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I LOVE headcanons! I just found out about them the other day, and so I’ll come up with some! Please don’t steal them to use as your own; repost if you want, but give me some credit! Spoiler alert!


Lord of the Rings


  1. Boromir was sometime pressured by Denethor and always feeling that he had to be the best. Faramir wants to help his brother, but if he tries to hang around him too much Denethor yells at him for interrupting his brother’s sword practice. They go and cry together.
  2. Arwen loved visiting Galadriel, and told her all her secrets, even the fact that she had a crush on a mortal.
  3. When Sam said that he loved Frodo, Frodo was actually awake and he heard him. He smiled to himself, because he knew that his best friend could carry him through all of the pain.
  4. When Pippin was a baby, his first word was, “Mer-Mer!” because he couldn’t pronounce Merry.
  5. The hobbits are cold on Caradhras, so they all cuddle together with Frodo in the middle, because he’s the one they love the most, so they want him to be plenty warm.
  6. Eowyn and Merry stay up late at camp because neither of them can sleep. They swap stories from their childhood.
  7. When Bilbo dies, he runs right to Thorin, Fili, Kili, and all his other dwarf friends and they hug for a long time.
  8. Roses are Sam’s favorite flower, and he always tends to those first thing every morning before any other flower.
  9. Aragorn got the name Strider from Arwen. His nickname for her was Luthien.
  10. The reason Gollum hates Sam is because of his close relationship with Frodo. It reminds him of his friendship with Deagol, and he doesn’t want to think about that.
  11. Legolas eats mint to make his breath clean and combs 100 strokes in his hair every morning.
  12. The night at the foot of Mt. Doom, when Frodo slept in Sam’s arms, he dreamed that he would have to leave Sam forever, and he secretly hoped that he would die after he finished the Quest so that would never have to happen.
  13. Treebeard’s entwife was taller than him and much better at nearly everything.
  14. Gimli has never actually met a dwarf woman because his parents didn’t want him to have a girlfriend until he was 500.
  15. When they get back to the Shire and get rid of the ruffians, the hobbits have a sleepover at Bag End, curl up together in Frodo’s huge bed, and talk about everything they’re thankful for.

Harry Potter

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  1. When Ron learns Wingardeium Leviosa, he makes all of Hermione’s books fly out of her reach.
  2. Dumbledore and McGonagall have huge crushes on each other.
  3. Professer Snape has greasy hair because Fred and George always hex his shampoo.
  4. Harry and Ron were bored, so they held an owl wedding for Hedwig and Errol. Hedwig hated this.
  5. Sirius takes Fred and George aside and teaches them some tricks he and James invented.
  6. Snape didn’t go to James and Lily’s wedding.
  7. Molly and Lily were best friends at Hogwarts and swore that their children would be best friends too.
  8. Hermione and Ron danced together on the Horcrux journey to make up for the disaster at the Yule Ball.
  9. Harry thinks of Ron and Hermione as his siblings.
  10. Voldemort likes to eat chocolate frogs.

Hunger Games


  1. Haymitch is in love with Effie.
  2. Rue has a pet mockingjay at home.
  3. Katniss and Peeta have three kids (Katniss was pregnant in the Epilogue.) They are named Rue, Prim, and Finnick.
  4. Johanna ends up marrying Gale.
  5. Rue and Prim become best friends in the next life.
  6. Cato and Clove kissed once in the arena, but they weren’t as popular as Katniss and Peeta. They did get the nice jacket that Clove stored her knives in from a sponsor, though.
  7. Katniss has nightmares about a mockingjay getting speared.
  8. Buttercup is so ugly because he was victim of a mine accident. He alone survived because he was small enough to get out.

Anime and Manga


  1. Chiyo loves Sailor Moon. She gets Kashima and Yuzuki to dress up with her for halloween. Chiyo is Usagi. Kashima is Ami. Yuzuki is Haruka because she refuses to be anyone other than the bad girl. When they arrive at Nozaki’s house, he snaps pictures of them because they’re wearing sailor suits.
  2. No one, to this day cannot figure out why a girl who bakes as much as Makoto can be so skinny.
  3. The Attack on Titan wings were inspired by a bird who flew past a Titan’s head, completely unafraid. (I don’t know much about AoT, but what do you think?)
  4. All the Sailor scouts go shopping and Usagi charges it to Mamoru’s credit card.
  5. Nozaki and Chiyo, plus Kashima and Hori, plus Yuzuki and Wakamatsu all go on a group date!!!! And Mikorin comes too. With a figure of a girl from his video game.
  6. AU: The scouts all reincarnate except for Michiru and Hotaru. MWA HA HA!!!!!!
  7. Kashima can’t tell anyone except for her close friends that she likes Hori… she’s too popular for her own good!

So, those are just four fandoms. I have a LOT more I could have said! But what do you think?




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