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My New “Merlin” OTP

(Spoilers for “Merlin”)

Hello everyone…

It’s me, H.G.

I have something to confess.

I’ve been on a “Merlin” marathon lately, and, well, even though I’ve watched the show before, this hit me harder this time.

I ship…




I know she’s evil… I know he kills her… but I also know that he understands her and that he regretted who she became, and that he would have saved her at the end but it was too late. After all, he could have killed her long ago, but he specifically begged the dragon to save her, knowing the consequences. Some people say he saved her for Arthur, but I don’t know. Merlin wants to protect Arthur, right? And he knew that sparing Morgana would result in so much pain for Arthur… yet he spared her and saved her anyway.

I mostly decided to accept this ship because of the episode in Season Two where Morgana finds out she has magic in the first place, but there are other cases of it.


This is very, very rare for me to go off-canon with a ship. I nearly always stick with the canon ships (unlike a friend of mine who might be reading this right now, who cannot stay in canon to save her life.) All my non-canon ventures are in Zelda and Harry Potter. But now… I have a non-canon ship in my favorite TV show, and I kinda have to admit, it feels really, really good.

*sigh* Mergana… *sigh*

So now that all hardcore fans are cursing my name, I’m going to go post more MMM.


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