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Obscure Fandom Friday #9

This Fandom is my fandom! The King’s Decree!!!!!

Basically, this is a book I published in March and just had a signing for (four people came.) In it, the King of Sildonia dies, which means his son will take over. Eleania, a member of the Elves of the White Rose (one of the many elven tribes) is chosen as a representative to his coronation. Once there though, it becomes clear that the king might not be the same as his father. So all the elves are in danger for reasons I don’t want to give away, and Eleania and her friends are given a mission that could decide Sildonia’s future.

Books: Just one so far!

Movies/TV Show: I wish!

Video game: If only…

Shippable: I’m counting on you as my fans! There are lots of ships you could enjoy. There’s Eleania/Cardor,  Eleania/Thortan, Aliya/Kerin, Silvet/Foleck… endless possibilities and even more characters in the upcoming books to ship.

Fanfictionable: If someone write fan fiction on The King’s Decree it will be the best day of my life.

Feels: I do kill some people. Just a few. And I did try to make it said at some parts.

If I talk about my personal fanbase it would spoil it, so I’ll just cut right to joining the fandom.

To join the fandom, buy the book! It’s available on Amazon, CreateSpace e-store, or the Barnes & Noble website. Please buy it! Tell me what you think!





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