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International Women’s Day

Happy international women’s day! Today our sisters all over the world are celebrating our power and the way that we have proved ourselves time and again. So what better way to celebrate the accomplishments of real women than by looking at some lovely fandom ladies? I’m going to post about five girls, in no particular order, who slay, rise up, and look really good while doing it. Girls rule the world!


Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)


When I said “girls who slay”, I literally meant, in Eowyn’s case, girls who slay. Eowyn is a shieldmaiden, a female warrior who has no fear of battle or death. The only thing she fears is obscurity, and once she wins glory for herself, (saving the whole world in the process), Eowyn is bulletproof. Fearless. Perfect. Though she was always that. She shows us a beautiful love story, both for the man she will marry and the world she seeks to defend. Eowyn is an amazing woman, and that’s why she’s on this list.

What makes Eowyn different: She’s a princess, but she doesn’t need anyone’s protection. She is headstrong, as well as physically strong.

What makes her a good role model: Eowyn teaches girls that no matter what circumstances they are in, they can find a way to fight out of it.

Inspiring Eowyn Quote: You are looking upon a woman. Eowyn am I, Eomund’s daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.


Nina Rosario (In the Heights)


Nina is from “In the Heights”, a musical by Lin Manuel-Miranda about Hispanic immigrants living in Washington Heights. Nina is one of the first from their relatively poor neighborhood to make it to college – Stanford, one of the country’s best. Everyone expects amazing things from her, but now, she’s not sure if she can live up to their expectations. See, Nina has just dropped out of college, and she is having an identity crisis. There are too many reasons for this to list here, but suffice it to say she frankly doesn’t know what she wants or who she is. And then she falls in love. Benny, a man who works for her father, is able to help her, and with his aid and her own perseverance, Nina is healed and able to understand what she wants to achieve.

What makes Nina different: Nina is brilliant, smart, and capable, but she is also broken. She needs someone to help her see these things in herself so that she can use her many gifts to do something she will be proud of.

What makes her a good role model: Sometimes, people need to ask for help. Nina shows us that this is okay, that we don’t need to fill ourselves up with pride and assume “I don’t need a man”. As a woman, this is a great lesson.

Inspiring Nina Quote: “I feel like all my life I’ve tried to find the answer
Working harder, learning Spanish, learning all I can
I thought I might find the answers out at Stanford
But I’d stare out at the sea
Thinking, Where am I supposed to be?
So please don’t say you’re proud of me, when I’ve lost my way”


Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)


Luna is the perfect blend of wacky, unique, intelligent, and brave. She stands out because of the way she dresses, but also because of the way she treats people. Luna is kind to everyone, and sees their potential even when they don’t. Because of the weird aura that she gives off, people tend to stay away from her and find her strange, but Luna never lets anyone’s opinion affect her, instead continuing to be who she is and not care what anyone thinks of her. Give it up for this amazing girl!

What makes Luna different: Luna is easy to spot from a crowd. She’s a unique individual, and she lets that show in the way she dresses and in her personality.

What makes her a good role model: It’s so easy to conform to the standard and try to fill a mold. Luna teaches girls why you don’t have to do this to be beautiful inside and out.

Inspiring Luna Quote: “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

Gwen (Merlin)


Gwen is kind and loving. She has a desire to protect everyone. She is the love interest of Prince Arthur, but unlike some portrayals of Guinevere, in “Merlin”, she has a real personality behind that. She may seem to fade into the background, but everyone is always able to rely on her in times of trouble, sadness, or just for a laugh when things are peaceful. Even when things get dark, Gwen keeps persisting, helping the wounded and setting things straight again. Her presence lights up a room, and no matter who you ship Arthur with, you cannot help but love Guinevere.

What makes Gwen different: She’s not a warrior, but she possesses a survivor’s spirit. She has a maternal instinct, even though we never actually get to see her as a mother.

What makes her a good role model: The roles of a mother and a wife are two of the most important roles a woman will ever have to play. Gwen teaches us how to excel at both.

Inspiring Gwen quotes: “I may be the Queen, but you don’t have to hide your secrets from me.”

