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Hamilton Relationships: Act One

I have returned! As promised, I come to give my biased, nerdy perspective on the various relationships amongst our  nation’s creators and try desperately not to bring up my personal fan fictions about said creators. A part of me wants to travel back to 2012 when everyone was obsessed with zombies and tell them that in four years, everyone will be rapping about the Founding Fathers and other people (*cough cough, me, cough cough*) will be writing fan fictions on them. We live in a great time, my friends. (Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now…)

But I digress! I am supposed to be talking about the relationships in Hamilton, so here we go. There are SO MANY! Despite the fact that there are 14 major characters, there are WAY more than 14 relationships, since there are sub-relationships and trios (remember that one, by the way) and squads and romance and bromance, and multiple relationships per person – SO! I’ve decided to simplify this a little, I’ll do two separate posts: act one first, naturally, and then act two. So without further ado, onward to the many many relationships of Act One! Let’s start with the two main romances.


Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Schuyler

636006029198865499-403654757_od eliza ham.gif

This is the most obvious. Obviously. After all, as I said in the first two posts and as you should know anyway, Alexander and Eliza are married. Eliza falls desperately in love almost as soon as she meets Alexander, but it’s not clear at first if he loves her too. In “A Winter’s Ball” he makes it relatively clear that a marriage with a Schuyler Sister would be good for his social standing, and at first he flirts mainly with Angelica. He switches to Eliza so quickly that you can wonder if maybe he’s using her to get the position he wants. Decide for yourself. As the musical goes on, though, you can’t really deny that he certainly does love her, and treats her much better after the whole affair/Philip dying issue. By the end, he calls her “my love” and thinks of her while he’s about to die.

Alexander Hamilton/Angelica Schuyler


When I said “Two main romances” I’m fairly sure 90% of the fandom reading this expected the second to be Alexander and John, since they are, as I have stated, really really popular. We’ll talk about them a little later, though I’m gonna use an ampersand for them rather than a slash. I meant the two main romances in the show, not the fandom. Be willing to wait for it. Anyway, Angelica and Alexander. As I said above, he does flirt with her at first. But maybe I should correct that and say he flirts with her and take off the “at first” part. By act two, they’re still writing each other back and forth and comma flirting. Compare these sentences: “My dearest Angelica” and “My dearest, Angelica.” Alexander picks the latter. Alexander, you naughty boy. After the Reynolds Pamphlet, Angelica pushes her relationship with Alexander aside and decides to stick with Eliza, because she loves her sister far more than she loves Alexander. Think “Frozen”. True love, my friends.

Kay, let’s move on from the romances. I know a bunch of people are going to call the stuff I call platonic “romances”, which is fine. We all get along in this fandom. Do whatever ya want (I’m super dead.)

The Hamilsquad

This is from Story of Tonight Reprise, by the way.

Before I go into the other relationships that exist amid this group, let’s discuss these four. Lafayette, Alex, and John are all younger, and Hercules Mulligan is I believe twenty years or more older, so he’s kind of the dad/mom friend. He even says “I’ve got y’all knuckleheads in loco parentis”, and loco parentis is Latin for “in place of a parent.” #Confirmed. But anyway, these four are all very close, go everywhere together, tease each other, hug a lot, and generally act all around adorable. Some people who have seen the play comment that there’s quite a lot of hugging going on in Act One. Perfect. H.G. needs bromance in her life, and this show, luckily, delivers. Boy does it deliver. (Pun intended. You’re welcome.)

John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton


Told you we’d get to them! Honestly, you can’t do a relationship posts without discussing John and Alexander. By the way, it really is complicated. One of them is dead, and then both of them are dead, and then 200 years later, they’re being shipped, they’re the subject of historical debates, they’re the subject of blog posts by rabid fangirls, they’re either friends or boyfriends or both if you ask the fandom… if that’s not complicated, show me something that is.

So like I said, pretty much everyone ships them in one way or another, platonic or romantic. Some historians say that they might have been romantically involved at some point. If that’s true, it’s very rare for the time period. Those conclusions come from a number of affectionate letters exchanged between the two. A lot of similar letters were exchanged between Hamilton and Lafayette. In any case, John and Alexander are very close – when John fights a duel, Alexander goes as his second. When Alexander gets married, John’s his best man. They can probably read each other’s minds. Like I mentioned in the songs post, Alexander is heartbroken when John dies, (so am I because I loved that guy) and never really forms another relationship like that again. I guess he has Lafayette, but Lafayette’s in France, and Alexander kind of… well, betrays him, soooooo…

When Alexander is about to die and catches a glimpse of the other side, John is the first one he sees waiting in heaven for him. John dies quoting Alexander, and Alexander dies quoting John. Which is very beautiful. You’ll be hearing more about them later when I talk about my favorite relationship. It’s not this one, great as it is. Wait for it.

