Legolas, What Do Your Elf Eyes See?

One of the best parts of fandom is parodies. My friend sent me this one the other day and required I put it on my blog. He was so right. So here it is, and then here are a bunch more like it.


Now here is another:


…and another…


And of course, who could forget the song of our people…


#1 fandom group hug.

Top Five Female Characters in Anime

Most of my posts lately have focused on Sam, Frodo, and Rosie, so let’s take a break from them and visit a completely different side of my mind – anime/manga. Now, I’m not as obsessed with anime as I am with some other things – Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Sherlock, Hamilton, etc. – but I still adore it. Usually I read manga for popular series more than watch the anime, because there’s more to be learned that way as the shows often cut out a lot. And, let’s face it, I don’t have the time for all that tv-watching. So this post is more of “Top five female characters in anime AND manga”, but that would be a long title, wouldn’t it? So without further ado, to the list.


#5: Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket)


Tohru is adorable, friendly, and so sweet to everyone she meets. I love her kindness. Fruits Basket is one of my favorite manga series of all time, and I have read all 23 volumes – I guess you could say I’m committed! We’ll meet another Fruits Basket lady later on. Well actually, she’s not much of a lady, but anyway, onward.

#4: Seo Yuzuki (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun)


I’ve rambled on and on about my love for this show and for Yuzuki in particular, so it’s no wonder that she made it on here. Forget anime, she’s one of the best female characters in fiction. Period.

#3: Houshakuji Renge (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

I make this face ALL the time.

Renge the fangirl! I see so much of me in her – she’s a geek, she has nothing to do with her life except write fanfiction (though hers tend to get filmed by a Hollywood crew) and cosplays badly. I love this girl.

#2: Sohma Izuzu “Rin” (Fruits Basket)


Rin wasn’t in the anime, which is a real shame. She has depression and serious self-worth issues, but watching her over come them out of love for her boyfriend, Hatsuharu, was beautiful. I am nothing like her, but she’s #2 on my list all the same.

#1: Mizuno Ami (Sailor Moon)


Ami’s my girl. I have a button of her on my purse, and she’s the only girl on this list who I’ve cosplayed. She is smart, loyal, kind, and she has blue hair. AND she has water powers. Seriously, she couldn’t be better.

Honorable mentions: Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat).

Obscure Fandom Friday #8

Welcome to #8! This week’s obscure fandom friday is an anime I’ve been talking about lately…

That says “Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun in English.

Name of the fandom: Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun is just about the cutest anime you can possibly watch. There’s no violence, no gore or anything. It’s completely shojo (which means, for girls.) But boys love it, too! In this twelve-episode tale of love and art, high school student Chiyo tries to ask out the boy she’s loved for almost a year – the handsome Nozaki-Kun. But Nozaki-Kun misunderstands her and she ends up become his assistant for the popular monthly comic he draws. Nozaki’s other assistants include Mikoshiba, a shy boy who pretends to be a huge flirt in order to hide his confidence issues, Hori, a short boy with a big mouth, and Wakamatsu, a sweetheart who’s looking for the girl of his dreams. The cast also includes Kashima, a popular girl known as the “prince of the school”, and my favorite, Yuzuki, a completely rude and blunt girl who’s always running from teachers and has the most gorgeous singing voice. You’ll laugh and laugh at the awkward antics of the seven teens, and the ending will leave you in tears.

Books: There are 8 manga books, which are japan-style comic books.

TV Show/Movies: The show is 12 episodes long and you can get it subtitled on Hulu.

Video game: I wish!

Shippable: OH YES! Every couple in this show is AMAZING!!!Kashima/Hori, Yuzuki/Wakamatsu, and of course, Chiyo/Nozaki!!!

Fanfictionable: I need to write some. It would be so fun!!!

Feels: It’s mostly happy, but I almost died at the ending. I was walking around like a zombie…

My personal fanbase with MGNZ:

My OTP: Oh, it’s so hard… I have to say Kashima/Hori. With Chiyo/Nozaki exactly tied. So, those two.

My favorite character: Yuzuki!!!!!

My favorite books: I haven’t read the books. But my favorite episode was the one where Nozaki was a teddy bear.

