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New LotR Fanart

Hello, all! Well, I have certainly been inactive lately, and I apologize. (I’ve missed TWO Obscure Fandom Fridays, my goodness!) But today in my Consortium art class, I had free draw time so look what I whipped together!


It is young Sam and teenage Frodo lying in the grass together. ^.^ And look how cute they are! Especially wee Sam. He’d be about seven in human years.


‘Lil Sam.


Frodo – though not sure why this is sideways. *shrug*


The hands aren’t fantastic, but they’re better than what I usually draw for hands. My normal hands look like banana clusters. Little Sam has his fingers curled around Frodo’s. Some of Frodo’s fingers are really fat. Ugh.


You can flip it upside down or right side up.

So, how did I do portraying our favorite brothers?


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