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As most of you know, I am on Archive of Our Own, and as some of you who are also on AO3 might know, the 15th was International Fanworks Day. They asked for essays explaining why fanworks (fanfic, fanart, etc.) are important to you. Six were featured. Mine was one of them. ^.^ If you’re curious, here it is below.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write.

Poetry. Books. Short Stories. Songs. Shojo Manga. I write anything and everything that I can – any idea that I can latch onto with my brain and take over. To me, ideas are not created. Ideas appear and take off running, beckoning a writer to snatch them and spin them into threads of story. Since ideas come to me in different forms, I use different mediums to express them.

I have discovered over the past fifteen years of my life that writing is not for the faint of heart. To discover another world and then create it, knowing that what has become a part of you is not even real, is something all writers must grapple with. It is a struggle and a delight to watch the people you breathed into existence go throughout their lives – and to know that they are under your hand, even as they claim your heart. They rest in your power, and you rest in theirs.

On a more superficial level, writing is difficult because it is time-consuming. Creating metaphors requires thought. Plotting can require extensive planning. And sometimes, out of exhaustion or laziness, creating original fiction is something I cannot bring myself to do.

Not only is writing hard – living is hard. For the writer and for everyone else, life is difficult, also a struggle and a delight, the same as building a universe by pressing keys. This world is dark. Occasionally, this world is frightening. And when a person is put into a situation where they do not feel competent, comfortable, they seek to escape it.

That’s where fanfiction comes in for me. As a writer, a person who creates fiction, I constantly seek out fiction. Broadway tracks. Books. Comics. Television. I use them the way some people use stimulants: to escape the world. Unlike people who escape the world by drugging themselves out, however, I trade this world for another. I walk the paths of Middle Earth, fight at the barricade with Les Amis, and mow down the enemies of Hyrule – all without ever leaving my couch. When it is over and I am forced back to reality, I seek to enter that world again, but under my own circumstances, and through the eyes of the people I fell in love with while I journeyed there. I return to that world again and again, or I bring the people from it into my own.

I use fanfiction as a way to try another author’s style, and so it has made me a better writer, but I also use it as a way to explore deep emotions that the story has unlocked within me. Story-telling is power. Despite what some people think, fanfiction is story-telling. It has not only made me a better writer, it has made me a better person. And I will be forever grateful to the writers who came before me for the gift that they have given me.

Broadway Gift Exchange

Hello, everyone? Remember a while back when I was having that Hamilton gift exchange on Archive of Our Own? Well, only two people (aside from me) signed up, so it wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

But now I am running another exchange, and this one already has four people signed up! (One is me, one is my friend, one is my cousin, but eh, who cares?) My goal is to get it to ten people. This isn’t just a Hamilton exchange, though, it’s an exchange for all fandoms under the Broadway umbrella! Phantom, Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked, etc. – if it’s a show on Broadway or ever has been, you can write about it, even if you haven’t actually seen the show in a theater.

So here is a link to the collection, and if there’s anything confusing in the sign ups or the FAQ, let me know! I really would love it if everyone reading this who is in a Broadway fandom – and you can sign up for more than one, by the way – would sign up. That would be so awesome.

Middle Hyrule: Now Accepting Submissions

I love running this blog, but I’m a busy girl. Also, there are a lot of fandoms I’m not in, which means I’m missing out on lots of readers. To remedy this issue, I’ve decided to permanently open Middle Hyrule for guest post submissions.

Ever wanted to write a guest post? Have a fanfic that needs more love? Want to be featured in a place where people will see your content? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re a candidate for a guest post on Middle Hyrule, the single greatest obscure fandom site on the Internet, run by the most gorgeous and fabulous girl  you’ll ever meet. *winks*

All kidding aside, I would love to see anything you want to send to me. You may have noticed the new page at the top – head over there to submit and figure out how to do so. Come on, you know you want to. And tell any friends who may be interested, too!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll all send.



Obscure Fandom Friday #6 – Guest Post from Eruleese!

Hello, everyone! Today we will have our first ever GUEST POST on Middle Hyrule! How exciting! The guest post is by Eruleese, who writes a wonderful fandom blog. She agreed to guest post Obscure Fandom Friday with a series she has been fond of for many years! Here it is:



Hey guys! This isn’t H.G. posting for Obscure Fandom Friday, it’s one of her friends, Eruleese! You can find my blog at www.lifeofafangirlsite.wordpress.com. So, if you ever find a chance, check it out! This week’s obscure fandom is Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky. Sorry if this isn’t the best you’ve ever seen, Eruanna is a much better blogger than I am. Well, we may as well get started!

Name of the Fandom: Wolves of the Beyond

This fandom has almost no fangirls and fanboys, as well as no memes or things like that. Pretty much all we have are our books, of which there are six. The books chronicle the story of Faolan, a young dire wolf with a splayed paw. He finds his way back to the clans and packs of the Beyond. There he becomes a gnaw wolf, a word for deformed wolves, or malcadhs, and they are used as objects of teasing for the rest of the pack. In the second or third book, you meet Edme, Faolan’s one-eyed best friend. You can follow his journey through all six of the books. You’ll cry, smile, and laugh along with the wolves, and even grow to love characters that you hated before you finished the series. I joined the fandom in third grade and even now, I still love them so much! You will stay by Wolves of the Beyond through your whole life.

Books: Wolves of the Beyond has six books. There aren’t that many illustrations, but the ones there are are some of the most perfect things you’ll ever see. The cover art is brilliant and so is the writing. The characters are created down to the very last detail, and reasons for everything are explained.

TV Show/ Movies: No. I wish, but no.

Video Games: No. Still wishing for them, but no.

Shippable: Well, you’ve got Faolan and Edme, Myrr and Maudie (you see, in my opinion they knew each other long enough before Maudie’s mother died, so they could still be shippable.) That’s probably it, unless you go so far as to ship wolves with owls.

Fanfictionable: Certainly. I write my own all the time! I never finish it, though…oops

Feels: AGH! Yes! Morag, the Faome, Myrr’s parents, Thunderheart, Banja, Winks, Bells, agh! The pain! They all died so tragically, and I died as they all died inside. I need a wolf plushie now to hold.

