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The Tenth Day of Fanfic

Soooo many men in fanfic lately! So today, it’s all girls! Ten girls to be exact. Because…

On the tenth day of fanfic my H.G. gave to me… ten scouts a-gifting.

Nine guys a-walking!

Eight “chefs” a-cooking!

Seven Jedi dudes!

Six knights a-training…


Four kids and Aslan!

Three wizard ships.

Two-oo festive daleks

And the Everdeen’s Christmas tree!

Author’s note: This takes place sometime after Usagi and Mamoru are married, and Chibiusa has been born. So, Chibusa is a baby and they live in Crystal Tokyo at this point. Also, for those not familiar with the Japanese honorific system, people in Japan tag names with an “honorific”, or a title. “Chan” is a cutesy, friendly term. “San” is slightly more formal, so like calling someone Miss/Mr. such-and-such. Those are probably the only two honorfics I will use, but… we’ll see!


Usagi Serenity Tsukino sat with her daughter on her lap in her bedroom of the Crystal Tokyo palace. On her left sat Minako, head on Usagi’s shoulder. On her right sat Ami, strumming her lap harp absently. In the corner, a pile of gifts was growing beneath the tree, which Rei and Makoto were sifting through.

“Hey, Usagi!” shouted Makoto, shaking a package. “What’s in this?”

“I’m not tellin’ you!” teased Usagi, running a comb through Chibiusa’s hair. “You have to wait for the Outer Sailors.”

“Aww…” Makoto said gloomily. “What’s taking them so long? Haruka-san can drive really fast.”

“Haruka’s coming by herself, remember?” said Minako, raising her head.  “She was doing work on her planet. And Setsuna-san’s bringing Hotaru.”

“‘Taru! ‘Taru!” squealed Chibiusa happily, clapping her hands. Naturally, she knew nothing of her future self befriending Hotaru, though Hotaru did. All Chibiusa knew was that Hotaru spoiled her, and anyone who spoiled her deserved affection.

“What about Michiru?” asked Ami, hanging backwards off the edge of the couch as she strummed her harp. “Is she coming with Haruka, or Setsuna or Hotaru?”

“By herself, I think,” said Usagi.

They all groaned.

“She almost failed her driver’s test! How can she drive all the way out here?!” exclaimed Rei, clapping a hand to her brow.

“I think she’s flying,” said Usagi.

“I hope she’s flying,” Rei mumbled.

There came a knock on the door.

Ami hopped up from the couch, and Rei and Makoto rushed to the door.

“Hellooooooo sailors!” shouted Haruka, flinging it open before they could get it for her. She had massive bags hanging from her shoulders, a gift box tied to her shoulder, and small packages dangling from either hand.

“Haruka-san!” they all cheered.

Please, aren’t I ‘chan’ yet?” teased Haruka, turning sideways to fit through the door.

Usagi handed Chibiusa to Minako so she could run to embrace Haruka. “Haruka-chan, I missed you!” she said.

“Mmhmm, me, too,” said Haruka, brushing a kiss on Usagi’s cheek as she shrugged the presents off her shoulders. “How are you, Usa?”

“Great!” Usagi beamed at the pile of presents. “Are any of those for me?”

“Well, let’s see. There are nine, and there are nine of you. So what do you think?” Haruka untied the large package from her shoulder and slipped it under the tree, then straightened up with a hand on her hip. “So! Where’s the king?”

“Mamoru’s out shopping,” said Usagi.

“For you?”

Usagi grinned. “I tole him today was a girl’s day.”

“You are so spoiled,” said Haruka, ruffling her hair. She grinned. “Well, it’s good to be home,” she said, going to a couch and dangling her legs off the side.

“And you always did make yourself at home,” teased Minako, carrying Chibiusa over, and Chibiusa giggled.

“‘Ruka’than!” she giggled. “Where ‘Taru?”

“Aww, still not over our lisp, eh pretty princess?” said Haruka, fluffing the princess’s hair.

“Hotaru-chan’s coming with Setsuna, Chibi-chan,” said Minako, handing the baby back to Usagi. “Remember?”

“Aww. Chibi wan’ see ‘Taru now!” said Chibiusa with a pout.

And then there was another knock.

“‘TARU!” squealed Chibiusa. “‘Taru here, Mama!”

“Maybe,” said Usagi, kissing the top of her daughter’s head.

Rei, who was still standing by the door, pulled it open to admit Setsuna, carrying a small box and leading Hotaru by the hand.

“‘Taru!” squealed Chibiusa, wriggling like mad.

