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Obscure Fandom Friday #4

Yes, it’s time for another Obscure Fandom Friday! And since tomorrow’s Halloween, we’ll go with something a little creepier…


Name of the fandom: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Of all the fandoms I’ve posted so far, this is the least obscure. All the books in the trilogy have hit the bestselling list, ever since the first was published in 2011. The last came out a little over a month ago, on September 22, 2015, and the movie adaption directed by Tim Burton comes out in march of 2016, with a cast including Asa Butterworth, (who played young Mordred in Merlin and the title character in “Hugo”, to name a few) as well as Oscar-Winning Judi Dench and the rather popular Eva Green. The main character, Jacob Portman, has been told stories of strange children with unusual abilities, and as insane as it may seem, Jacob comes to learn that these children are still alive. They live within a “loop”, a safe haven where they can live the same day over and over again without aging. And slowly, Jacob begins to learn all the horrible secrets that the Peculiars may face. Although Ransom Riggs, the author, calls his trilogy a horror series, it leans more towards the side of a thriller. Still, there is a definite level of creepiness to it that any horror fan will enjoy. It was my first “creepy” book (aside from the story The Most Dangerous Game, which I absolutely adore,) and it was a great way to toe the line of a new genre without diving right in like I did with “Sailor Moon”.

Books: MPHPC is a trilogy. The books are scattered with vintage photographs – very creep ones. There is also a graphic novel, but don’t waste your time with it. I read it in twenty minutes and it was so terrible.

Tv show/Movies: The movie is coming out this spring.

Video games: That would be awesome, but now.

Shippable?: There are really only two ships, but they’re both so cute!

Fanfictionable?: Fan fiction for MPHPC would be tricky, but if you could do it, fun.

Feels?: While I never cried during this book series, I did get sad at some parts (though the wiki spoiled lots of stuff, ruining the effect.) The ending battle was great, but only one main character died in the whole series, and not even for good reasons. It sort of felt like the author kill them just to… kill them.

My personal fanbase with MPHPC:

My OTP: Fugh (Fiona x Hugh.) But Jacemma is close.

My favorite character: Fiona!!!!

My favorite book: The first will always be the best, even if there was more swearing than the others.

I didn’t like the last one very much, actually, although I was glad for the ship-able moments. ^.^

To join this fandom, visit any bookstore or library. It’s even easier to join than Sailor Moon. However, if you are bad with creepiness, steer clear of this. And if you get squeamish around bad words or violence… then also stay out of this fandom. It’s not for the faint-of-heart. If you’ve seen the movie Jaws you’ll be fine with this fandom.



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