My personal fanbase with WOTB:

My OTP: Faome hands down, but I do love Myrrdie.

My favorite character: That’s like telling me to choose my children. This was pretty much my first fandom, so I’ve been with them for three years, and you’re telling me to choose one of them? So evil.

My favorite book: Probably either Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, or Star Wolf. Meaning that I can’t choose. Probably Star Wolf though. The Faome is so strong…or Spirit Wolf.

To join this fandom, visit a bookstore or library. I can almost guarantee that WotB will be there, if Kathryn Lasky’s writing is there. It’ll be over near Guardians of Ga’Hoole, which are more popular books of hers. But again, if you’re bad with violent themes, I would stay away. They almost killed Faolan in the first book! He’s constantly facing death in the face. Also, if you don’t like fantasy languages, don’t read this series. Even I have trouble pronouncing malcadh. But I guarantee it, if you read the first book, you’ll get hooked immediately

HILARIOUS: Land of Shadow chapter put through several layers of Google translate.

Original first chapter:


It hurts.

Every step. Every minute. Every mile. It hurts to walk, it hurts to breathe. It hurts to live. I want so, so badly to just lay down, give up, and die. But I can’t. If I do, the ring will be found, Middle-Earth will fall, everything will die. Everyone will die. But I can’t go another step, not yet. I collapse to the ground.

And then Sam’s there kneeling beside me. “You okay?” he asks.

I glance up and force a weak smile. Ugh, even that hurts. “I’m fine.”


I hold out my arm. “Help me up, would you?”

He takes it and pulls me to my feet. I take a few steps and then fall. Sam pulls me up again. I fall again. Sam helps me up and throws my arm over his shoulder, putting his across my back, and leaning on him I stumble onwards, towards the mountain of fire. We travel on for about half an hour before finally I can’t go on any more. I slip my arm off Sam’s shoulder and curl up on the ground, burying my face in my arms and trying not to cry. It hurts so badly. The chain is cutting into my neck. My head is throbbing. My body is weary, and my mind in pain. Sam seems to sense this and does not say anything, instead takes his blanket out, covers me with it, and then sits next to me until I fall asleep.

But even sleep is not a comfort, for all my dreams are filled with darkness and evil and fire. I watch as orcs swarm the Shire and set everything aflame. Then the scene shifts to show Rivendell being overthrown, elves tossed left and right as though they were rag dolls. And then the orcs kill a smaller figure. Bilbo! No! And as I watch, all the lands of Middle-Earth – Gondor and Rohan and Lorien – are covered in darkness and destroyed. Orcs trample the fair green grass and white and gold flowers, and smash the inhabitants of the lands into oblivion. Dead. Destroyed. Gone. Two young boys rush out, no, they’re hobbits, flanked by an elf and a dwarf, and a man. All are bearing weapons. All begin to fight valiantly, hacking, slashing, shooting. All are slaughtered mercilessly. Only after do I recognize them as my companions, the other members of the Company who are – or were – still alive.

And then I watch as Sam scrambles over boulders and hard ground. An orc is honing in on him. It nocks an arrow. I scream. I try to rush forward and put myself between the arrow and my best friend. It feels like I’m running through water – easy at first, but slowly becoming harder. I scream until I’m drowning in the sound of my own agony. The orc releases the arrow, and it strikes Sam in the heart. He gasps and grabs it, shock written all over his face. He turns towards me and our eyes meet for one brief heart-stopping moment. His lips form my name. And then he’s gone.

With a cry, I sit bolt upright. Tears cloud my vision. It takes a few seconds for me to realize where I am – in Mordor.

“Frodo!” Sam’s suddenly by my side with his hand on my shoulder. I look up at him, and he is alive, and the horror was only a dream. But it seemed so real. I throw my arms around him and clutch him like the world will end tomorrow.

Well, for all I know, it will.

“What’s the matter?” Sam asks. “Bad dreams?”

I hide my face in his shoulder and whisper, “yes.”

Sam holds me for a little while and lets me cry, knowing not to say anything. He’s good like that. Finally he lets go and holds me out at arm’s length by my shoulders. “It’s not real. You know it’s not real.”

I nod, swiping away more tears.

“You’re safe,” he reminds me. “Nothing will hurt you.”

“I know, you’ve told me this a hundred times.”

Sam smiles. His eyes scan my face. “You look terrible.”

“So do you.”

And then we’re both laughing because, of course we look terrible. I have a hideous scratch down my cheekbone and black cuts all over my neck from where the ring has cut me. Sam has dirt streaked across his nose and face, so much that I can’t even see his freckles anymore. And of course we’re both sweating like crazy. Why oh why did the orcs feel the need to wear such hot clothes?

We stop laughing once a tremor from the mountain rumbles the ground. I duck and cover my ears as more spasms of pain come and wrack my body. Sam pulls me up into his arms and he’s still holding me when I lose consciousness and fall back to sleep.

He wakes me gently, but I still feel irritated, because all I really want to do is rest. *See? He’s useless. All he does is bother you.* No, I’d be dead without him. The Ring is messing with me. I can’t let it turn me against my best friend.

So I eat a little lembas and drink some water, and then we start off again across the land of shadow.


Google translate warped first chapter:


It hurts.

Each step. Every minute. Each shaft. One breath hurt, it hurts to walk. It hurts to live. I, therefore, only definition that is very bad, and stopped dead. But I can not. If I did, the collapse of the Rings Middle Earth, you will all die. All they will die. But I just can not take another step. I fell to the ground.

And Sam beside me on the knee. “How are you?” Question.

I looked up and forced a weak smile. Ugh, it still hurts. “I’m fine.”


To stretch my arm. “True, you help me?”

Stand takes me. I took a few steps then fell. Sam pulls me back. Again it decreases. Sam bending over on his back and put his fire stumbling toward the mountains, it helps me and throws his arm over his shoulder. We went about a half hour before finally being able to go forward. I bury his face in his arms and trying to cry, put my shoulder and snuggle place Sam arm. It hurts so much. String neck cut. My head is throbbing. My mind, my body was tired and in pain. Sam sat up with me sleeping, or rather it seems to hear nothing more than a blanket covering me and say.

