The Mystic Chronicles Website

Hello hello! If you follow my other blog, The Eccentric Author, you’ve probably heard me talk about my upcoming series. It is a four-part Urban Fantasy series I am co-writing with my cousin, called, (for those of you who aren’t also following “Eccenntric”), “The Mystic Chronicles”. Our first book in the series, “Power Unchained”, is in the editing stages. To raise hype and generate interest as we near publication, Carynn and I have created a website where you can find updates about the book, ask us some questions, and browse around on our blog (which currently only has one post. But more shall come).

The website is called The Hall of Elements: The Official Fansite for the Mystic Chronicles. Clicking on the link will redirect you there. Please feel free to share and pass on our site to anyone and everyone you know, or spend time there yourself asking us as many questions as you like!

And remember to join the mailing list, so that when “Power Unchained” is released, you can be the first to get your hands on a copy.



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