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Three Ways to Actually Publish Fanfiction (For Money!)

We’ve all been there before. Your favorite show ends. You stay up until one o’clock reading a book, only for that couple you’ve been shipping the whole time not to end up together. (Seriously, authors?) So you go online, pull up Archive Of Our Own or, and starting clacking away at the laptop keys until everything is set right. Then you just sit back and wait for the feedback to roll in, and cry over cute fanarts while you wait. (I’ll never let go, Mergana!)

Fanfiction is far more than a hobby. For many people, it is an obsession, and, like everything in fandom, often a huge time-sink. Trust me, I know. I have four books I’m supposed to be working on, but all I want to do watch Lost, play Breath of the Wild, and write about founding fathers giving each other sad glances and trying to disguise their obvious love for each other. (I see you there, John Laurens.) Fortunately for me, I found a way that I can both write fanfiction and be productive… and then I found two other ways which I don’t plan on using, but thought I should share all the same. Without further ado, here are H.G.’s “Three *Actual* Ways To Publish Fanfiction”.

Number One: Get Permission From The Creator

Anyone remember these? Yeah, me neither.

Pretty obvious, right? And also the one that’s least likely to work. But listen to what I’m saying anyway. A while back, lots of Star Wars fanfiction was published as companion books. And by lots I mean A LOT. Plus, they all had permission and could do some pretty zany things that were quite obviously non-canon (trust me, I read a few.) And people are still writing them! True, it’s more for the new universe now, but I’d still call it fanfiction. I can’t tell you how to get yourself onto the writing team for these books, or even if there is such a thing. All I can tell you is that, if you are given permission from the creator of a series/TV show/comic/etc., you can go ahead and write fanfiction for it. Getting that permission is the hard part.

Number Two: Write Historical Fiction


Historical Fiction is a time-honored tradition among writers – both alternate history and retellings of true events. It’s a tricky market, but if you can do it right, and if you put in the right amount of research, you can make good money off of it. In the fanfiction community, a lot of stories are written about real people, and this is called RPF. While Historical Fiction doesn’t always deal with real people, they’re often important, and it could be considered fanfiction… though the Historical Fiction community would mean that as an insult. (How rude.) Fortunately for me, I really enjoy doing research. I pretty much only read biographies these days, and I’m wiling to read a lot of them. I am in fact currently doing research for a historical fiction novel on Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette (big surprise), so technically, yes, I am going to make money off my OT3, back away from my babies, you can’t have them they’re mine. (And each other’s. But I digress.)

The picture above is from a television show which I have not watched, but I know takes place in the American Revolution -AKA my favorite thing ever. It is AMC’S “Turn” and according to the people who have watched it, it is basically a fanfiction as a lot of the stuff that happens is enormously unrealistic and/or inaccurate. Have a gif of Lafayette.

Gosh I love this man. Writing about him is going to be so fun. Also in Turn he is H – O – T.


Number Three: Write On a Work That is Public Domain


This lovely book is a retelling of the “Alice in Wonderland” story, as told by a younger Queen of Hearts. It was one of the few YA books I read and actually enjoyed – and not only as a retelling, because I’m not an especially big Wonderland fan to begin with. In fact, retellings are often so interesting because they can stand on their own and show the story in a whole new way.

But, you’ll notice that one never really sees retellings based on currently popular books. Well, that’s because those are all new and therefore still under copyright protection. About – I believe it is currently 95 years – 95 years after a book is released, if copyright is not renewed by whoever owns it upon the author’s death, a work enters the public domain and anyone can use it, because no one owns it any longer. While certain versions of it may not be public domain, the work as a whole is, and you can write adaptations, spin-offs, or fanfictions to your heart’s content. Some works that are public domain include “Anne of Green Gables” (hence the awful Netflix show), “The Great Gatsby” “Peter Pan” and some (but not all) of the “Sherlock Holmes” stories.