Now, it’s TV-14. Because of Mikoshiba and I’m laughing right now as I think about Mikoshiba. And now I want to cry because I miss the show so much!!! Anyway, so Mikoshiba plays dating sims and stuff and gets REALLY mad when it doesn’t go his way… 😄 😄 😄 oh I’m chuckling right now… I love Mikoshiba…um, ahem. Well, he will say the h – e- double hockey sticks, which I’m sure we all know. And when Chiyo is trying to keep Nozaki’s identity a secret, she’ll go around and blurt out lies and awkward stuff that makes all the characters so confused. Because she never means it the way she says it and they take it the wrong way. Example, Kashima is confused and thinks Hori likes Nozaki and asks, “who’s cuter, me or Nozaki?” Ever-honest Hori says, “Nozaki.” Okay, I need to stop, but it was sooooooooo funny! I love that show! I miss that show so much!!!!!




Valentine’s Day (A little late!)

Sorry I’m late on Valentine’s day posts! I’m always late, huh? Anyway, this is just a post on shipping, since what’s more romantic in a fandom than shipping?

This is accurate. This is terrifying. 

Oh, I have so many ships…


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - OP - Large 04
Oh yes.

So… romance. *sigh* Romance… romance is beautiful…

Sometimes it’s hard not to ship a couple. Especially when they’re popular on the internet.


There is a very creepy community out there of people who will burn your ships and drown you in bad fics and do… um… stuff until you can’t really look at your ship again. And then there are those creepy Sam and Frodo people… but… anyway… so! I love shipping! And my ships are sweet, beautiful, and sail along through serene waters.

Except Mergana and Ghirafi. Those kind of sank.

What are your favorite ships?



I LOVE headcanons! I just found out about them the other day, and so I’ll come up with some! Please don’t steal them to use as your own; repost if you want, but give me some credit! Spoiler alert!


Lord of the Rings


  1. Boromir was sometime pressured by Denethor and always feeling that he had to be the best. Faramir wants to help his brother, but if he tries to hang around him too much Denethor yells at him for interrupting his brother’s sword practice. They go and cry together.
  2. Arwen loved visiting Galadriel, and told her all her secrets, even the fact that she had a crush on a mortal.
  3. When Sam said that he loved Frodo, Frodo was actually awake and he heard him. He smiled to himself, because he knew that his best friend could carry him through all of the pain.
  4. When Pippin was a baby, his first word was, “Mer-Mer!” because he couldn’t pronounce Merry.
  5. The hobbits are cold on Caradhras, so they all cuddle together with Frodo in the middle, because he’s the one they love the most, so they want him to be plenty warm.
  6. Eowyn and Merry stay up late at camp because neither of them can sleep. They swap stories from their childhood.
  7. When Bilbo dies, he runs right to Thorin, Fili, Kili, and all his other dwarf friends and they hug for a long time.
  8. Roses are Sam’s favorite flower, and he always tends to those first thing every morning before any other flower.
  9. Aragorn got the name Strider from Arwen. His nickname for her was Luthien.
  10. The reason Gollum hates Sam is because of his close relationship with Frodo. It reminds him of his friendship with Deagol, and he doesn’t want to think about that.
  11. Legolas eats mint to make his breath clean and combs 100 strokes in his hair every morning.
  12. The night at the foot of Mt. Doom, when Frodo slept in Sam’s arms, he dreamed that he would have to leave Sam forever, and he secretly hoped that he would die after he finished the Quest so that would never have to happen.
  13. Treebeard’s entwife was taller than him and much better at nearly everything.
  14. Gimli has never actually met a dwarf woman because his parents didn’t want him to have a girlfriend until he was 500.
  15. When they get back to the Shire and get rid of the ruffians, the hobbits have a sleepover at Bag End, curl up together in Frodo’s huge bed, and talk about everything they’re thankful for.