Tenoh Haruka (Sailor Moon)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.04.30 AM.png

I have not watched all of either Sailor Moon anime, so all of this is based off of Haruka in the manga. Haruka, also known as Sailor Uranus, is one of the ten Sailor Senshei that protect the world. She is also the princess of Uranus. Haruka is sassy and headstrong, and she is also fierce, especially when protecting people that she loves. What’s really unique about Haruka, though, comes when you understand the time period Sailor Moon came out in. The show came out in the 90s, a time when women’s rights and LGBT rights were not hot button issues like they are now. Haruka stood for both. Additionally, all ten of the Sailor Senshei are fighters and warriors, while still remaining very feminine. (Haruka is maybe the exception to this as she is usually in disguise as a boy – though she does wear skirts sometimes.) This is inspiring, not only for little girls in the 90s, but for girls of all ages even today.

What makes Haruka different: Haruka can’t be labeled under any stereotype or classified by any trope. Instead, she created her own category. And she rocked it.

What makes her a good role model: Haruka teaches girls to fight for what they believe in, and she, along with the other Senshei, shows us the rawest, most perfect definition of girl power.

Inspiring Haruka Quote: “Maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka isn’t a world worth saving.” – Sailor Neptune

So who are your favorite fictional ladies? I wanted to do more, but I’m running out of time, and I need to get going for my day. So I’m putting it in your hands to give plenty more! Tell me who they are and why they’re inspiring to you, and I’ll feature several answers in a future post.

Get out there and rock it today, ladies!



Character Assessment

My Favorite Merlin Episode

I realize I haven’t done a lot of Merlin on this blog. Therefore, since it is 10:46, and I have nothing to do while I wait for my second breakfast to be done, I thought I might share what my favorite episode is.

A Servant of Two Masters


Merlin has a lot of great aspects – romance, adventure, and good special effects. However, one of my favorite parts of the series is humor. Season four was very dark, which is why I feel they threw “A Servant of Two Masters” in to give us something more light-hearted. It’s one of those episodes that you don’t have to watch for the show to make sense, but is definitely worth it if you do.

In the beginning  of this episode, Merlin and Arthur are running from bandits, and they are sperated.


(I didn’t make that confession, by the way.)

Arthur thinks Merlin is dead and he is very upset. By Season four Merlin and Arthur (much like Sam and Frodo) had ceased to be Servant and Master and become the very best of friends. I wouldn’t say they had a brotherly relationship yet (although it’s definetly there later on) but they were very close.

Merlin is not dead, though. But Morgana finds him. When he wakes up he is hanging by his wrists in her hovel. She plants a creepy snake-thing in his neck to make him do what she wants. And what she wants is for Merlin to kill Arthur.


When he gets back to Camelot, Arthur is overjoyed to discover Merlin is alive. He doesn’t think anything is wrong. But Gaius knows Merlin better than anyone, and he can suspect that something is up.

Merlin tries to kill Arthur in three different ways. First, he tries to poison him.


When that fails, he sets a crossbow trap.


By now Gaius and Gwen know what’s up. They narrowly manage to save Arthur and drag Merlin off when Merlin poisons Arthur’s bath.


Then there’s a hilariously awakard scene where Arthur is naked in front of Gwen and quickly grabs a pillow after doing this strangled shock scream.

Needless to say, Gaius and Gwen get the snake out of Merlin, but it grows back. Then Merlin has to do the “old Merlin” trick to go stop it at its source when they free him again.

Comic episode, but it all works out in the end. Even though Merlin almost kills Arthur, it has a ton of humor in the attempts, especially since they fail. What’s your favorite Merlin episode?


New Long Fanfiction

Hello everyone! H.G. here (obviously. Who else would it be?) with a dilemma that will be resolved by… YOU!

After writing “The Land of Shadow”, which many of you have probably read (if not it’s at the top bar right next to the poll page) I’ve had an itch for another long fanfiction. There are three floating around. Two I have already written out, just not on the blog. One has only ever been in my mind. So, that is where you come in. Please vote by commenting below. I will make a page for it and write it chapter by chapter, replying to reviews and doing basically the exact same thing I did with “Land of Shadow.” Voting will last until the 29th. The first chapter will come out on the 30th. You can only vote once. Here are the three choices:

Option Number One

Title: To Hurt and to Heal

Status: Never been written

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

Genre: Angst

Synopsis: This is the sequel to “the Land of Shadow”. Once again, it is told from Sam and Frodo’s points of view, only this time Merry and Pippin are narrators, too. Sam wakes up after being rescued from Mount Doom only to discover that something terrible has happened. Frodo has lost his memory. He woke up with nothing but the knowledge of his name and one word – Sam – although he has no idea what this means. Therefore, upon waking up, Frodo physically attacks everyone in the room thinking they are threatening him. As if this were not enough, Sam and Pippin are suffering from PTSD and Merry is gravely wounded from his battle with the Witch King, and is possibly on the brink of death. He hates Frodo for attacking Pippin, who was on of the victims of the former Ringearer’s assault, and frequently fights with Sam over Frodo’s current state, and whether or not that will change. Pippin is heartbroken that Frodo has forgotten him. Sam feels as though someone’s cut out half of his heart. Frodo’s confused and tormented by dark dreams of things he cannot remember, especially as he and Sam begin to grow back together. Will he remember? Will Merry and Pippin be healed? Will Rosie make an appearance (yeah, probably.)? And most importantly, will Frodo and Sam ever go back to the loving relationship they had during the Quest? Find out by voting for To Hurt and To Heal!

Option Number Two

Title: The Quell

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars

Genre: Action, Angst, Romance

Synopsis: For the 75th Hunger Games and the third Quarter Quell, it is decreed that four tributesd will be sent – two victors and two children. But in addition to that, four tributes will be reaped from other worlds. These worlds are Middle Earth, Hyrule, and the Galaxy – and the Reaped are of all ages. Sixty tributes all pitted against each other in the most epic Quell in Hunger Games history – particularly considering who these tributes are. From Panem are victors, including Haymitch Abernathy and Katniss Everdeen, as well as children who have never held a sword. From Hyrule come heroes of legend – Princess Zelda, Anju, Kafei, and Link, hero of Time. From Middle Earth come more well-known characters – Eowyn of Rohan, Shelob, Frodo Baggins, and Samwise Gamgee. And from the Galaxy come Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Aalaya Secura, and Jedi Master Yoda. These tributes are fierce, and yet some do not intend to go home, for the sake of a loved one. In addition, Katniss and Haymitch befriend the girl tribute from their district, a shy yet strong twelve year old named Carynn, who reminds Katniss so much of Rue. Sixty Tributes. Two weeks. Only one can survive. Who will that one be? Find out by voting for The Quell!

Option Number Three

Title: Modern Multi Mash-up

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Merlin, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings

Genre: Adventure, Humor

Synopsis: Take Katniss, Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Gwaine, Leon, Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, R2, Link, Zelda, Saria, Nabooru, Fi, Frodo, Pippin, Legolas, Eomer, and Eowyn. Now pit them against Morgana, Vader, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Ugluk, Saruman, and Shelob. You won’t even be close to imagining Modern Mutli Mash-up, the hilarious, confusing, chaotic rip-roaring comedy of a finfiction where absolutely anything can happen.The seal placed on Ganondorf has been broken, and he is returning to power. But suddenly, the Lost Woods is becoming a collection of portals – portals that all lead to various sections of other worlds. Characters are wandering away from their stories and into Hyrule – both good and evil. And when the villains begin forming alliances, it’s clear that all worlds are in grave danger – unless the Band of Heroes can stop them! The twenty-one heroes of five stories come together to travel the worlds looking for ways to defeat each villain in turn. And yet, as they travel, crazy things begin to happen. Friendships are forming. People are falling in love. Starships are appearing in the middle of Kokiri Village. Frodo is acting like an angsty teenager. Saria’s heart is being broken. Han is driving everyone crazy. Hilarious, ridiculous, and slightly stupid jokes are being made. You don’t have to know all of these fandoms to enjoy Modern Multi Mash-up – all you need to do is buckle your seatbelt, prepare your vocal chords for more laughing than is considered appropriate, and vote for option number three, the single best fandom mash-up of all time – the one and only MODERN MULTI MASH-UP!!! And what’s even better is if you like it, there are two other books in the MMM trilogy! I’m currently writing book two at my house. ^.^

Please vote below for whichever fanfiction tickled your fancy most. I will be delighted to share any one with you. Voting will end on the 29th and chapter one of whichever you choose will be released on the 30th. Make sure that’s really the one you want, as you can only vote once. And let the voting…. COMMENCE!!!