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The Second Day of Fanfic

On the second day of fanfic, my H.G. gave to me… two festive daleks

And the Everdeen’s christmas tree!


Crick the dalek rolled into the main room, where his fellow dalek Jang was standing in the middle of the floor tangled up in a green chain.

“Jang,” said Crick. Jang looked up. “What – are – you – doing,” Crick creaked out.

“I am – hanging- these – dec-or-a-tions,” Jang said, spinning around and becoming further tangled in the chain. “This is mist-el-toe.”

Crick sighed. “What is – the – purpose – of mist-el-toe?”

Jang paused. “I don’t – know.”

“Well, let me – make – this easy.” Crick pointed his shocker to the mistletoe. “Exterminate! EX – TER – MIN -AAATE!”

The mistletoe burst into flames and burned to a crisp. Crick extinguished it with his plunger.


“Why – did – you – do that?” asked Jang, annoyed.

Crick gave a creaky laugh. “There is no – purpose. No purpose to mist-el-toe.”

“It is a trap,” said Jang. “To lure – our – sworn enemy.”

“The – Doctor?” guessed Crick.

“Yes. He will – come – to cel-e-brate Christmas. And then – EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”

Crick would have frowned, if he had a mouth. “What is Christ-mas?” He searched into his database for the information. There were countless files, on enemy attack patterns, old customs, future customs, and the list of every conflict with the doctor. He flipped back to customs and searched. “Christmas,” read the file, written by daleks centuries ago, long before even the great time war. “A holiday where gifts are shoved under a tree and greens are hung from the walls and ceilings, such as mistletoe and holly.”

“That – is – worthless,” said Crick. Then he paused. “But it – sounds – fun. ”

Jang picked up another strand up mistletoe, sticking it to the wall with a nail from his plunger. “Get the – holly,” he said.

Crick picked it up and flung it about the room. “Do – we have a tree?”

Jang pointed to a huge tree in the corner. “It is – a -cedar,” he said.

Crick would have grinned. “Will – this – lure – the Doctor?”

“I – certainly – hope.”

“And then -”

Together, they chorused, “EXTERMINATE!!!!”


8 thoughts on “The Second Day of Fanfic

  1. Yes!!! You did doctor who!!!
    I feel as if I should say that daleks don’t really have names, just number codes. Except for Skyro, the emperor. Sorry… doctor who nerd…


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