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Obscure Fandom Friday #5

Helloooooo everyone! Happy late thanksgiving! I had a Hunger Games thanksgiving fic planned, but the draft got deleted. đŸ˜¦

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done on of these! I’ve been inactive lately but I need to try to move again – and I need to wrap up MMM because I have a special something planned for the Christmas season… but anyway! I’ve dug around in my obscure fandom library, and today I have rifled up for you…


Name of the fandom: Mistborn

“Mistborn” by famous fantasist Brandon Sanderson (known for completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series,) is a three-part adventure trilogy taking place after the apocalypse, known as the ruin. In the society of the Final Empire, the godlike being known as the Lord Ruler dominates all. Several large houses hold wealth and power, while the rest of the society, called skaa, dwell in slavery and poverty. There is hope, however. For in this society dwell a class of people both rare and powerful, people who can do magic with metal. They are the Allomancers, possessors of any or all of eight magical gifts. Those who possess all are the Lord Ruler’s greatest fear – the rare society known as the Mistborn. For young Vin, abandoned by her wealthy father and nearly murdered by her insane mother, the chance to join the rebellion against Lord Ruler is a chance she never expected – and it will introduce her to powers she never imagined she’d have.

Books: “Mistborn” is a trilogy. There’s another trilogy after it, but I haven’t actually read that one yet. The original trilogy is more medieval, while the new one looks decidedly steampunk. The books are sooooooooo long, though, and the font is teeny-tiny.

Movies/TV Show – Though ideas have been pitched for a Mistborn movie, none are actually moving on.

Video games: There is a (quite fun I’ve heard) Mistborn RPG.

Shippable?: There are lots of characters in this fandom, and a fairly good number of fun ships.

Fanfictionable?: I imagine Mr. Sanderson had trouble with this series at times. Fan fiction would be next to impossible, because literally every chapter introduces something or someone new. So no matter what, you’d be getting something wrong.

Feels?: This book was an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed my head off at some parts. I sobbed my eyes out at the end.

My personal fanbase with Mistborn:

My OTP: Ohhhh, I can’t decide! Spook x Beldre is so good… but then, so is Vin x Elend… really tough, but I’m gonna have to go with Vilend, because I loved them first.

My favorite character: Sazed! Him and Tindwyll is a good ship too.

My favorite book: The third. First was good too, but the second was meh (except for Tindwyll!)

This is definitely a YA, maybe even borderline adult series. There’s mild swearing and mild references to the stuff that comes after kissing if you know what I mean (though it never happens in the book, they talk about it now and then) but the really stickler is the violence. It’s a VERY violent series. It’s also very angsty. Fans of Merlin will adore it, but Harry Potter fans will curse it’s name.

Libraries across the States carry Mistborn.



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