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The Third Day of Fanfic

On the third day of fanfic, my H.G. gave to me…. three wizard ships!

 Two festive daleks!

And the Everdeen’s Christmas tree!



Ronald Weasly looked up from over the top of his very large stack of books at Harry, waving from the balcony of the common room. He lifted an arm to wave back, but in doing so, the books lost balance on the one arm supporting them and toppled over, taking Ron with them.

“Ouch,” Harry muttered. He rushed down to help Ron up.

“Thanks,” Ron muttered, bending to pick up all the books.

“What are these all for, anyway?” asked Harry.

“Hermione,” Ron grumbled, ruffling his hair. “It’s the whole series she asked for. Fred and George gave them to me when they left last year.”

Harry smiled.

“Which reminds me,” said Ron, dumping half of the books into Harry’s arms as they climbed the stairs to their dormitory. “What are you getting for Ginny?”

“A broomstick.”

“Firebolt?” Ron teased.

“Ha, ha,” said Harry, though in his head, he wished he could give Ginny a hundred Firebolts rather than the Cleansweep 6 he had picked up on sale. At least it was better than Ginny’s old Shooting Star. “Don’t tell her, though.”

“You know me, mate,” said Ron cheerfully. “I can keep secrets.”

Harry budged open the door to the common room with his hip and they went in.

Neville was sitting on his bed with his head in hands. Harry and Ron set down the books and walked over to him.

“What wrong?”Ron asked.

Neville groaned and flopped over. “I don’t know what to get for Luna.”

“Get her a guide to fake birds,” said Ron.

Neville laughed, shook his head.

“Neville,” said Harry. “Just take her for a walk. Let her talk. She’ll love that.”

Neville thought for a minute. “Maybe… but oh, I don’t want her talking about all those crumple horn things. My gran doesn’t believe in them.”

“Well,” said Harry, “Luna does. If she’s as important as you say, you’ll have to let her do it.”

Neville nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah… I think I will. Thanks.” He grinned. “Anyway, I’m off. Doing some work with Professor Sprout.” And he left the room.

Ron rolled his eyes, chuckling, and turned back towards the books. The smile slid off his face. “How am I going to wrap all these?” he said.



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