Epic Wikis!!!

Many, many fandoms exist, and for practically every fandom – even the obscure ones – there are wikis. I’ve even created a wiki myself, for a fandom you will be seeing in Obscure Fandom Friday pretty soon. But until then, here are the links to some very good wikis, for all the most prominent fandoms. Then, if you’ve been on any of these, let me know which you think is the best run and the most enjoyable!

Hunger Games Wiki

Lord of the Rings Wiki

Merlin Wiki

Star Wars Wiki

Zelda Wiki

Sailor Moon Wiki

Doctor Who Wiki

Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

Mistborn Wiki

Once Upon a Time Wiki

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Wiki


8 thoughts on “Epic Wikis!!!

      1. I loved reading the Mistborn series. I think my favorite character bordered with Sazed(Because who doesn’t like him?) and Elend. 🙂


      2. I think being a coinshot would be awesome! The second part of the series is really a fun read.


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