in-law, and wins. In the end, that deepens the divide between them. By Cabinet Battle #2, Burr is majorly annoyed that Hamilton always gets whatever he wants and never faces consequences. He teams up with the Southern Democratic-Republicans to rip Alexander apart from the inside out. They go through his history as Treasurer and stumble across the shocking amount of money being spent. When they confront him, Hamilton tells them about his affair and then, to their delight, makes it public. Finally getting ahead, Burr decides to run for president. Hamilton endorses Jefferson, who ends up winning, leaving Burr as vice-President. Thinking that they’ll at least be able to work together, Burr goes to talk to Jefferson, who laughs at him and slams the door of friendship in his face. Now Burr is mad. He turns to Hamilton as a way to vent his anger, and Hamilton responds by being rather obnoxious and unapologetic. Burr kills him. (It’s a little more complicated than that, but I’d rather not think about it or the day will be ruined for me.) Hamilton is dead. The end. *runs to clutch ten dollar bills and cry because she is too distraught to elaborate*

Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton


I’ve talked a bit about them in the Hamilton and Burr section. Hamilton and Jefferson loathe each other. In fact, if Jefferson had killed Hamilton, we all would probably be a lot less sad and a lot more, “Yeah, I kinda expected that.” They agree on literally nothing. They are not friends for a single instant. From the moment they meet until the day Hamilton dies, they dislike each other. Yes, Hamilton endorses Jefferson for president, but not out of a genuine like for him – more that he believes him to be slightly better suited than Burr for the job. I guess the only thing they agree on is that they’re both friends with Lafayette. But that’s it.


Well, thus ends the Hamilton post series. Expect more posts on this show at some point, however. I’ll love it till the day I die, so it ain’t goin away any time soon.

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A Brief Hamilton Observation

In lieu of another relationships post, seeing as I am lazy and haven’t gotten around to it yet (I will soon!) I would like to present to you a brief observation I’ve had when reading through some of the letters of the Trio. Yes, you’re getting a post about my OT3. BroT3? Still haven’t determined what to call this. Either way I love it. I’ve been writing a fanfic on them on my AO3 account. Read it.

But anyway, as you know from reading my other posts or listening to the show, John Laurens died at the age of 27. Alexander Hamilton died at 49. Lafayette outlived both of them and survived for 30 years after Alexander’s death. Additionally, the three of them were all close, as I have definitely mentioned a number of times. I’m currently reading a Lafayette biography, and the author has been talking a little about their “warm friendship”, to use his words.


So turning to more serious matters, after John Laurens died (and I’m dying too because that gif) Alexander didn’t really want to talk about it. Now remember, this guy wrote obsessively about everything. He was almost never quiet. Throughout his life he produced enough writing to fill 27 volumes. To be silent about anything goes to show how deeply it affected him – he had no words.

To the best of my knowledge, we only have two letters where he discussed Laurens’ death. One of those was a letter to Lafayette. Observe the following quote:

“Poor Laurens; he has fallen a sacrifice to his ardor in a trifling skirmish in South Carolina. You know how truly I loved him and will judge how much I regret him.”


This was tacked onto the end of a long letter, which I have not read all of as it concerns with a lot of business matters. Additionally, this bit about Laurens comes as a postscript, since Hamilton has already closed and signed the letter. So remember these points: mentioned briefly, placed at the end of a long letter, and indicating great sorrow without really going into it.

The observation that I made was that Lafayette reacted to Hamilton’s death in nearly the exact same way – in a letter to someone he was extremely close to, but at the end and with few words. That person was Thomas Jefferson. Here’s the quote.

“The Deplorable fate of My friend Hamilton Has deeply Afflicted me—I am Sure that whatever Have Been the differences of parties, you Have Ever Been Sensible of His Merits, and Now feel for His Loss.”

See what I mean? Hamilton and Lafayette both reacted to the death of a friend without a real reaction. Now I ought to note that Hamilton did emphasize his feelings a little more elsewhere, but for him, it was still not much. They all loved each other a lot, my friends.


This was interesting to me, as well as very sad. You know how truly I have loved the trio and how their deplorable fates have affected me. Now that I’ve had a careful philosophical analysis on these men and their lives/deaths/friendships, off I go to write fanfic where they’re all college students. Go figure.