Even sleep is dark and full of evil and fire all my dreams not ease. Everywhere in the area and the fire seems to be swarming with Orcs. Then the scene changes to show the opposite Rivendell elves were thrown like rag dolls from another party. And then the Orcs kill less. Bilbo! No! As I see it, all the countries of Middle Earth – Gondor and Rohan and Lorien – is covered in darkness and destroyed. Orcs just green grass and white flowers and gold back and crush forgotten people. Dead. Destroyed. Thing. Two leaks, no, they are elves and dwarves and hobbits are surrounded by a man. Everyone gives their weapons. Each shooting, cutting, hacking, start fighting bravely. All were massacred without mercy. Or had – – Only I do still alive, my colleagues, other members of the community, I understand.

And then we see Sam climbs rocks and hard ground. A giant great. An arrow nock of. I’m crying. I run back and colleagues and try to put between my best friend. Easy at first glance, but gradually got stronger – it feels as though the water meeting. I cry as noise to drown my pain. Sam spears and arrows hit the giant heart. He grimaces and victory, shock written on his face. He turns to me and our eyes met for a short time attack. Lips form my name. And then he disappeared.

A scream, I feel good. Tears blurred my vision. In Mordor – It takes a few seconds to realize where I was.

“Frodo!” Sam next to me suddenly, his hand on my shoulder. Look at him and he was just a dream life and fear. But it seemed so real. I throw my arms around him and seized as the world will end tomorrow.

Okay, I know so.

“What happened?” Sam asks. “Bad dreams?”

I hide my face on his shoulder and whispered, “Yes.”

Sam keeps me without knowing me for a while and say something, let him cry. It is also good. Finally let myself go and tend his arms stretched shoulder. “That’s not true. You know, that’s not true.”

I have to avoid more tears, shook her head.

“You’re safe,” he recalls. “Nothing will hurt you.”

“I know you told me a hundred times.”

Sam smiled. Eyes aside. “You have a bad one.”

“Same way”.

And then we both, because, of course, laughed terribly welcome. I ring the cheeks and neck are black glasses which were cut me a terrible scratch. Ground with Sam nose and face, then I can not see even have scratches on her freckles. And of course, we’re sweating like crazy. Why, oh why Orcs warm clothes you feel the need for this type of use?

When the rumbling stopped laughing a concussion mountain terrain. Most pain and spasms duck and cover their ears as they come ruined body. Sam pulls me into his lap and I lost consciousness and when she still keeps me back to sleep.

I gently wake you up, but do you really want to do anything because I still feel uncomfortable. * See? This is useless. All it does is that it bothered you. * No, I would die without it. The ring is to play with me. I can not allow you to go against my best friend..

Lembas and drinking some water and then restart the land of the shadow.


I was laughing soooo hard as I proof-read this. I notice it had trouble figuring out whether Sam was male or female. This is probably due to Sam being a name that can go for either gender, and also that some languages have masculine and feminine nouns, so they may have interpreted it differently. I have no idea how it changed “I curl up on the ground” to, “put my shoulder and snuggle place Sam arm”. What is that even supposed to mean? Also, the word “arms” somehow became, “lap”, which makes no sense, as your arms and your lap are totally different parts of your anatomy. Somehow “you look terrible” becomes, “you have a bad one.” Again, what in the world? Still, this was absolutely hysterical. I just might google translate all of my fanfictions.

What do you want to see translated next?

New Long Fanfiction

Hello everyone! H.G. here (obviously. Who else would it be?) with a dilemma that will be resolved by… YOU!

After writing “The Land of Shadow”, which many of you have probably read (if not it’s at the top bar right next to the poll page) I’ve had an itch for another long fanfiction. There are three floating around. Two I have already written out, just not on the blog. One has only ever been in my mind. So, that is where you come in. Please vote by commenting below. I will make a page for it and write it chapter by chapter, replying to reviews and doing basically the exact same thing I did with “Land of Shadow.” Voting will last until the 29th. The first chapter will come out on the 30th. You can only vote once. Here are the three choices:

Option Number One

Title: To Hurt and to Heal

Status: Never been written

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

Genre: Angst

Synopsis: This is the sequel to “the Land of Shadow”. Once again, it is told from Sam and Frodo’s points of view, only this time Merry and Pippin are narrators, too. Sam wakes up after being rescued from Mount Doom only to discover that something terrible has happened. Frodo has lost his memory. He woke up with nothing but the knowledge of his name and one word – Sam – although he has no idea what this means. Therefore, upon waking up, Frodo physically attacks everyone in the room thinking they are threatening him. As if this were not enough, Sam and Pippin are suffering from PTSD and Merry is gravely wounded from his battle with the Witch King, and is possibly on the brink of death. He hates Frodo for attacking Pippin, who was on of the victims of the former Ringearer’s assault, and frequently fights with Sam over Frodo’s current state, and whether or not that will change. Pippin is heartbroken that Frodo has forgotten him. Sam feels as though someone’s cut out half of his heart. Frodo’s confused and tormented by dark dreams of things he cannot remember, especially as he and Sam begin to grow back together. Will he remember? Will Merry and Pippin be healed? Will Rosie make an appearance (yeah, probably.)? And most importantly, will Frodo and Sam ever go back to the loving relationship they had during the Quest? Find out by voting for To Hurt and To Heal!

Option Number Two

Title: The Quell

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars

Genre: Action, Angst, Romance

Synopsis: For the 75th Hunger Games and the third Quarter Quell, it is decreed that four tributesd will be sent – two victors and two children. But in addition to that, four tributes will be reaped from other worlds. These worlds are Middle Earth, Hyrule, and the Galaxy – and the Reaped are of all ages. Sixty tributes all pitted against each other in the most epic Quell in Hunger Games history – particularly considering who these tributes are. From Panem are victors, including Haymitch Abernathy and Katniss Everdeen, as well as children who have never held a sword. From Hyrule come heroes of legend – Princess Zelda, Anju, Kafei, and Link, hero of Time. From Middle Earth come more well-known characters – Eowyn of Rohan, Shelob, Frodo Baggins, and Samwise Gamgee. And from the Galaxy come Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Aalaya Secura, and Jedi Master Yoda. These tributes are fierce, and yet some do not intend to go home, for the sake of a loved one. In addition, Katniss and Haymitch befriend the girl tribute from their district, a shy yet strong twelve year old named Carynn, who reminds Katniss so much of Rue. Sixty Tributes. Two weeks. Only one can survive. Who will that one be? Find out by voting for The Quell!

