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The Fourth Day of Fanfic

Well, I’m back. 🙂 Still having a few problems, but maybe writing can be my therapy. I have to post THREE days today. All I can say is…

On the fourth day of fanfic my H.G. gave to me… four kids and Aslan!

Three wizard ships!

Two festive daleks!

And the Everdeen’s Christmas tree!

Author’s note: the Fourth Day, being Narnia, is a great chance for me to hint at the true meaning of Christmas, so I hope all my followers who are not Christians will indulge me this once. 😉


Lucy, Edmond, Peter, and Susan walked silently through the snow after the great lion. All around them, the world was quiet, and no sound was heard but their breath and footfalls.

To Lucy, winter in Narnia was even more beautiful when the winter came naturally, rather than being forced  by the White Witch. She thought of the winter back in her own world, which could be harsh, the snow dirtied and the passersby troubled by their day-to-day struggles, each as different and small as a snowflake, yet all together, blending to create a beautiful picture. She looked at Aslan, who walked before them. He had created this world with such beautiful winters, as had the One in her own world, Aslan by a different name.

Edmond was grateful that the witch was gone. He had seen her castle of ice close up, and he knew that it’s power of winter lay in cold, gnawing pain. The winter Aslan created, however, felt soft and gentle.

The earth was so still, Susan realized, as she marveled in it’s beauty all around her. She hadn’t believed, at first, that there could be another world hidden in the wardrobe – but now, walking through this amazing land, she wondered how she ever could have doubted.

As for Peter, he stood erect, gazing over Narnia, wondering how best to serve this land as the king. Then he turned his gaze towards Aslan, and smiled. Of course. He would follow the example of the greatest king of all.


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