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Guest Post: My Angel Dear

Today’s guest post is a Lord of the Rings fanfiction by a fellow fan named Nicky. I enjoyed this so much, because not only was it fanfiction, it was also poetry, which I have a soft spot for. So thank you to Nicky for submitting this lovely piece! If you’d like to find any of Nicky’s other work, I have the following links:



Love Live! School Idol Festival: ID – 994476351 Username – TunaMaki
Without further ado, please enjoy Nicky’s fic below!
My Angel Dear: A Sam and Frodo Story

“Whatever rhymes with so? Sam, my mind is blank. Would you help me?” Frodo came bustling into the main room of Bag End, wearing his reading glasses and holding a large wad of parchment paper.
“Know, grow, overthrow?” Sam replied, raising his eyebrows and smirking as he said the last one.
“A nice long one there Sam, but I don’t think it’ll serve well in a poem about love.” Frodo said, sitting down by Sam’s side on the sofa and placing his head against his faithful gardener’s shoulder.
“A love poem you say? Strange, coming from you that is Mr. Frodo. Your poems and songs are usually about adventure, and queer happenings. I’d never had guessed you’d come out with such a poem as one about love.” Sam said, jokingly ruffling Frodo’s hair.
“Well Sam, sometimes one likes a change. And that time has come upon me, it would seem. You are right however, it is queer for the likes of me, which is why I need your assistance. The line goes: ‘My dear old friend, I love him so.'” Frodo looked up hopefully at his friend. Sam looked back at Frodo with a surprised expression.
“Why Mr. Frodo, this poem is in the first person!” He started to blush slightly.
“Yes Sam. Is that a problem? I could always adjust it if it sounds a little off-“
“No! It’s perfectly fine. What I was wondering was, is this… About me?” Sam let the last words tumble out accidentally. The two young hobbits stared into each other’s eyes in bewilderment.
“Yes… Yes Sam it is. I felt like… I didn’t appreciate you enough. All that you did for me, all that you gave up for me, all that you’d tell me when I lost hope… I always pictured you carrying me on wings of silver, guiding me towards the light. Sam, it’s only a small act, but I felt like this is what I need to do to repay you.” Frodo shifted his gaze away from Sam in embarrassment. Sam suddenly got up from the sofa, and stood on one knee in front of Frodo.
“Frodo my dear. Everything I did for you, it’s because I care for you. Not just because you’re my master, and that it’s my duty to ensure your safety, it’s because when I’m by your side, I feel like that’s where I can grow those wings of silver you mentioned, and just by looking at you, I can fly, higher than I could as a lowly gardener.”
Frodo stared in awe at his friend, his icy blue eyes sparking with anticipation.
“T-Those are my true feelings Mr. Frodo. You have no need to pay me back for it all. I have everything I could wish for. The adventure I joined is one I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, I’d be a part of. I saw Elves, mountains, even the near end of the World, and I lived to tell the tale. Not only that, the Shire is in peace once again, and you and I are still at each other’s side. Although my wings, I fear, are weary and worn from the experience, I have no doubts that the pain was worth it. The fear, the sadness, the deceit were all things I had to endure in order to stay with you. Frodo my dear! I only hope you feel as I do. The ring has still left a terrible weight on you I fear. But I hope that me, your only Sam, can help you. I’ll become your angel once again. I’ll use my magic to heal your soul, and make you whole once again.” Frodo could barely see his friend through the clear cloak of tears that blurred his vision. He could do nothing more but throw himself into the arms of his dear, dear friend. He cried and cried, as did Sam, as they shared a tender moment together.
“I think now, Sam my dear, I have been inspired to finish my poem.”
My dear old friend, I love him so,
In the garden of his mind, white flowers grow
Delicate, soft and mindfully sewn
Purer than the mountain snow.
When I lose myself to hate
When I feel about to break
Upon his shoulders, he will take
The pain and fear, to seal my fate.
My dear old friend, an angel to me
His words glow bright and set me free
If you look through, if you look deep,
You will see his radiant wings.
They shine just like a thousand moons
Like a softly hummed and sweet spring-tune,
When spread, only a lucky few
Will see him fly from morn ’til noon
My dear old friend, my angel dear
With just a stare can vanquish fear
Our love continues through the years
Never to waver, nor disappear. 
And when the day welcomes the night 
He’ll grab my hand and and we’ll take flight
We’ll shine in the million star’s light
And recite these words, our promise, our plight.

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