Option Number Three

Title: Modern Multi Mash-up

Status: Written outside of Middle Hyrule

Fandoms: The Hunger Games, Merlin, Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings

Genre: Adventure, Humor

Synopsis: Take Katniss, Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Gwaine, Leon, Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, R2, Link, Zelda, Saria, Nabooru, Fi, Frodo, Pippin, Legolas, Eomer, and Eowyn. Now pit them against Morgana, Vader, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Ugluk, Saruman, and Shelob. You won’t even be close to imagining Modern Mutli Mash-up, the hilarious, confusing, chaotic rip-roaring comedy of a finfiction where absolutely anything can happen.The seal placed on Ganondorf has been broken, and he is returning to power. But suddenly, the Lost Woods is becoming a collection of portals – portals that all lead to various sections of other worlds. Characters are wandering away from their stories and into Hyrule – both good and evil. And when the villains begin forming alliances, it’s clear that all worlds are in grave danger – unless the Band of Heroes can stop them! The twenty-one heroes of five stories come together to travel the worlds looking for ways to defeat each villain in turn. And yet, as they travel, crazy things begin to happen. Friendships are forming. People are falling in love. Starships are appearing in the middle of Kokiri Village. Frodo is acting like an angsty teenager. Saria’s heart is being broken. Han is driving everyone crazy. Hilarious, ridiculous, and slightly stupid jokes are being made. You don’t have to know all of these fandoms to enjoy Modern Multi Mash-up – all you need to do is buckle your seatbelt, prepare your vocal chords for more laughing than is considered appropriate, and vote for option number three, the single best fandom mash-up of all time – the one and only MODERN MULTI MASH-UP!!! And what’s even better is if you like it, there are two other books in the MMM trilogy! I’m currently writing book two at my house. ^.^

Please vote below for whichever fanfiction tickled your fancy most. I will be delighted to share any one with you. Voting will end on the 29th and chapter one of whichever you choose will be released on the 30th. Make sure that’s really the one you want, as you can only vote once. And let the voting…. COMMENCE!!!

Hobbit Drabbles

Here are some drabbles about the hobbits (Frodo Sam Merry Pippin Rosie and maybe Bilbo) that I wrote when I was bored. I may use double drabbles here and there, maybe triples.

1. Friends

Their friendship group sort of started by chance. Merry and Pippin had been inseperable for about two years. Sam had been working for Frodo for eight months. Rosie had just moved to the hole next to Pippin’s. But then one day while Merry and Pippin were visiting Frodo and Sam was working outside, Rosie walked by, and the five realized they all had some connection to one another. They started hanging out.

And then they never stopped.

2. Crush

First she was his friend. Then she was his good friend. Then suddenly Rosie Cotton is the most gorgeous girl in the world and she is all Sam ever thinks about. Wherever he goes, she’s on his mind. Every time he sees her his heart pounds like crazy and he forgets how to breathe. Then one day, he works up the courage to ask her out. The boys who follow her around are furious. Nobody can quite believe it when she says yes. But she does.

3. Book

Bilbo started the book when he was sixty – ten years after his adventure. He took Frodo in when he was twelve – to young to care much about writing – but about five years later the boy took an interest in it, and so Bilbo got an editor while Frodo got an education. They loved it. Neither wanted to finish it. And so, one day, Frodo tells him that they will always have to have adventures so the book will never end.

4. Hugs

Elves don’t believe, or engage, in physical affection the way humans do. No hugging, no hand-holding, very little kissing. But Legolas still thinks it’s sweet how every morning, Pippin throws his little arms around each member of the fellowship in turn, whether they say they want it or not. Secretly though, none of them mind, because Pippin’s the sort of person no one can help but love.

5. Apples

Merry loves apples. Estella Bolger has the most bontiful tree in the Shire. Merry has a crush on Estella. She’s Rosie’s best friend, so Merry begs Rosie day in and day out to convince Estella to sell him a basket of apples. But Rosie laughs and walk away. Finally he hurtles the fence to the Bolger’s yard, shimmies up the branches, and picks one. He’s halfway through it, when he realizes those are crabapples, and at that, extremely sour crabapples. And he can hear Rosie and Estella laughing at him from the ground below.

6. Sleep

Aragorn, Gandalf, and Boromir sleep like normal people. Legolas wanders around with his eyes open, in Elvish dreams. Gimli almost always stays up at night, watching. But the hobbits are always together. Sometimes they grab all their blankets and make a little nest to sink down into. Sometimes they push their “beds” together. Sometimes Pippin sprawls all over the place, with his skinny arms around Merry’s neck, and sometimes Frodo falls asleep with his head in Sam’s lap. But they’re always close to each other. Boromir finds it ridiculous. Aragorn thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world, but of course he doesn’t say so.

7. Troll Tales

“…and that, Master Took, is how I killed a troll.” Bilbo sits back, puffing his pipe, while Pippin stares at him. He’s only fifteen, so the thought of a troll terrifies him. He admired Bilbo before, now he is in awe of him. This is incredible. He skips out the gate, runs to find Merry, to tell him every detail.

“You shouldn’t elaborate so, Uncle,” Frodo scolds, because he’s heard the real story – the one where Gandalf killed the trolls. Bilbo shrugs, amused, and turns back to his work.

8. Relatives

One night while they’re all bundled in their blankets, Pippin realizes Sam is not related to the rest of them. In his mind, this counts as a crisis, so he shakes them all awake. “Why isn’t Sam our cousin?” he asks Merry.

Merry rubs sleep from his eyes and says, “because, he’s not related to us.”

“Why not?”

