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Part Three in the “Land of Shadows” saga: First and Last.

Hello, all! Yes, I am now going to start part three to celebrate publishing my book. Since it would be a pain to scroll down the whole way through the LoS and THATH page, I will first post chapters in a post, like this here, and then add it to the page afterwards if you wish to read it again. Here we are with chapter one!!! The hobbits are rather pessimisstic…

Sam: Goodbye, Frodo.

Frodo: Goodbye, Sam. Living was nice.

Sam: I love you.

Frodo: I love you, too. *prepares for death*

Okay, THAT’S a little dramatic. But anyway… to the chapter!


Chapter One


Sam, where are you?

The garden you took such good care of is gone. It’s all shriveled and empty. And all the grass of the fields has withered away. We almost never go outside anymore because all of us are too afraid. Too afraid of what They will do to us.

You promised me you’d come home. After you finished your job, after you helped Mr. Frodo do his job, you said. You said then you would come back to me. I’ve been waiting for you since spring came, because I couldn’t believe that you would miss the garden’s blooming. But you have, and you’ve missed much worse things. Everybody tells me you’re dead. Give up and stop hoping. But that’s not like me, Sam. And I need to keep hoping because I cannot imagine a permanent life without you – this is only temporary, right?

I know you love him, but don’t you love me too?

Everyone thinks I am mad – everyone who dares to leave their home and come to mine, that is. I haven’t left home in a long time.

Marigold and I have tried to fix your garden. The one you tended in Bag End is almost completely gone, but the one you planted by your home, that’s at least alive. We saw to that. Even your brothers are concerned for you. But they aren’t your only brothers, are they?

Wherever you are – in this world, you have to be alive – I hope he’s with you. Maybe you’re asleep right now. Maybe he’s curled up in your arms for comfort. You said his mission would be dark. I hope you can be his light, as you are so many other people’s.

Won’t you come back to me and be my light?

Sam, where are you?


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