Of course the best and most successful fanfiction (in my mind) that fits this category would be…




So there you have it! If your story, or one you are planning on writing, fits any of these categories, go ahead and set fingers to keyboard! Of course, getting it published after it’s written is the tricky part…






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Guest Post: My Angel Dear

Today’s guest post is a Lord of the Rings fanfiction by a fellow fan named Nicky. I enjoyed this so much, because not only was it fanfiction, it was also poetry, which I have a soft spot for. So thank you to Nicky for submitting this lovely piece! If you’d like to find any of Nicky’s other work, I have the following links:



Love Live! School Idol Festival: ID – 994476351 Username – TunaMaki
Without further ado, please enjoy Nicky’s fic below!
My Angel Dear: A Sam and Frodo Story

“Whatever rhymes with so? Sam, my mind is blank. Would you help me?” Frodo came bustling into the main room of Bag End, wearing his reading glasses and holding a large wad of parchment paper.
“Know, grow, overthrow?” Sam replied, raising his eyebrows and smirking as he said the last one.
“A nice long one there Sam, but I don’t think it’ll serve well in a poem about love.” Frodo said, sitting down by Sam’s side on the sofa and placing his head against his faithful gardener’s shoulder.
“A love poem you say? Strange, coming from you that is Mr. Frodo. Your poems and songs are usually about adventure, and queer happenings. I’d never had guessed you’d come out with such a poem as one about love.” Sam said, jokingly ruffling Frodo’s hair.
“Well Sam, sometimes one likes a change. And that time has come upon me, it would seem. You are right however, it is queer for the likes of me, which is why I need your assistance. The line goes: ‘My dear old friend, I love him so.'” Frodo looked up hopefully at his friend. Sam looked back at Frodo with a surprised expression.
“Why Mr. Frodo, this poem is in the first person!” He started to blush slightly.
“Yes Sam. Is that a problem? I could always adjust it if it sounds a little off-“
“No! It’s perfectly fine. What I was wondering was, is this… About me?” Sam let the last words tumble out accidentally. The two young hobbits stared into each other’s eyes in bewilderment.
“Yes… Yes Sam it is. I felt like… I didn’t appreciate you enough. All that you did for me, all that you gave up for me, all that you’d tell me when I lost hope… I always pictured you carrying me on wings of silver, guiding me towards the light. Sam, it’s only a small act, but I felt like this is what I need to do to repay you.” Frodo shifted his gaze away from Sam in embarrassment. Sam suddenly got up from the sofa, and stood on one knee in front of Frodo.
“Frodo my dear. Everything I did for you, it’s because I care for you. Not just because you’re my master, and that it’s my duty to ensure your safety, it’s because when I’m by your side, I feel like that’s where I can grow those wings of silver you mentioned, and just by looking at you, I can fly, higher than I could as a lowly gardener.”
Frodo stared in awe at his friend, his icy blue eyes sparking with anticipation.
“T-Those are my true feelings Mr. Frodo. You have no need to pay me back for it all. I have everything I could wish for. The adventure I joined is one I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, I’d be a part of. I saw Elves, mountains, even the near end of the World, and I lived to tell the tale. Not only that, the Shire is in peace once again, and you and I are still at each other’s side. Although my wings, I fear, are weary and worn from the experience, I have no doubts that the pain was worth it. The fear, the sadness, the deceit were all things I had to endure in order to stay with you. Frodo my dear! I only hope you feel as I do. The ring has still left a terrible weight on you I fear. But I hope that me, your only Sam, can help you. I’ll become your angel once again. I’ll use my magic to heal your soul, and make you whole once again.” Frodo could barely see his friend through the clear cloak of tears that blurred his vision. He could do nothing more but throw himself into the arms of his dear, dear friend. He cried and cried, as did Sam, as they shared a tender moment together.
“I think now, Sam my dear, I have been inspired to finish my poem.”
My dear old friend, I love him so,
In the garden of his mind, white flowers grow
Delicate, soft and mindfully sewn
Purer than the mountain snow.
When I lose myself to hate
When I feel about to break
Upon his shoulders, he will take
The pain and fear, to seal my fate.
My dear old friend, an angel to me
His words glow bright and set me free
If you look through, if you look deep,
You will see his radiant wings.
They shine just like a thousand moons
Like a softly hummed and sweet spring-tune,
When spread, only a lucky few
Will see him fly from morn ’til noon
My dear old friend, my angel dear
With just a stare can vanquish fear
Our love continues through the years
Never to waver, nor disappear. 
And when the day welcomes the night 
He’ll grab my hand and and we’ll take flight
We’ll shine in the million star’s light
And recite these words, our promise, our plight.
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AO3 Fic Haul

~Hamilton/18th Century RPF~

Destiny Put Us All In One Spot

Everyone is born with a mark on their wrist that matches the mark of their soulmate. Most people have one mark; some people have none. Alexander Hamilton has two.


Alexander Hamilton’s Hierarchy of Needs

John toys with an assignment from his Psychology professor and learns a few things about his roommate along the way.


Let Me Take It Away

Yet another Laflams soulmate AU, this one taking place in the Revolution. You can take away your soulmate’s pain just by touching them, but the catch is that you then have to make that pain your own.