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Hamilton Relationships: Act One

I have returned! As promised, I come to give my biased, nerdy perspective on the various relationships amongst our  nation’s creators and try desperately not to bring up my personal fan fictions about said creators. A part of me wants to travel back to 2012 when everyone was obsessed with zombies and tell them that in four years, everyone will be rapping about the Founding Fathers and other people (*cough cough, me, cough cough*) will be writing fan fictions on them. We live in a great time, my friends. (Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now…)

But I digress! I am supposed to be talking about the relationships in Hamilton, so here we go. There are SO MANY! Despite the fact that there are 14 major characters, there are WAY more than 14 relationships, since there are sub-relationships and trios (remember that one, by the way) and squads and romance and bromance, and multiple relationships per person – SO! I’ve decided to simplify this a little, I’ll do two separate posts: act one first, naturally, and then act two. So without further ado, onward to the many many relationships of Act One! Let’s start with the two main romances.


Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Schuyler

636006029198865499-403654757_od eliza ham.gif

This is the most obvious. Obviously. After all, as I said in the first two posts and as you should know anyway, Alexander and Eliza are married. Eliza falls desperately in love almost as soon as she meets Alexander, but it’s not clear at first if he loves her too. In “A Winter’s Ball” he makes it relatively clear that a marriage with a Schuyler Sister would be good for his social standing, and at first he flirts mainly with Angelica. He switches to Eliza so quickly that you can wonder if maybe he’s using her to get the position he wants. Decide for yourself. As the musical goes on, though, you can’t really deny that he certainly does love her, and treats her much better after the whole affair/Philip dying issue. By the end, he calls her “my love” and thinks of her while he’s about to die.

Alexander Hamilton/Angelica Schuyler


When I said “Two main romances” I’m fairly sure 90% of the fandom reading this expected the second to be Alexander and John, since they are, as I have stated, really really popular. We’ll talk about them a little later, though I’m gonna use an ampersand for them rather than a slash. I meant the two main romances in the show, not the fandom. Be willing to wait for it. Anyway, Angelica and Alexander. As I said above, he does flirt with her at first. But maybe I should correct that and say he flirts with her and take off the “at first” part. By act two, they’re still writing each other back and forth and comma flirting. Compare these sentences: “My dearest Angelica” and “My dearest, Angelica.” Alexander picks the latter. Alexander, you naughty boy. After the Reynolds Pamphlet, Angelica pushes her relationship with Alexander aside and decides to stick with Eliza, because she loves her sister far more than she loves Alexander. Think “Frozen”. True love, my friends.

Kay, let’s move on from the romances. I know a bunch of people are going to call the stuff I call platonic “romances”, which is fine. We all get along in this fandom. Do whatever ya want (I’m super dead.)

The Hamilsquad

This is from Story of Tonight Reprise, by the way.

Before I go into the other relationships that exist amid this group, let’s discuss these four. Lafayette, Alex, and John are all younger, and Hercules Mulligan is I believe twenty years or more older, so he’s kind of the dad/mom friend. He even says “I’ve got y’all knuckleheads in loco parentis”, and loco parentis is Latin for “in place of a parent.” #Confirmed. But anyway, these four are all very close, go everywhere together, tease each other, hug a lot, and generally act all around adorable. Some people who have seen the play comment that there’s quite a lot of hugging going on in Act One. Perfect. H.G. needs bromance in her life, and this show, luckily, delivers. Boy does it deliver. (Pun intended. You’re welcome.)

John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton


Told you we’d get to them! Honestly, you can’t do a relationship posts without discussing John and Alexander. By the way, it really is complicated. One of them is dead, and then both of them are dead, and then 200 years later, they’re being shipped, they’re the subject of historical debates, they’re the subject of blog posts by rabid fangirls, they’re either friends or boyfriends or both if you ask the fandom… if that’s not complicated, show me something that is.

So like I said, pretty much everyone ships them in one way or another, platonic or romantic. Some historians say that they might have been romantically involved at some point. If that’s true, it’s very rare for the time period. Those conclusions come from a number of affectionate letters exchanged between the two. A lot of similar letters were exchanged between Hamilton and Lafayette. In any case, John and Alexander are very close – when John fights a duel, Alexander goes as his second. When Alexander gets married, John’s his best man. They can probably read each other’s minds. Like I mentioned in the songs post, Alexander is heartbroken when John dies, (so am I because I loved that guy) and never really forms another relationship like that again. I guess he has Lafayette, but Lafayette’s in France, and Alexander kind of… well, betrays him, soooooo…

When Alexander is about to die and catches a glimpse of the other side, John is the first one he sees waiting in heaven for him. John dies quoting Alexander, and Alexander dies quoting John. Which is very beautiful. You’ll be hearing more about them later when I talk about my favorite relationship. It’s not this one, great as it is. Wait for it.

