Happy Lord of the Rings Day!

Well as some of you may know, today is March 25th, the day that Frodo and Sam (and Gollum) destroyed the Ring in the fires of Mount Doom – the day that Sauron fell and all that good stuff. So to celebrate, today has been declared International Lord of the Rings day, which IS a real holiday, and I refuse to consider it otherwise.

The Lord of the Rings has inspired generations of readers and viewers and accumulated a massive fanbase. Through this classic trilogy and epic film franchise, millions of people around the world have come to love the story of the One Ring and the people affected by it. I know for a fact that Lord of the Rings has changed my life and continues to do so. As soon as I am able, I want to get the Ring’s inscription tattooed on my shoulder. Probably that will be my only tattoo, but suffice it to say that this story has literally become a part of me and I want to make that… even more literal, I guess?

Anyway, the amazing story of the One Ring has actually been broken up into three fandoms (more if you count the books separately). Those are The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Cast Fandom, which all fall under the umbrella of the Tolkien Fandom. And I happen to be in all of them. This video, a music video for the song that played in the credits of “Battle of the Five Armies”, always hits my heart in all the best ways. For major feels and a surging sense of pride in this fandom, I give to you Ladies and Gentlemen, the Official MV for “The Last Goodbye”.

No better way to celebrate than with all of the fandoms that we came to love, put together just like they should be.

Give me your LotR experience in the comments!




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