“People can’t choose who they’re related to,” Sam says.

Pippin thinks for a minute. Then he asks Merry,

“If he were Frodo’s brother, he’d be our cousin, right?”

Sam doesn’t know what he should say. Merry smiles a little and says that yes, that would make them all relatives.

“Okay.” Pippin snuggles back down into his blanket. “From now on, you two are brothers.” His worries set at ease, he falls back asleep. Merry does likewise.

Frodo reaches out in the darkness and tangles his fingers through Sam’s. “Just so you know, I am completely okay with that,” he says.

Sam gives his hand a squeeze. “Me, too.”

9. Flowers and Romance

Rosie loves flowers. That’s partly why she loves Sam, but also it’s because of his smile, his loyalty, his singing, the way that he can make everything seem alright just by looking at you. And his hopefulness. She twirls the last rose he gave her before he disappeared. They say he’s not coming back. She doesn’t believe it. She can’t. As long as she’s alive, she’ll have to believe he is too, because the thought of living without him is just too unbearable.

10. Snacks

Merry and Pippin are the worst trouble makers in the Shire. Rosie always has to check under the windowsill before she sets a pie or a tray of cookies there, because often two hungry little hobbits will be crouched beneath it, lying in wait for a free snack.

11. Green Dragon

They always gather at the inn on weekends, and sometimes on weekdays, too. Rosie works there. Bilbo sits by the fire reliving his adventures to anyone who cares to listen. Merry and Pippin run around snitching what they can while they wait for their food to arrive. Sam and Frodo watch their friends, chat a bit, and when the two rascals come back, the four of them reflect on how lucky they are to live a stone’s throw from their favorite place. They’ll hold on to these memories when they’re out in the wild, when laughter is rare and evil surrounds them. They’ll miss this, once they have heard of Mordor. Once Frodo has recieved the Ring.

12. Cry

Sam can’t stand to watch to watch Frodo hold in the tears. He’s been through so much. They both have. And there’s no one to hear him, so why not let it out? No one to hear except Sam. And he knows from experience that holding back sobs is one of the worst things you can do when you’re hurting. Finally one night Frodo lies down and turns away from him, burying his face in his hands to try to muffle the cries he can’t hold in anymore, and Sam finally does what he’s been wanting to do for days. He grabs Frodo, pulls him into his arms, and holds him tight. Frodo clings to him, weeping, and all the while Sam caresses his hair and cradles him close, whispering, “go ahead and cry.”

And somehow those words are the only thing Frodo needs to hear.

13. The Memories of the Fallen

Bilbo remembers Thorin, Fili, and Kili. Hardly a day passes without some memory of them floating into his mind. They died fighting for their home, for all that was rightfully theirs, but they also died for their friends. And that meant for him. Bilbo figured that remembering them was the best way to honor them. So he made himself write something about them, or read one of his past entries, whenever he could. And now he tells their stories to everyone who wants listen – and to some people who don’t. But he also lives, lives the life Thorin had to told him to enjoy, to fulfill. Even though they are no longer part of it.

14. First Kiss

The first time Rosie kissed Sam was at Bilbo’s party.

Right after Mr. Baggins disappeared, there was so much confusion that they were able to slip away unnoticed, into the woods bordering the party field. She had been waiting for weeks, wondering if he’d kiss her, before finally realizing he was way too shy for that sort of thing. She had resolved to take matters into her own hands. So once they were a good hundred yards into the woods, she pushed him up against a tree and kissed him. He only hesitated a second before kissing her back.

After that, he wasn’t so shy around her anymore.

15. Palantir

Pippin is daring, crazy, and even reckless. Combine that with the fact that he’s a Took, a curious “tween”, and mischief is bound to come. Merry’s seen him get scraped knees and bruises from his adventures, from meddling into things he shouldn’t have…

…but never in his life has he seen Pippin like this, lying on his back so pale and cold, the black-and-red stone lying where it fell beside his hand. Merry realizes he’s screaming, shaking Pippin and screaming for him to wake up. Gandalf places a hand on the hobbit’s brow and chants some words. Pippin comes to. He’ll be okay. But that night, Merry can’t help but cry, thinking about what could have happened, and knowing that tomorrow Pippin will be going to Minas Tirith. Beyond his reach.

16. Frodo’s Cooking

Merry and Pippin sleep over at Bag End a lot, which is nice, because they love spending time with their cousin. Usually Sam comes too, but tonight he’s out on a date with Rosie, so he won’t arrive until after supper. This is bad because neither Frodo, Merry, or Pippin know how to cook. Finally Frodo marches into the kitchen and attempts to whip something up, hoping he’ll be able to cook and clean up before Sam gets here.

Two hours later Sam walks in to find that Frodo has succesfully given both of his cousins food poisoning, nearly singed his hands off, and worst of all, they’re all still hungry.

He makes supper for them, but he can’t stop laughing at the miserable looks on their faces and the charred disaster that was Frodo’s cooking.

16. Elvish Lessons

Bilbo starts teaching Frodo Quenya and Sindarian when the lad is only twenty. He picks it up instantly.

“You’re a smart boy, Frodo,” Bilbo tells him as he watches his nephew churn out sentences in his smooth, flowing hand. Frodo smiles, his face lighting up like a star, the way it always does when Bilbo praises him.

17. Eyes

Merry’s eyes are grey, constantly watching over Pippin, keeping him safe and making sure he’s not getting into trouble.

Pippin’s are grey too, but lighter than Merry’s, always on the lookout for mischief and food.

Sam’s eyes are hazel, and so deep you can’t help but wonder if by looking too long, you could drown yourself in that warm gaze.

Frodo is one of the only hobbits with blue eyes. But not just any blue eyes – the most enormous, piercing, beautiful blue eyes in not only the Shire, but possibly the whole world. His stare can freeze you or make you melt. But when he laughs, those eyes sparkle, and everyone stops to watch.

18. Cirith Ungol

In the top of the tower, the lower stories of which are filled with dead orcs, Sam finds Frodo lying curled up on the floor. He’s bruised, bleeding, stripped to the waist, and clearly very dehydrated. He also looks like he’s about to pass out any second. Sam rushes to his side and turns him over gently. Frodo looks up at him. “Sam?” he whispers through parched, bleeding lips. “Am I still dreaming?” Sam’s eyes fill with tears.

