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Obscure Fandom Friday #6 – Guest Post from Eruleese!

Hello, everyone! Today we will have our first ever GUEST POST on Middle Hyrule! How exciting! The guest post is by Eruleese, who writes a wonderful fandom blog. She agreed to guest post Obscure Fandom Friday with a series she has been fond of for many years! Here it is:



Hey guys! This isn’t H.G. posting for Obscure Fandom Friday, it’s one of her friends, Eruleese! You can find my blog at www.lifeofafangirlsite.wordpress.com. So, if you ever find a chance, check it out! This week’s obscure fandom is Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky. Sorry if this isn’t the best you’ve ever seen, Eruanna is a much better blogger than I am. Well, we may as well get started!

Name of the Fandom: Wolves of the Beyond

This fandom has almost no fangirls and fanboys, as well as no memes or things like that. Pretty much all we have are our books, of which there are six. The books chronicle the story of Faolan, a young dire wolf with a splayed paw. He finds his way back to the clans and packs of the Beyond. There he becomes a gnaw wolf, a word for deformed wolves, or malcadhs, and they are used as objects of teasing for the rest of the pack. In the second or third book, you meet Edme, Faolan’s one-eyed best friend. You can follow his journey through all six of the books. You’ll cry, smile, and laugh along with the wolves, and even grow to love characters that you hated before you finished the series. I joined the fandom in third grade and even now, I still love them so much! You will stay by Wolves of the Beyond through your whole life.

Books: Wolves of the Beyond has six books. There aren’t that many illustrations, but the ones there are are some of the most perfect things you’ll ever see. The cover art is brilliant and so is the writing. The characters are created down to the very last detail, and reasons for everything are explained.

TV Show/ Movies: No. I wish, but no.

Video Games: No. Still wishing for them, but no.

Shippable: Well, you’ve got Faolan and Edme, Myrr and Maudie (you see, in my opinion they knew each other long enough before Maudie’s mother died, so they could still be shippable.) That’s probably it, unless you go so far as to ship wolves with owls.

Fanfictionable: Certainly. I write my own all the time! I never finish it, though…oops

Feels: AGH! Yes! Morag, the Faome, Myrr’s parents, Thunderheart, Banja, Winks, Bells, agh! The pain! They all died so tragically, and I died as they all died inside. I need a wolf plushie now to hold.

My personal fanbase with WOTB:

My OTP: Faome hands down, but I do love Myrrdie.

My favorite character: That’s like telling me to choose my children. This was pretty much my first fandom, so I’ve been with them for three years, and you’re telling me to choose one of them? So evil.

My favorite book: Probably either Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf, or Star Wolf. Meaning that I can’t choose. Probably Star Wolf though. The Faome is so strong…or Spirit Wolf.

To join this fandom, visit a bookstore or library. I can almost guarantee that WotB will be there, if Kathryn Lasky’s writing is there. It’ll be over near Guardians of Ga’Hoole, which are more popular books of hers. But again, if you’re bad with violent themes, I would stay away. They almost killed Faolan in the first book! He’s constantly facing death in the face. Also, if you don’t like fantasy languages, don’t read this series. Even I have trouble pronouncing malcadh. But I guarantee it, if you read the first book, you’ll get hooked immediately


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