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The Awesomeness of Anime H.G.

No, I am not being supported to promote this website… I just think it’s absolutely AWESOME. Design yourself as an anime character!

Now, you all know what I look like…

Photo on 11-11-15 at 10.16 AM 2

But picture that minus the battle makeup, kay? Now, here is my anime self…

Anime HG

Pretty close, I’d say!

I love this website! You can design yourself as an anime character, and you can add accessories, plus combine four different hair categories to make sure you get the hairdo right. You can also add neat backgrounds and make your hands do cool stuff – like holding a copy of the Red Book, as mine is!

But, since I obviously was not content to just make an anime H.G., I also had to do a battle H.G.!

Battle H.G

A Princess H.G.!

Princess H.G

An X-Wing Pilot H.G.!

Star Wars H.G (Omigosh, is she cute.)

And I also made an Escaped Prisoner H.G.! (I imagine she is one of the seven maidens held captive by Agahimn.)

Escape H.G

A Sailor H.G.!

Sailor H.G

And a Hobbit H.G.!

Hobbit H.G

I don’t even know HOW long I spent making all these H.G. anime chicks. But look how cute I am in all of them!

You can design a cute anime you at

Why aren’t you already over there? Go now!




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