Harry Potter

Featured Image -- 282

  1. When Ron learns Wingardeium Leviosa, he makes all of Hermione’s books fly out of her reach.
  2. Dumbledore and McGonagall have huge crushes on each other.
  3. Professer Snape has greasy hair because Fred and George always hex his shampoo.
  4. Harry and Ron were bored, so they held an owl wedding for Hedwig and Errol. Hedwig hated this.
  5. Sirius takes Fred and George aside and teaches them some tricks he and James invented.
  6. Snape didn’t go to James and Lily’s wedding.
  7. Molly and Lily were best friends at Hogwarts and swore that their children would be best friends too.
  8. Hermione and Ron danced together on the Horcrux journey to make up for the disaster at the Yule Ball.
  9. Harry thinks of Ron and Hermione as his siblings.
  10. Voldemort likes to eat chocolate frogs.

Hunger Games


  1. Haymitch is in love with Effie.
  2. Rue has a pet mockingjay at home.
  3. Katniss and Peeta have three kids (Katniss was pregnant in the Epilogue.) They are named Rue, Prim, and Finnick.
  4. Johanna ends up marrying Gale.
  5. Rue and Prim become best friends in the next life.
  6. Cato and Clove kissed once in the arena, but they weren’t as popular as Katniss and Peeta. They did get the nice jacket that Clove stored her knives in from a sponsor, though.
  7. Katniss has nightmares about a mockingjay getting speared.
  8. Buttercup is so ugly because he was victim of a mine accident. He alone survived because he was small enough to get out.

Anime and Manga


  1. Chiyo loves Sailor Moon. She gets Kashima and Yuzuki to dress up with her for halloween. Chiyo is Usagi. Kashima is Ami. Yuzuki is Haruka because she refuses to be anyone other than the bad girl. When they arrive at Nozaki’s house, he snaps pictures of them because they’re wearing sailor suits.
  2. No one, to this day cannot figure out why a girl who bakes as much as Makoto can be so skinny.
  3. The Attack on Titan wings were inspired by a bird who flew past a Titan’s head, completely unafraid. (I don’t know much about AoT, but what do you think?)
  4. All the Sailor scouts go shopping and Usagi charges it to Mamoru’s credit card.
  5. Nozaki and Chiyo, plus Kashima and Hori, plus Yuzuki and Wakamatsu all go on a group date!!!! And Mikorin comes too. With a figure of a girl from his video game.
  6. AU: The scouts all reincarnate except for Michiru and Hotaru. MWA HA HA!!!!!!
  7. Kashima can’t tell anyone except for her close friends that she likes Hori… she’s too popular for her own good!

So, those are just four fandoms. I have a LOT more I could have said! But what do you think?



Shades of Green

So, how are all you people functioning without me? :p Sorry posts have been on a downswing lately, but I’m a busy girl, kay? Anyway, today we will be discussing girls with green hair – because I’m thinking about dyeing my hair green as soon as I’m allowed to. ^.^ Let’s talk about some girls that have green hair going for them – among many other things
Saria (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.)

Saria’s hair is a sort of foresty-green. Like her clothes. And her headband. And her eyes. She’s almost a little TOO green… and then she’s also green in the sense that she’s only just awoken as a sage. But, I really like Saria’s hair. Although, in the game, it rings a little closer to lime green.


Setsuna/Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)


Now, Setsuna’s hair in some scenes looks black-green, like very dark green ink. I personally think that it’s so very gorgeous, and since I really like Setsuna, (she’s actually the only outer guardian I genuinely like – I can tolerate Haruka but I loathe Michiru and Hotaru), I wouldn’t mind her green hair in the least. I wonder if the perfect silkiness comes with it.


Yuzuki Seo (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun)

Yes, Yuzuki, yes you are.

Yuzuki Seo is from an anime that a friend recommended to me. Now, usually, I HATE starting new TV shows. They’re hard and time-consuming, and I have to keep track of a ton of deaths, plot lines, ships, bromances, etc. There are fifty million episodes and each is like a mini-movie in length and complexity. So, when people recommend shows, I usually say “NO THANK YOU!” knowing full well that I’m passing up on joining a popular fandom. But, I thought I’d give Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun a chance, since she said it was appropriate for our age, cute, and pretty happy. So I tried it out. And I really like it! I can sit down when I have half and hour and watch seven Japanese high-school students flirt, draw manga, and fall in love. What could be better?

