The Elite and The One

Earlier this month, I posted about The Selection. Well, now I have finished.

Spoilers for the series

Remember how indecisive I was about which person to ship America with? Well, now I know.


Yes, I am.

And remember how much I hated Celeste? Now I love her and I was so sad she died.

Funnily, I don’t remember much about The Elite besides that the pool of girls went from six to five, and that took an entire book to accomplish somehow. The only thing I really remember is that terrible line from Aspen: “I don’t care how I get you, Mer.” That was the line that made me go Team Maxon.

Then, there’s The One. WOW, that was a good book! I liked the new characters Georgia and Paige, although Paige was a little pointless. I disliked Kriss so much. I could have smacked Aspen every time he walked on page. America, girl, get your head out of the clouds! She became Katniss for a little while, which was thoroughly annoying, but she got herself back on track in the end. Good for you, girl! But whyyyy did Celeste have to die…. *sniffle* The ending was very satisfying, no complaints there! I won’t give it away, but… I loved it!


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