I didn’t mean to make this so long…

Marquis de Lafayette & Hercules Mulligan


Felt like I should mention this. Since there are four members of the Hamilsquad, and Alexander and John are often harmonizing, Hercules and Lafayette will do the other parts of harmonies or rounds and are often standing next to or near each other. They’re also pretty close – maybe not Alexander and John kind of close, but still. That’s hard to top, honestly.

George Washington & Marquis de Lafayette

Pic is from AMC’s “Turn”, which I want to watch.

This one isn’t mentioned in the musical so much, but it is majorly important in actual history, so I thought I should bring it up. Summary: Washington had no biological children, though his wife had children from a former marriage. Lafayette was young and brave and friendly. Lafayette was basically the son Washington never had. *Les Mis plays*. They were extremely close, Lafayette went and cried by Washington’s grave after he died – it’s a very interesting relationship to do research on. And I love research. I have a bunch of fun (adorable) facts I could whip out about them. Comment if you want it. ;D Come on, you know you want it.

The Schuyler Sisters


The Schuyler Sisters are a tightly-knit group, much like the Hamilsquad. Angelica, as the oldest, is sort of in charge. Peggy’s the youngest and slightly naive. She worries about what her father will say when they sneak out, being slightly naive, but Angelica and Eliza want to check out the city, the revolution (the guys…). The three are constantly together. They harmonize, hug, kiss each other on the nose and cheek (according the those fortunate people who have money and saw the show), and generally look out for each other. Especially Angelica, who is always looking out for Eliza. Sadly, Peggy dies (the same year as Philip) and doesn’t come back in Act 2. She’s only in Act 1. But they love her anyway.

Aaron Burr & Alexander Hamilton


In Act One, these two are friends. Burr isn’t exactly a member of the squad, since the other  three really don’t like him, but Alexander is always nice to him, even when they don’t see eye to eye. They both try out for the position of Washington’s Right-Hand-Man/aide-de-camp/sorta secretary. They both have families they love. They really have a lot in common, so it’s sad they couldn’t resolve their issues in Act Two.


Now for my favorite relationship. I love it, I ship it (platonically but more on that in a second), I fic about it all. The. Time. I do research on it, on them, on the incredible friendship – okay, okay, here it is already!

Alexander Hamilton & John Laurens & Marquis de Lafayette


So, this is my… what would you call a platonic OT3? A BroT3? Just an OT3? Eh, I don’t care what you want to call it, it’s so cute! Essentially, while John and Alexander are undeniably adorable, Lafayette was also very close friends with both of them and all three of them exchanged letters dripping with affection, French, and other such shippable goodness. I think Alexander is good romantically with Angelica, or Eliza, so I ship these three in a platonic/brotherly/friend kind of way. I’m notorious for being a FriendShipper…

I’m trying so hard not to post a million excerpts from the letters that I tracked down and read – it’s not easy. If you want ’em, post a comment and I will be glad to give them along with a running commentary, analysis of quotes, remarks made by historians, debates on said remarks from historians, and plenty of heart emojis.

By the way, some of my friends don’t like this ship because they feel like I’m leaving Hercules out of the picture. Well, he was at least twenty years older than them and I haven’t found any letters from him – so he’s in the squad, but not in the Trio. It’s hard to explain. The Trio is, by the way, this ship’s ship name.

It’s tricky for me, because this is not a very popular ship. Fanfics are rare. Platonic fanfics are even more rare. When I can find some, I am the happiest girl alive. When I can’t, I go and read through the letters again to cheer myself up, or write fanfics of my own. Okay, I’ll stop being a nerdy FriendShipper now. *bows* *retreats*


Part Two coming soon! If I missed any, let me know and I can add them in part two. Remember to comment for the facts or the letters!


Off to see Moana! Yes, I am a 15 year old going to see a Disney movie, get over it, it’s Lin Manuel-Miranda for crying out loud. Have I not explained my love for him yet?