And Yuzuki is by far my favorite character. I tend to usually adore the bad girl. (Funny, because I myself am a “good girl” or a “goody-goody”, as it were.) I know her hair doesn’t look green. It’s actually brown with a greenish tint to it. Then sometimes it looks blond. Maybe I’d dye my hair this shade, so it could be more subtle.

So, yes. Those are three girls with awesome green hair. Now, I wonder how I’d look with those shades… which do you think is best? Let me know in the comments, I’ll do a tribute post to whichever girl wins!




The Awesomeness of Anime H.G.

No, I am not being supported to promote this website… I just think it’s absolutely AWESOME. Design yourself as an anime character!

Now, you all know what I look like…

Photo on 11-11-15 at 10.16 AM 2

But picture that minus the battle makeup, kay? Now, here is my anime self…

Anime HG

Pretty close, I’d say!

I love this website! You can design yourself as an anime character, and you can add accessories, plus combine four different hair categories to make sure you get the hairdo right. You can also add neat backgrounds and make your hands do cool stuff – like holding a copy of the Red Book, as mine is!

But, since I obviously was not content to just make an anime H.G., I also had to do a battle H.G.!

Battle H.G

A Princess H.G.!

Princess H.G

An X-Wing Pilot H.G.!

Star Wars H.G (Omigosh, is she cute.)

And I also made an Escaped Prisoner H.G.! (I imagine she is one of the seven maidens held captive by Agahimn.)

Escape H.G

A Sailor H.G.!

Sailor H.G

And a Hobbit H.G.!

Hobbit H.G

I don’t even know HOW long I spent making all these H.G. anime chicks. But look how cute I am in all of them!

You can design a cute anime you at

Why aren’t you already over there? Go now!



Obscure Fandom Friday #3

It’s that time again where we delve into another obscure fandom on friday!!!

This week’s obscure fandom is one I have only been a part of for seven days, but am completely addicted to at this point. It’s….


Name of the fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

This will contain spoilers…

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, or just Sailor Moon for short, is a manga series that later spawned an anime show, and then a live action one. It is one of the most popular shojo mangas of all time, and redefined the magical girl genre. The main character, Usagi is an ordinary girl living in Tokyo, when she meets a talking cat who reveals to her that she has the power of moonlight and is destined to protect the world and the “Legendary Silver Crystal” from the forces of evil. She must now learn to harness her powers as the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Soon to be joined by other Sailor soldiers such as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon must battle evil and win the heart of Tuxedo Mask, a mysterious vigilante. The plot is cheese, cheese, and more cheese, sappy lines and obvious endings. That being said, this is a fandom you want to get into! Its silliness makes it seem charming, and its emotional moments are just incredible. Every character is so diverse, the magic is awesome to read about, and the romance is beautiful to watch. The only issue is, everybody has about five million names. Usagi alone has Usagi, Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, Usagi-chan, Sailor Moon-chan, and Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit.

Books: Sailor Moon is a manga series. Manga is a type of japanese art that translates into beautiful graphic novels read backwards for true japanese reading. I’ve read the first five (and there are fourteen of them for goodness sakes!)

Tv Show/Movies: Sailor Moon was an anime in the 90’s. It was later reproduced for a live action show. (I haven’t actually seen it… but I hope to soon!)

Video games: A series of Sailor Moon video games were released by the japanese company Angel. It included RPGs, versus battle games, and mini games.

Shippable?: There are so many Sailor Moon ships I can’t even count them all. There’s even a ship with cats (and I love that ship…)

Fanfictionable?: Sailor Moon fan fiction would be really fun and pretty fluffy, since the majority of it would consist of teenage girls hanging around having fun.

Feels?: So many. So many…. and the deaths are just… no. I can’t speak of it.

My personal fanbase with PGSM –

My OTP: Sailor Mask. Or would that ship be Mamosagi? Or Serendymion? However you call it, I SHIP IT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

My favorite character: Ami-chan/Sailor Mercury. Gotta love a girl who’s IQ is 300.

My favorite book: The third one. It was so good.

When Pluto died I was almost in tears. I loved her and she died not knowing Chibiusa would be saved by her selfless acts… oh Pluto-chan…. *cries*

To join this fandom, visit a library or watch an episode. It’s much easier to join than the other Obscure Fandoms I’ve posted so far.