“No Mr. Frodo, it’s real. It’s me. I’m here.”He kisses him on the forehead. “I’m here.”

The two pull each other into an embrace of blood and joy and pain and friendship and tears and tenderness. And then Frodo lies back in Sam’s arms and falls asleep, while Sam holds him feeling an overwhelming sense of relief at finding him. Though they’re in Mordor, this is the happiest he has felt on the whole journey.

And Frodo is at peace, because he knows he’ll be safe in Sam’s arms.

19. Watching Death

Boromir was wounded right before Merry and Pippin’s eyes. They charged at his attacker, but were carried off by the Uruk Hai – right before the warrior was killed. While the orcs are holding them captive, Merry covers Pippin’s eyes every time the beasts kill one of their own. During the attack on Isengard, the orcs were all washed away bloodlessly.

While he’s in Gondor, Pippin witnesses a battle. Gandalf is there, but so are orcs, hundreds of orcs. And one  of them is getting dangerously close to the wizard. Pippin draws his sword and stabs it in the gut. And the he realizes that the first time he saw death up close, he was the one to bring it about.

And there’s no Merry to cover his eyes.

20. Council

“Why should we allow you to accompany the Ringbearer?” Elrond asks. “Have you skill in battle?”

Merry, Pippin, and Sam glance at each other and shake their heads. “No.”

“Knowledge of survival in the wild, then?”


“Wisdom in battle strategy?”


“Then why should we send you?”

Sam answers for all of them. “Because we’re his friends, and we love him, and hobbits stick together.”

Elrond lets them go.

21. Girlfriends

Pearl and Marigold are Pippin and Sam’s sisters. They hang out with Rosie a lot. Frodo has pretended to have a crush on all three of those girls at some point or another. He doesn’t really love any of them, but everyone else has a girlfriend, so he feels like he should, too. But then Sam starts going out with Rosie, and Pearl starts going out with Fredegar Bolger. So there’s only Marigold left. And then Frodo realizes if he married Marigold, he’d be Sam’s brother for real. But Marigold has resolved to stay single and raise cats.

Sam hugs Frodo and tells him they’re brothers whether or not they were born that way, and he doesn’t need to go out with Marigold to make that official. And Frodo decides to give up on the whole girlfriend thing.

22. Nightmares

Nights in Gondor are tough. The Ring’s been destroyed, true, but Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam are suffering, and it will be a while till they can go home. Each of them has woken up screaming from nightmares, because each of them have seen things nobody should.

They were each given their own bed. But the beds are human sized – and enormous, even for a human. Certainly big enough for four weary, frigthened, broken hobbits. So they all just sleep in Frodo’s bed, and throughout the night when they wake up screaming, they hold each other and remember that there is still goodness in the world, that there is still friendship, that there is still each other. And that’s how they stay sane in those agonizing, sleepless nights.

23. River

Merry likes to swim, and he’s teaching Pippin. Sam’s terrified by the thought. Rosie loves it. Frodo stays on land, not because he has anything against swimming, but because he has so much against water.

His parents died by drowning, after all.

24. Poetry

Bilbo recites songs he has composed – all the time. Frodo likes to listen to the songs, but even better than that, he liked to lean against the door and listen to Sam singing them while he works. Because when Sam sings, you sort of forget that the world exists.

25. Grey Havens

Bilbo is already on board the ship. Rosie is waiting at home for Sam.

Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are standing on the dock staring at each other.

These are cousins, best friends, people who have been to the end of the world and back together, and who are now about to say goodbye. Frodo has been hurt beyond repair. He can’t stay. To stay is to suffer for eternity, and really, thirteen months of Ring-bearing was enough for him.

He hugs Merry first. Merry, who is so bright, so loving, who sees the good in the world, who Frodo will miss. Merry’s tears fall freely. He doesn’t want his cousin to leave. Softly, Frodo murmus, “I love you, Merry.” And then he lets him go and turns to Pippin.

Pippin’s sobbing. He squeezes Frodo so tight that neither of them can breathe. Frodo smiles sadly as he hugs Pippin, Pippin, who is so young, so curious. Who Frdoo got to watch grow up on the journey. Who he will never get to finish watching grow up. “I love you, Pippin,” Frodo whispers. Pippin chokes with tears as they release each other.

Then Frodo turns towards Sam. They can’t say anything. They run to each other and embrace like the world is about to fall. Sam’s tears spill onto Frodo’s already soaked shoulder. And all Frodo can think about is how unfair this is, that he destroyed the Ring, but at the same time it destroyed him, and now he’s losing Sam. But Sam was a Ringbearer, too, if only for a little while. Some day he can follow. And that hope is the only thing that can make Frodo let go. But it’s not enough. He takes Sam’s face into his hands, stands on his toes, and kisses his forehead. Sam shuts his eyes tight, knowing that soon this is only going to be a memory, and trying to freeze this moment, the touch of Frodo’s hands on his face, the feeling of this final kiss, the knowledge that it will be many years before they meet again. Slowly, Frodo lets Sam go. He steps back a few feet. “I love you, Sam,” he says softly, and he turns and boards the ship.

Just before it sails, Frodo turns and faces his friends. They are all crying. Merry’s arm is around Pippin’s shoulder. Sam holds the Red Book, which Frodo entrusted to him. Frodo can already feel the pain in his heart slipping away. He smiles at the people he loves more than anyone in the world he is about to leave. And they manage to smile back. The ship departs, and finally, Frodo is at peace.

Sam turns around before leaving the harbor. His eyes lock onto Frodo’s, sparkling across the sea. Just before the ship passes into the west, through the curtain of Silver Glass, a thought passes between them.

“You and I will meet again.”

And then Frodo fades rom view, and Sam turns, takes a dep breath, and begins the journey home.

Aragorn x Eowyn

Summary and fanfiction contain several spoilers.

