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Dream Celebrity “Amazing Race” Cast

I love this reality TV show called “The Amazing Race”! Basically, eleven teams start in the U.S. and over the course of about three weeks, race around the world, stopping in countries to complete challenges before they can go to the hotel, then the next morning they get up, catch a flight, and do it all over again. The pairs can have any relation to each other. They can be married, coworkers, sisters, brothers, best friends, parent and child – though they do all have to be an adult, or an older teenager accompanied by an adult. Plus, each team has a hashtag. Now on the off chance that every actor I name is reading this and all the pairs I set up decide to apply together, and then they all get chosen (a small chance, I know), this would be my dream celebrity cast for “The Amazing Race.” And since this is Middle Hyrule, all the actors are from fandom!!!!

Team #1: Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath


I’m not just saying that because I ship them and their characters. I think they work well together, and they certainly would be good at the more action-filled, stunt-like challenges, as they costarred in drama series “Merlin.”


Team #2: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

Your inner hedgehog is showing, Martin.

These two are just hilarious! Benedict is also good at “playing people with ice for blood” as our old friend Anne Marie puts it, so he could cold-shoulder other teams, a strategy which has worked in the past. I’m not in the Sherlock fandom (although I really need to join, the fanbase is so cool), but everybody knows about Ben and Martin. Plus, they’re Smaug and Bilbo. So, perfect team!


Team #3: Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep


I don’t think they’d be a very athletic team. I don’t think they’d win. But I think everyone would be scared to death of them and desperate to help them out.


Team #4: Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson



Jen is hilarious and she and Josh have this great connection. Plus, ever blunt Jen would probably embarrass the other teams and laugh in their faces. And, I think that all the athletic training from “Hunger Games” will be helpful to them.


Team #5: Rupert Grint and Emma Watson


They’re Ron and Hermione!!! I wish we could include Daniel Radcliffe… but… sorry Daniel. We can’t include you in this because each team is only two people. It’s a PAIR after all. So, yes. Sorry. They have chemistry, but do they have anything else? We’d have to find out.


Team #6: Daisy Ridley and Carrie Fisher

Star Wars Celebration 2015

Maybe Carrie’s a little old. But she gets things done. And Daisy Ridley… she did a lot of running scenes in Episode 7, so she could win when they have those footraces to the pit stop before an elimination. I think they’d work well together.

Team #7: Sean Astin and Elijah Wood

Elijah: Oh no, H.G. is plotting stuff… I’m scared, Sean!

Okay, so, um… I think everyone knew this was coming… Yeah… But I mean they would make the best team!!!!!!! They’re total bros, and they work well together. And Sean ran a triathlon! So he’s very athletic. And Elijah is so gorgeous everyone would let them kind of rule the show. I think they’d make it far. And I’d be rooting for them because… MY GOSH THEY’RE SAM AND FRODO!!!!!!! They would win. I’m sure of it. And by the way, the other day was Sean’s birthday. I sent him a comment on Pinterest but autocorrect changed it and I looked stupid.


Team #8: Thomas Brodie Sangster and Ki Hong Lee


Now I don’t actually know anything about the Maze Runner, but my sister is in the fandom, and she says these two are bros, so whatever. And their movie is basically about people running through a maze. So they must be good at running, right? Good! Go run, boys!


Team #9: Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler


Yeah, they are tough girls. Really tough girls. Would they win? No. Sean and Elijah would win. But they would probably get pretty far.


Team #10: Billie Piper and David Tennant


Now I haven’t seen this season of Doctor Who, but from what I hear, they work well together and are good friends. So, if they used the TARDIS to jump from detour to pit stop, they could go pretty far. Not beat Elijah and Sean, but go pretty far.


Team #11: Bradley James and Angel Coulby


A “Merlin” pair to start and a “Merlin” pair to end, eh? They’re… just… so cute!


Honorable pair: Kim and Kayne. Just to watch them fail miserably and laugh in their lame faces.

So, who do you think would win? Do you like the Amazing Race? And what are your pairs?




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