The Issue on the Table

Fed up with all of the infighting from his cabinet and hoping to put them in their place, Washington forces Jefferson and Hamilton to hug before a meeting. Little does he know the effects this will have on his right hand man. Fortunately, Aaron Burr is there to help.



Hurts That Go Too Deep

A Merlin/Lord of the Rings Cross over. Sam and Frodo are sent to Gaius, the physician of Camelot, for healing after the destruction of the Ring.


In This Album, There’s a Picture

Several drabbles based on the musical “In the Heights” by Lin-Manuel Miranda


Broken Blades

A Fi x Ghirahim retelling of the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.

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Featured Essay

As most of you know, I am on Archive of Our Own, and as some of you who are also on AO3 might know, the 15th was International Fanworks Day. They asked for essays explaining why fanworks (fanfic, fanart, etc.) are important to you. Six were featured. Mine was one of them. ^.^ If you’re curious, here it is below.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write.

Poetry. Books. Short Stories. Songs. Shojo Manga. I write anything and everything that I can – any idea that I can latch onto with my brain and take over. To me, ideas are not created. Ideas appear and take off running, beckoning a writer to snatch them and spin them into threads of story. Since ideas come to me in different forms, I use different mediums to express them.

I have discovered over the past fifteen years of my life that writing is not for the faint of heart. To discover another world and then create it, knowing that what has become a part of you is not even real, is something all writers must grapple with. It is a struggle and a delight to watch the people you breathed into existence go throughout their lives – and to know that they are under your hand, even as they claim your heart. They rest in your power, and you rest in theirs.

On a more superficial level, writing is difficult because it is time-consuming. Creating metaphors requires thought. Plotting can require extensive planning. And sometimes, out of exhaustion or laziness, creating original fiction is something I cannot bring myself to do.

Not only is writing hard – living is hard. For the writer and for everyone else, life is difficult, also a struggle and a delight, the same as building a universe by pressing keys. This world is dark. Occasionally, this world is frightening. And when a person is put into a situation where they do not feel competent, comfortable, they seek to escape it.

That’s where fanfiction comes in for me. As a writer, a person who creates fiction, I constantly seek out fiction. Broadway tracks. Books. Comics. Television. I use them the way some people use stimulants: to escape the world. Unlike people who escape the world by drugging themselves out, however, I trade this world for another. I walk the paths of Middle Earth, fight at the barricade with Les Amis, and mow down the enemies of Hyrule – all without ever leaving my couch. When it is over and I am forced back to reality, I seek to enter that world again, but under my own circumstances, and through the eyes of the people I fell in love with while I journeyed there. I return to that world again and again, or I bring the people from it into my own.

I use fanfiction as a way to try another author’s style, and so it has made me a better writer, but I also use it as a way to explore deep emotions that the story has unlocked within me. Story-telling is power. Despite what some people think, fanfiction is story-telling. It has not only made me a better writer, it has made me a better person. And I will be forever grateful to the writers who came before me for the gift that they have given me.


Broadway Gift Exchange

Hello, everyone? Remember a while back when I was having that Hamilton gift exchange on Archive of Our Own? Well, only two people (aside from me) signed up, so it wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

But now I am running another exchange, and this one already has four people signed up! (One is me, one is my friend, one is my cousin, but eh, who cares?) My goal is to get it to ten people. This isn’t just a Hamilton exchange, though, it’s an exchange for all fandoms under the Broadway umbrella! Phantom, Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked, etc. – if it’s a show on Broadway or ever has been, you can write about it, even if you haven’t actually seen the show in a theater.

So here is a link to the collection, and if there’s anything confusing in the sign ups or the FAQ, let me know! I really would love it if everyone reading this who is in a Broadway fandom – and you can sign up for more than one, by the way – would sign up. That would be so awesome.

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Middle Hyrule: Now Accepting Submissions

I love running this blog, but I’m a busy girl. Also, there are a lot of fandoms I’m not in, which means I’m missing out on lots of readers. To remedy this issue, I’ve decided to permanently open Middle Hyrule for guest post submissions.

Ever wanted to write a guest post? Have a fanfic that needs more love? Want to be featured in a place where people will see your content? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re a candidate for a guest post on Middle Hyrule, the single greatest obscure fandom site on the Internet, run by the most gorgeous and fabulous girl  you’ll ever meet. *winks*

All kidding aside, I would love to see anything you want to send to me. You may have noticed the new page at the top – head over there to submit and figure out how to do so. Come on, you know you want to. And tell any friends who may be interested, too!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll all send.