“Chibusa-chan!” The girl ran over to her friend and took her from Usagi’s arms. “Oh… do you mind, Usagi-san?”

“Not at all,” laughed Usagi. Chibiusa covered Hotaru’s face in kisses.

“Missed you, ‘Taru!”

“Missed you too, you l’il Chibi!”

Setsuna grinned, walking in. “Hello, all.” She handed the box to Ami. “This is for you.”

“Oh, Setsuna-san!” gasped Ami as she ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal chemistry vials. “Are these from you laboratory?”

“Of course!” Setsuna smiled. She’s always had a soft spot for the intelligent Ami. “Merry Christmas.”

Ami beamed and went to set the vials by her harp where they wouldn’t be broken.

Setsuna walked to Haruka and hugged her, then held her out by her shoulders. “Well! It’s been a while!” She linked her arm through Haruka’s. “You are coming home with me and Michiru and no ‘buts’ about it.”

Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka were all best friends. When baby Hotaru was found, parentless, they had agreed to raise her together, living in Haruka’s luxurious apartment until Hotaru was old enough to fulfill her duties as Sailor Saturn. Then they had gone their own ways to fulfill seperate missions, but they always maintained a strong bond and often stayed together at Haruka’s apartment anyway. Hotaru accompanied them on various missions, or went on her own. Usually she was in Setsuna’s care or babysitting Chibiusa.

“But -” began Haruka, just to be annoying.

“No ‘buts’!” said Setsuna, and they laughed and hugged again. “You’re so fresh.”

“I know,” said Haruka. Usagi rolled her eyes.

Then the door burst open and Michiru flew in.

“Haruka-chan! Setsuna-chan!!!!” she squealed, rushing past everyone else in a blur of green hair and clothes. “I missed you!!!!”

“So, I guess she didn’t drive,” Rei whispered to Makoto, and they chuckled quietly.

Michiru overhead them. “I flew, thanks,” she said. Then she turned back to Haruka and Setsuna. “So, whatcha get me?”

“Michiru-mama!” called Hotaru.

“Oh, hello, darling.” Michiru gave her a quick kiss on her head. “So, whatcha get me?”


The scouts sat in a circle, wrapping paper and gifts at their feet. Makoto was tearing open a frosting kit from Minako. When she had it unwrapped, she grinned.

“Thanks, Mina-chan!” she said, hugging her friend. “But, not very subtle, you know?”

“Whatdaya mean?” asked Mina, picking up her cat as he passed.

“I mean, this means you want cupcakes, am I right?”

Minako grinned. “Okay, now Rei!” She handed over Rei’s gift.

“Oooh!” said Rei, seeing a pack of arrows for her bow. “Thanks, Mina. Now, here’s what I got you.” She handed her a piece of paper.

“A subscription to a dating website?” said Makoto, reading over her shoulder.

“Yay! Now maybe I’ll get a boyfriend!” cheered Minako.

“Blech,” said Haruka, sticking out her tougne. “Boys are so gross.”

“Yeah,” agreed Ami. “I’m allergic to boys.  Friends are better.”

“But boys can be friends,” said Rei.

“I meant girl friends,” said Ami.

“Boy friends or boyfriends, who cares?” Haruka shuddered. “Last time I went driving this trucker kept flirting with me.”

“You need a boyfriend, Haruka,” said Setsuna.

“No thank you!” Haruka waved a hand. “I’m married to my job.”

“Well, I want a boyfriend,” said Minako excitedly. “Now I can meet one! Thanks so much, Rei-chan!”

Michiru could barely contain her excitement. “What’d you get me, Haruka-chan? Won’t you tell me? Pleeease?”

“Michiru-mama,” laughed Hotaru.

“Alright, alright,” said Haruka, picking up the large package that she had tied to her shoulder earlier. “I got you a new violin.”

“You aren’t supposed to tell her!” groaned Setsuna, but Michiru was already screaming and tearing off the wrap.

“Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou Haruka!” she shouted.

Haruka smiled. “Can’t be excitedly quietly, huh?”


Lastly, Usagi opened her many gifts. “Thank you, Hotaru, Ami, Rei, Michiru, Setsuna, Mako, Mina, Haruka, Chibiusa,” she said, smiling. “You’re such great friends. I love you guys.”

“We love you too, Usagi!” squealed all the girls, hugging her. It had been a wonderful Christmas party.


(Clockwise from the girl holding the present, who is Haruka; Michiru, Setsuna, Minako, Makoto, Ami, Rei, and Hotaru. Usage is in the middle.)


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