The Final Day of Fanfic

I just want to say, this was fun but I am NEVER doing it again! SO MUCH WORK!!!!!

(I’ll set up the links later, for now I need to get this DONE so I won’t be late to church!)

Now, sing the song. You know you want to.

On the twelfth day of fanfic, my H.G. gave to me… twelve cabins a-decked out!

Eleven kids a-running!

Ten scouts a-gifting!

Nine guys a-walking!

Eight “chefs” a-cooking!

Seven Jedi dudes!

Six knights a-training…


Four kids and Aslan!

Three wizard ships.

Two-oo festive Daleks.

And the Everdeen’s Christmas tree!

Author’s note: OF COURSE I don’t believe in Greek gods, it’s a story, people, a story. So don’t call me a satanic being or whatever. I’m a Christian. This is a book that I’m writing fan fiction on. Please, let’s get along. Also, I HATE the second series, so this is the original. And I don’t care much for Nico… but he’s in here, anyway.


It was Christmas Eve at Camp Half-Blood,  and all the cabins were decorated for the holidays.

Well, almost all. The Zeus cabin didn’t have any decorations, because it didn’t have any campers. The only decoration was a string of tinsel that Chiron had thought to string up so the god wouldn’t be offended.

The Hera cabin was similar. Some of the girls had turned peacock feathers into ornaments and hung them on a tree outside, to be respectful.

The Hades cabin had skull ornaments and red banners proclaiming, “step in and DIE!” courtesy of Nico DiAngelo. “Merry Christmas and see you at my dad’s place!” Everyone steered clear of Hades cabin.

Percy and Tyson had outdone themselves with the Poseidon cabin. Tyson had made beautiful ornaments shaped like tridents and horses, and they had hung blue strands of tinsel to create the illusion of waves above the doorway.

Next, the Demeter cabin’s walls had mistletoe, holly, and ivy snaking along them. The roof was a forest of decorated Christmas trees.

The Artemis cabin was currently home to several of the goddess’s hunters, who had placed a large statue of the goddess out front and laid gifts at her feet, as though she were a tree.

Beside it, her brother’s cabin was scrubbed to shine out in all it’s golden brilliance. Little had been done but the gold shimmer, save for a single arrow positioned above the door holding a cluster of mistletoe.

The Hephaestus cabin’s campers had made enormous metal trees and a large train track to go around them, so large that three campers at a time could ride on it. In the air flew mechanical reindeer. On the lawn stood many wide-eyed campers admiring the spectacle.

Aphrodite’s campers had only placed gifts everywhere… for themselves. Also, they had made the dollhouse-like cabin even pinker than normal by adding bows and pink curtains, and showers of candy outside each window pane. Fake candy, of course. None of them ate candy, for fear of cavities.

Hermes cabin was a mess of everything, as it held so many campers. There were blow-ups in the yard, blinking lights of every color, and trees on the step.

The Dionysius cabin was a shrine to grapes. Grapes hanging from trees. Purple lights. More grapes on the ground. Grapes everywhere.

Last, the Ares cabin was red. All red. The campers had painted it red. The boar’s head held a red box in his mouth. They insisted the red made it look more festive.


Camp half-blood was a beautiful sight. Within most cabins lay happy campers, sound asleep and dreaming of the morning.




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