A very dear friend of mine is a huge Arawyn shipper. She says that she feels as though she is riding a ship down a river, and then she sees a cannon that is labeled Aragorn x Arwen, and it sinks her ship. So she asked me, “please H.G., will you do me a favor and write a fanfiction where Aragorn ends up with Eowyn and post it on your blog?” And I said, “Sure…” even though I ship Arwenagorn pretty hard… because I ship Farawyn too.. but still I suppose one Arawyn fanfic won’t hurt. So here we go. Read and review.


Aragorn rushed into the houses of healing as Eowyn, Faramir, and Merry were placed into beds. All were unconcious.

“My lord,” gasped the healer, examining Eowyn’s arm. “The lady Eowyn?… This wound is that of a sword.”

“And not any mere sword,” Aragorn said grimly. “She has been cut by the blade of the Witch-King of Angmar, leader of the Nazgûl.”

The healer drew in his breath. “What can be done for her, my lord?”

“Gather Athelas and bandages.” He turned to see a blank look in the healer’s eyes. “Athelas!” he said. “Kingsfoil!”

“Of course, my lord,” the healer said bowing.

“Enough of that, just go find some!” Aragorn practically screamed. The healer nodded and shuffled out, not nearly fast enough, Aragorn thought as he turned back to his charge. Eowyn was lying still and cold, her face pale. Aragorn was struck suddenly by how beautiful she was. He reached out a trembling hand, brushed back the hair spilling onto Eowyn’s cheek and let his hand rest there. A shudder ran through her body, and her head tilted slightly, pressing her soft cheek closer into Aragorn’s weathered, calloused hand. A sigh escaped her fair lips and she lay still again. Aragorn felt a few tears slip out of his eyes, rolling down his face and dropping onto the still form of Rohan’s princess. He bent down and whispered, “my lady, you must recover. Your people have great need of you. And I -” He felt more tears escape. Aragorn, the proud ranger, the heir of Elendil, never cried. “I need you too, Eowyn,” he finished, and without another word pressed his lips against hers.

Eowyn’s eyes flickered open. “Ara…g..g…” she gasped.

“Eowyn!” Aragorn clasped her hands tightly. “Rest, Eowyn. All will be well. I’m here.” He bent his head down onto her hands. “I did not mean those things I said. Forgive me, Eowyn.”

Eowyn smiled, then sank into unconciousness.

“My lord?” the healer asked, appearing at Aragorn’s side.

“Give me the Athelas,” Aragorn said without taking his eyes off Eowyn’s face.

The healer pressed a few leaves into his hands.

“Leave us.”

“My lord.” The healer bowed and left.

Aragorn rolled up Eowyn’s sleeve and began to tend her wound. He would cure her. And then he would never, ever, put her into danger again.


So, watcha think?… My friend should be happy with this. To all Arwenagorn and Farawyn shippers, I apologize. To my friend: I do not apologize! Now I need to write some Sarose fics, no?

Fi Gets a Job

This is humorous fanfic in which Fi gets a job at Starbucks. Read and review.

Fi was fluttering along alongside Link in the Bazaar one day as he purchased new equipment for his adventure. Suddenly she noticed a sign on the café: ” Newly Under Management of Starbucks. Employees wanted. Apply within.”

“Master Link?” Fi said. “Have you noticedy this advertisement?”

Link looked at it. “They’ve put a Starbucks in?”

“I calculate a 99% chance they are looking for employees,” Fi said.

“Well, good for them,” Link replied distractedly. He was thinking about the coffees that Starbucks sold and wondering if maybe he would be able to carry them in one of the empty bottle stashed in his adventure pouch.

“Master,” Fi said, “there is a 29% chance someone will kill the idea pretty soon.”

Link groaned. Fi was starting to get on his nerves. “Why don’t you get a job there, Fi?” he suggested.

“Me, Master?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you go in and ask them for a job.”

“But Master, who would be your loyal companion and servant?”

“Oh, I can find someone else pretty easily. Look, there’s a line of people, so why not join them and see if you’ll be hired?”

“If it pleases you, Master…”

“It does. Go on!” He pushed her into line and sat down to wait. Twenty minutes later she came back looking frazzled, clutching a paper in her hand.

“I’m hired, Master,” she said. “I’ll be starting work tomorrow.”

“That’s great, Fi! I’ll be questing.”

“I’m really not sure this is a good idea, Master. Suppose you should be lonely? Or suppose you should come across a monster whose attack pattern is unfamiliar to you?”

“I’ll be fine, Fi. Besides, you’ll have fun, and I’ll still drop in on you every now and then.”

“Alright Master…. take care…”

So the next day Fi began her training. She was first trained in the opreation of the drink machine. “You put the grounds in here,” the manager, Piper, explained. Fi dumped the scoop of coffee grounds into the machine and pressed buttons as she was shown after filling it with water. Then she practiced again and again over the course of the next week until finally Piper allowed her to service customers.

“Hello,” Fi said to the first customer, a student named Fledge. “Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get for you?”

“Can I have an iced caramel macchiato?” Fledge said, eyeing the menu.

“Hmm,” Fi mused. “Well, that contains 230 calories and from closer examintion I see you have already consumed 74% of your daily calories although it is only ten in the morning. I reccomend a workout. There is a 98.43% chance that comsumptionof the macchiato you have just requested is unhealthy.”

Fledge stomped off in a huff and the next costumer came up. “Hello,” she said, brushing back her short locks of orange hair and assuming a thoughtful expression. “I’d like.. hm… could I have a Shaken Sweet Tea?”

“Of course. That’s a healthy choice and I see your calorie intake for the day has so far been relatively low.”

“Excuse me?”

“I calculate a 84% chance you are not in any danger over excessive calorie and fat intake anytime soon.”

“I’m not in-” the girl sputtered.

“You’re name is Karane, isn’t it?” Fi said. “You are a student at the knight academy and quite popular with the male students? Anyway, here’s your iced tea.”

Karane snatched the iced tea away and left. A short, portly man with large blue eyes waddled up to the counter.

“Hello,” he said, “I’d like -”

”I’m sorry sir, but all of the products currently being served are far too unhealthy for you and you should not treat yourself with them until you have lost a considerable amount of weight. I calculate a 100% chance, however, that this will not be any time soon.”