I didn’t mean to make this so long…

Marquis de Lafayette & Hercules Mulligan


Felt like I should mention this. Since there are four members of the Hamilsquad, and Alexander and John are often harmonizing, Hercules and Lafayette will do the other parts of harmonies or rounds and are often standing next to or near each other. They’re also pretty close – maybe not Alexander and John kind of close, but still. That’s hard to top, honestly.

George Washington & Marquis de Lafayette

Pic is from AMC’s “Turn”, which I want to watch.

This one isn’t mentioned in the musical so much, but it is majorly important in actual history, so I thought I should bring it up. Summary: Washington had no biological children, though his wife had children from a former marriage. Lafayette was young and brave and friendly. Lafayette was basically the son Washington never had. *Les Mis plays*. They were extremely close, Lafayette went and cried by Washington’s grave after he died – it’s a very interesting relationship to do research on. And I love research. I have a bunch of fun (adorable) facts I could whip out about them. Comment if you want it. ;D Come on, you know you want it.

The Schuyler Sisters


The Schuyler Sisters are a tightly-knit group, much like the Hamilsquad. Angelica, as the oldest, is sort of in charge. Peggy’s the youngest and slightly naive. She worries about what her father will say when they sneak out, being slightly naive, but Angelica and Eliza want to check out the city, the revolution (the guys…). The three are constantly together. They harmonize, hug, kiss each other on the nose and cheek (according the those fortunate people who have money and saw the show), and generally look out for each other. Especially Angelica, who is always looking out for Eliza. Sadly, Peggy dies (the same year as Philip) and doesn’t come back in Act 2. She’s only in Act 1. But they love her anyway.

Aaron Burr & Alexander Hamilton


In Act One, these two are friends. Burr isn’t exactly a member of the squad, since the other  three really don’t like him, but Alexander is always nice to him, even when they don’t see eye to eye. They both try out for the position of Washington’s Right-Hand-Man/aide-de-camp/sorta secretary. They both have families they love. They really have a lot in common, so it’s sad they couldn’t resolve their issues in Act Two.


Now for my favorite relationship. I love it, I ship it (platonically but more on that in a second), I fic about it all. The. Time. I do research on it, on them, on the incredible friendship – okay, okay, here it is already!

Alexander Hamilton & John Laurens & Marquis de Lafayette


So, this is my… what would you call a platonic OT3? A BroT3? Just an OT3? Eh, I don’t care what you want to call it, it’s so cute! Essentially, while John and Alexander are undeniably adorable, Lafayette was also very close friends with both of them and all three of them exchanged letters dripping with affection, French, and other such shippable goodness. I think Alexander is good romantically with Angelica, or Eliza, so I ship these three in a platonic/brotherly/friend kind of way. I’m notorious for being a FriendShipper…

I’m trying so hard not to post a million excerpts from the letters that I tracked down and read – it’s not easy. If you want ’em, post a comment and I will be glad to give them along with a running commentary, analysis of quotes, remarks made by historians, debates on said remarks from historians, and plenty of heart emojis.

By the way, some of my friends don’t like this ship because they feel like I’m leaving Hercules out of the picture. Well, he was at least twenty years older than them and I haven’t found any letters from him – so he’s in the squad, but not in the Trio. It’s hard to explain. The Trio is, by the way, this ship’s ship name.

It’s tricky for me, because this is not a very popular ship. Fanfics are rare. Platonic fanfics are even more rare. When I can find some, I am the happiest girl alive. When I can’t, I go and read through the letters again to cheer myself up, or write fanfics of my own. Okay, I’ll stop being a nerdy FriendShipper now. *bows* *retreats*


Part Two coming soon! If I missed any, let me know and I can add them in part two. Remember to comment for the facts or the letters!


Off to see Moana! Yes, I am a 15 year old going to see a Disney movie, get over it, it’s Lin Manuel-Miranda for crying out loud. Have I not explained my love for him yet?








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  1. Right as I finish my other Phantom post, this appears and I have to figure out how to cover EVERY RELATIONSHIP THAT IS EVER SHIPPED in Phantom. Oh dear.

    Have fun at Moana! It’s legit the best! Even though this was posted yesterday!


      1. I can fit it into one probably…I don’t know though.

        I KNOW RIGHT!!! I’ve seen it twice now and it’s my favorite Disney movie.


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