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Obscure Fandom Friday #7

I think it’s number seven, right? Anyway, this fandom everyone has heard of as a musical, and nearly everyone likes it… but in terms of fandom, it’s small. Very few people are in the “Fanbase” simply because there’s so little there. But less can be more, so the new OFF is…


Name of the Phandom: Phantom of the Opera!!!

The PHAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS THEEEERRRRREEEE…. INSIDE MY MIND!!!!!!! In the longest running broadway musical, Christine Daaë, a young opera singer, is tutored by the mysterious Angel of Music, who has made plans to abduct her so she can perform his music. However, Christine finds out that he is actually a deformed creep when he kidnaps her. He lets her go. And, actually, there’s a flaw in his plan because Christine is already in love with the Viscount de Chagny, Raoul, and he’s so much cuter than the Phantom…. yes, the Angel of Music is actually the phantom of the opera, or as he calls himself, the opera ghost. People die, Christine kisses Raoul AND the Phantom, and it just goes on and on and on until the end, which i won’t give away.

Books: There is a book. I haven’t finished it though.

TV Show/Movies: There is a movie, and you can see it on Broadway or Proctors or whatever big theater you live near.

Video Game: Hah, that’d be a sight.

Shippable: Christine and Raoul or Christine and the Phantom, and that’s about it. And maybe Carlotta/Piangi. Or Madame/Phantom.

Fanfictionable: There is some, but not from me! Fanfic on musicals is tricky…

Feels: YES! There’s this big singing-back-and-forth to-do and it can be so emotional!

My personal fanbase with POTO:

My OTP: Christine/Raoul. The end.

My favorite character: Meg Giry, or Madame.

My favorite book: Well, I actually don’t like the book much, so I’ll do my favorite song. My favorite song is the theme song.

To join this fandom, see it performed or watch the movie. I will say that both are PG-13, not for violence, (although 3 people are strangled to death, there’s not a ton of blood) but rather the romance. Nothing HAPPENS, but you know, they talk/sing about IT once in a great while. It’s kind of awkward to watch with your parents, even though they’ve seen it. Everyone’s seen it. So ask them what age is good. If you could tolerate Anakin/Padme you should be fine with POTO.

(Lemme just point out, the mask is on the wrong side of his face. It’s supposed to be on the right side.)


3 thoughts on “Obscure Fandom Friday #7

  1. SQUEE I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH OH MY GOSH!!!! I JOINED THE FANDOM YESTERDAY AND I’M OBSESSED! (Personally I ship Christine with Phantom but that’s because I’m weird and Raoul kind of ticks me off sometimes.) BUT SQUEEE!!!!


      1. It’s SO GOOD! I haven’t quite finished it but we’re ordering the movie and I will proceed to force Nessa to watch it. I’m SO SO SO SO SO in love with the movie (that’s all I’ve seen and I’m going to read the script since I downloaded it) and I’m considering reading the book.


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