So, as some of you may know, I kinda have a thing for Elijah wood…..


Hehe yep. And, yesterday was Elijah Wood’s birthday…. He’s now 35! Crazy to think that only fifteen years ago we were watching his eighteen year old self frolicking around on-screen with a curly wig and hobbit feet. Well I mean, I wasn’t, because I wasn’t born yet…but the rest of you were. Maybe.

Okay, so it’s a little weird that I have a crush on someone who’s 20 years older than me, but I really just adore his 18-year-old self. And I have a brilliant plan of how to marry him when he was 18! It involves a Tardis, a sandwich, two gift cards, and 1999. Brilliant! Although I have to live in the past forever until we get back to the present but… it still works.

Elijah Wood is so talented and SO GORGEOUS!!!! And his eyes… his eyes are impossibly blue. Like, how could eyes be that blue and still be real?!?!

And he lives all alone in his Austin mansion… he must be so lonely… he needs a girlfriend. Get a girlfriend, Elijah. You need one. But make sure she deserves you. Please?

I super hope he hasn’t gone and thrown his life away like lots of actors… that would be so sad! You’re so smart, Elijah! On the off-chance you’re reading this, which you probably aren’t but still… you are smart, you are talented, and you are loved by like four million people. Think of how sad it would be… But we’d still love you.

And, Elijah Wood still looks like he’s 18. He’s eternally young.

Pretty Elijah….




Prett – WHO MADE THIS PICTURE?!!?!?!?!?!?!


That is sick. WHO MADE THAT?!?!?!? I will throw them into mount doom. I will.

Oh, and another thing about Elijah. His bromance with Sean Astin is so cute.



Awww. But Sean… what is that face?!?!?!?! Weird alert.

So, yeah. Elijah Wood is great. And I guess I’m not really in love with him… I just love him. And he’s a great actor. And I have a crush on Frodo. And he is Frodo. So, yeah. I’m done. He’s 35. The end.


Elijah Quotes:

“Hello! I’m Elijah Wood and I’m a loser!”

“Geeks are the coolest people.”

“I love romantic comedies. I love romantic movies.”

“I am not a star. A star is nothing more than a ball of gas.”







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