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Obscure Fandom Friday #8

Welcome to #8! This week’s obscure fandom friday is an anime I’ve been talking about lately…

That says “Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun in English.

Name of the fandom: Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun is just about the cutest anime you can possibly watch. There’s no violence, no gore or anything. It’s completely shojo (which means, for girls.) But boys love it, too! In this twelve-episode tale of love and art, high school student Chiyo tries to ask out the boy she’s loved for almost a year – the handsome Nozaki-Kun. But Nozaki-Kun misunderstands her and she ends up become his assistant for the popular monthly comic he draws. Nozaki’s other assistants include Mikoshiba, a shy boy who pretends to be a huge flirt in order to hide his confidence issues, Hori, a short boy with a big mouth, and Wakamatsu, a sweetheart who’s looking for the girl of his dreams. The cast also includes Kashima, a popular girl known as the “prince of the school”, and my favorite, Yuzuki, a completely rude and blunt girl who’s always running from teachers and has the most gorgeous singing voice. You’ll laugh and laugh at the awkward antics of the seven teens, and the ending will leave you in tears.

Books: There are 8 manga books, which are japan-style comic books.

TV Show/Movies: The show is 12 episodes long and you can get it subtitled on Hulu.

Video game: I wish!

Shippable: OH YES! Every couple in this show is AMAZING!!!Kashima/Hori, Yuzuki/Wakamatsu, and of course, Chiyo/Nozaki!!!

Fanfictionable: I need to write some. It would be so fun!!!

Feels: It’s mostly happy, but I almost died at the ending. I was walking around like a zombie…

My personal fanbase with MGNZ:

My OTP: Oh, it’s so hard… I have to say Kashima/Hori. With Chiyo/Nozaki exactly tied. So, those two.

My favorite character: Yuzuki!!!!!

My favorite books: I haven’t read the books. But my favorite episode was the one where Nozaki was a teddy bear.

Now, it’s TV-14. Because of Mikoshiba and I’m laughing right now as I think about Mikoshiba. And now I want to cry because I miss the show so much!!! Anyway, so Mikoshiba plays dating sims and stuff and gets REALLY mad when it doesn’t go his way… XD XD XD oh I’m chuckling right now… I love Mikoshiba…um, ahem. Well, he will say the h – e- double hockey sticks, which I’m sure we all know. And when Chiyo is trying to keep Nozaki’s identity a secret, she’ll go around and blurt out lies and awkward stuff that makes all the characters so confused. Because she never means it the way she says it and they take it the wrong way. Example, Kashima is confused and thinks Hori likes Nozaki and asks, “who’s cuter, me or Nozaki?” Ever-honest Hori says, “Nozaki.” Okay, I need to stop, but it was sooooooooo funny! I love that show! I miss that show so much!!!!!





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