The man shot her a foul glare and turning, waddled out of Starbucks and back to his fortune telling booth.

Piper came over. “Fi, what’s going on?” she asked. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Mistre- Fi, I’m not your Mistress!”

“Oh, really?” Fi said absently, taking the next customer’s order. “That’ll be $3.54. Enjoy your day. Are you planning to eat that outside? Because many students are practing for the upcoming wing ceremony – my master won the last one, you know –  and so I calculate a 62% chance a loftwing will poop on your head, which would really not help you to enjoy your day.”

“Fi!” Piper gasped as the customer stalked off, muttering under his breath.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“You can’t treat customers that way!”

Meanwhile, Link was aiming for a bokoblin with his new bow and arrow. A small pink fairy was hovering by his ear.

“Ready… aim…” Link thought to himself.

“HEY, LISTEN!” the fairy said. Startled, Link released the arrow and missed

Link glared at the fairy. “Navi, you made me lose focus!”


“Who in Hyrule is Saria?” Link asked, annoyed.


“Navi, be quiet.” Link shot the bokoblin and ran on.

“HEY, LISTEN!” Navi said two minutes later.

“Navi, stop it!”


“Navi, I’m serious.”




“Fi never did this,” Link thought and suddenly, he missed his companion.

After the fiasco with operating the drink machine and taking orders, Fi was put to work at the fly-through.

“Just stand here with a headset on and take their order,” Piper told Fi, figruing that if she couldn’t see the customers she wouldn’t be able to insult them.

Fi put on the headset and took her place by the window. “Hello,” said a staticy voice in her ear.

“Hello,” Fi said.

“I would like a chocolate crossiant, please.”

“One moment. Activating voice recogniton.” Fi closed her eyes. “Say something.”


“Thank you. I have recognized your voice as that of Gaepora, headmaster of Knight Academy. My master is out searching for your daughter, Zelda. But did you know she’s not really the simple little girl you thought her?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“No, she’s been called to a great destiny.”


“Yes, and she’s in the care of a being named Impa, of the Sheikah tribe. Don’t worry though. Impa will keep her quite safe. My master, Link, is out looking for her and I’m sure he will find her soon. In the meantime, why not order something more nutritous? Our products are all high-calorie, so I reccomend going to the Lumpy Pumpkin, where they make a tasty pumpkin soup that is low in calories.”

Gaepora flew off, confused. Piper noticed.

“Where’s the headmaster going, Fi?” she asked suspiciously and rather unkindly.

“I informed him to go to a more healthy place,” Fi said promptly, “such as the Lumpy Pumpkin.”

Piper threw her hands into the air, exasperated. “Fi, why are you working here if you’re just going to be rude to the customers and tey to get them to eat at our comptetion resteraunts?”

“Because my master told me to.”

“I see. And who’s your master?”

“His name is Link, and he is the kindest, bravest hero ever to grace a loftwing’s back with his presence.”

“Hmm,” Piper said. “Well, you want to make him happy, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Piper.”

“Well, I think he’ll be happy if you do your job well. From now on you’re on janitor duty. And do it well, or Link will be very displeased.” She took Fi’s headset away and handed her a broom. “You can start by sweeping up.”

Link took out his sailcloth at the nearest bird statue and let it launch him skyward. He whistled and the crimson loftwing he had been riding since his childhood caught him.

“We’re going to Starbucks,” he informed it.

The loftwing gave him a confused look.

“Because, I miss Fi,” Link explained.

The loftwing rolled it’s eyes and cawed.

“Don’t you talk to me that way,” Link said. “I’ve sentenced her to boredom. She’s way too smart to be working a minimum wage job, and besides, I was seriously about to murder Navi if I had to spend one more day with her… anyway, let’s go. We’ll go by the fly-through to surprise her.”

Fi swept the floor, feeling awful. She’d let Link down and she couldn’t bear that. And she was lonely.

“He’s probably found a new companion,” she sighed. “Maybe he’s even forgotten me. Oh, what would the goddess say if she found out I was here instead of at his side like she told me?” She pushed the dirt and coffee grounds into a little pile and gently prodded it into a dust pan, which she emptied into the trash can. Piper smiled approvingly as she walked by. Fi returned the smile half-heartedly and then dipped it back down, feeling more lonely and worthless than she ever had before.

“Welcome to Starbucks,” said a perky voice in Link’s ear.

“Fi?” he asked, confused. Fi was many things, but perky was not one of them.

The voice giggled. “Nope!” it said. “This is Orielle! I work here now, isn’t it great! I think there’s a janitor named Fi though. Anything I can get for you?”

“She’s a JANITOR?!” Link cried. He flew off without ordering anything, hopped off  his loftwing and rushed into the Bazaar. He passed the shops, ignoring the vendors calling out, and burst into Starbucks.

“Fi!” he shouted. “Fi!”

Fi was sweeping behind the counter. “Is someone calling for me?” she asled miserably.

“Fi, it’s me!” Link exclaimed. “It’s Link!”

Fi looked up and the broom fell from her hands. “Master!”

“Fi, I’m so sorry,” Link said. “I sent you away when really I needed you, and I made you do this even though you didn’t want to. Please forgive me and come back to help me.”

Fi looked at him.

“I know you were told to stay by me, but I didn’t listen and I didn’t care. But I care now, Fi, and I’m really really sorry. Please won’t you forgive me? I was terrible and awful and -”

“Master!” Fi cried, rushing across the room and embracing him. “It’s okay. I forgive you.”

Link smiled and hugged her back. Everyone watching began to applaud.

Fi released Link and handed Piper her apron. “I’m not going to be needing that anymore,” she said. Then she and Link left Starbucks, climbed onto the loftwing, and flew away. Everyone cheered. Piper looked sourly at the apron in her hand, flung it down, and stalked off.

“So, where to, Master?” Fi asked.

Link smiled. “I was hoping you could tell me.”

Fi smiled back. “I calculate a 93% chance there is something of interest in Lanayru Desert.”

“To Lanayru Desert, then,” Link said, turning the loftwing and happy to have his friend back.