Mockingjay Part Two Posters and Trailers

Mockingjay Part Two comes out in eighteen days, and we’re already seeing plenty of promotional stuff. There are posters, trailers, and magazine articles galore. But which were somewhat poor, and which made us excited for the movie? Let’s take a look!

First, trailers.

This trailer was okay. It was a little too dramatic for my taste, and very stereotype for a block-buster trailer. Starts with soft music, ends on a crescendo, then a two second statement that makes no sense. Movie name, snippet of music, cut.

This one’s at least better than the last one. Funnily, though, I don’t seem to remember a lot of this stuff from the books. Such as, when was the floor collapsing? When did the lizard mutts become zombies? When did Katniss march into the city circle with half of Panem behind her.

And sadly, it doesn’t look like Jennifer Lawrence’s generally poor acting is improving much.

Now, some posters:


Now, I’m not crazy about this thing they’re doing with the wings. I understand that it’s supposed to be symbolic that Katniss has the wings of her pin behind her, but I think it’s just tacky… sorry, Lionsgate.

Unknown-8Unknown copy

Usually these two posters are displayed together: Snow has fallen, Katniss is risen. I like the statue, with the mockingly made of blood behind him, but I don’t like the one of Katniss. The throne she’s sitting on is gorgeous, but I hate her costume, and I hate the fact that she’s on a  throne. It seems like she’s taking over the country rather than giving it its freedom.


This. This is just awful. I don’t even want to discuss this. They all have red mockingjays on their faces… oh, goodness. And Gale’s words say, “Brothers Unite.” This hardly makes sense, as the movie has completely ignored all of Gale’s siblings. “Sons Unite” for Peeta isn’t much better. What if Gale’s said “Friends Unite” and Peeta’s said, “Victors Unite”. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Or, wouldn’t it make more sense if Gale had the slogan, “Rebels Unite”, rather than Johanna? Maybe she could have “Tributes Unite” or “Victims Unite.” Ugh.

Overall, I dislike the movies. The first one has weird camera work, the second had poor screenplay, and the third was just all around awful. I guess I’m being rude, I just overall dislike Lawrence for Katniss. The quote from Boggs about Katniss is perfect: “she’s still a girl and you make her look thirty-five.” But, I’ll see the movie anyway.


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