The Awesomeness of Anime H.G.

No, I am not being supported to promote this website… I just think it’s absolutely AWESOME. Design yourself as an anime character!

Now, you all know what I look like…

Photo on 11-11-15 at 10.16 AM 2

But picture that minus the battle makeup, kay? Now, here is my anime self…

Anime HG

Pretty close, I’d say!

I love this website! You can design yourself as an anime character, and you can add accessories, plus combine four different hair categories to make sure you get the hairdo right. You can also add neat backgrounds and make your hands do cool stuff – like holding a copy of the Red Book, as mine is!

But, since I obviously was not content to just make an anime H.G., I also had to do a battle H.G.!

Battle H.G

A Princess H.G.!

Princess H.G

An X-Wing Pilot H.G.!

Star Wars H.G (Omigosh, is she cute.)

And I also made an Escaped Prisoner H.G.! (I imagine she is one of the seven maidens held captive by Agahimn.)

Escape H.G

A Sailor H.G.!

Sailor H.G

And a Hobbit H.G.!

Hobbit H.G

I don’t even know HOW long I spent making all these H.G. anime chicks. But look how cute I am in all of them!

You can design a cute anime you at

Why aren’t you already over there? Go now!



New LotR Fanart

Hello, all! Well, I have certainly been inactive lately, and I apologize. (I’ve missed TWO Obscure Fandom Fridays, my goodness!) But today in my Consortium art class, I had free draw time so look what I whipped together!


It is young Sam and teenage Frodo lying in the grass together. ^.^ And look how cute they are! Especially wee Sam. He’d be about seven in human years.


‘Lil Sam.


Frodo – though not sure why this is sideways. *shrug*


The hands aren’t fantastic, but they’re better than what I usually draw for hands. My normal hands look like banana clusters. Little Sam has his fingers curled around Frodo’s. Some of Frodo’s fingers are really fat. Ugh.


You can flip it upside down or right side up.

So, how did I do portraying our favorite brothers?

Ultimate Battle Makeup

Hello again, Middle Hyrulers, well, I am typing and looking at all the sick fake blood on my hands. Earlier today we talking about shipping. Now let’s have us a chat about cosplay!

So, look at me with my fabulous war makeup!

Photo on 11-11-15 at 10.16 AM 2

Yep, that’s me! Looks like I was in a battle, right?

For the bruising, I mixed green, blue, and purple eyeshadows on my face, then toned them down by putting white eyeshadow over them. The blood is red lipstick, giving the impression of a split lip. The mud is eyebrow color, smeared around, and the dirt is bronzer. On my neck is more bruising, this one was just purple, though. I shook my hair around and sprayed it with some hairspray to get the cool messy look.

Here are more pics:

4-up on 11-11-15 at 10.17 AM #9 (compiled)

I call this one the “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil” picture.

4-up on 11-11-15 at 10.17 AM (compiled)

This shows off the awesome bloody hands.

Anyway, what do you think of my little adventure in makeup? It could work for anything, really – LotR cosplay, or Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Mistborn, The Lone Peasant, Zelda – you name it, this makeup works.

Crocheted Hobbit Hole!

At one of my homeschool co’ops, girls my age have a crochet class. I’m the only one in the class who already knows how to crochet. This week’s assignment was to make a chain and ball it up, but since I can do that already, I asked the teacher if I could make a prize for whoever has the longest chain. The prize I was to make? A hobbit hole.

In twelve days, I managed to whip the hole together with no tutorials, no pattern, no help, no nothing except several skeins of yarn, a needle, a pair of scissors,  and a size five crichet hook. I’ve never even seen a crochet hobbit hold before, but I got it done and it looks great. I set it on a rug (an awful ugly rug, but it was the only well-lighted space I could find that didn’t have people or objects everywhere) and took a plethora of pictures.

The hole is modeled after Bag End, the inhabitants being Sam, Rosie, and Elanor. The dolls were tough to make, especially because I was doing it on such a small scale, but I made them work out in the (Bag) end.

Here are the pictures:



(The green and orange things are pumpkins and cabbages, by the way.)


Bag End’s infamous green door…




This tree was a brilliant idea, in my humble opinion. I like that you can see the roots on the ceiling – it is a hill after all.



I like the way Rosie’s hair turned out, and I went with a pretty blue dress like the one she dances in at the party.


Baby Elanor and my poorly manicured hand.


Samwise the Brave. His hair is from the same skein as the pumpkins. His breeches took FOREVER to get right.





Aren’t they so cute?

I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Just now I realized that Rosie sort of looks pregnant, which is I guess appropriate, as Baby Frodo was born right after Baby Elanor. I think whoever gets the hole will be very happy…..