Obscure Fandom Friday

Obscure Fandom Friday #3

It’s that time again where we delve into another obscure fandom on friday!!!

This week’s obscure fandom is one I have only been a part of for seven days, but am completely addicted to at this point. It’s….


Name of the fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

This will contain spoilers…

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, or just Sailor Moon for short, is a manga series that later spawned an anime show, and then a live action one. It is one of the most popular shojo mangas of all time, and redefined the magical girl genre. The main character, Usagi is an ordinary girl living in Tokyo, when she meets a talking cat who reveals to her that she has the power of moonlight and is destined to protect the world and the “Legendary Silver Crystal” from the forces of evil. She must now learn to harness her powers as the Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Soon to be joined by other Sailor soldiers such as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon must battle evil and win the heart of Tuxedo Mask, a mysterious vigilante. The plot is cheese, cheese, and more cheese, sappy lines and obvious endings. That being said, this is a fandom you want to get into! Its silliness makes it seem charming, and its emotional moments are just incredible. Every character is so diverse, the magic is awesome to read about, and the romance is beautiful to watch. The only issue is, everybody has about five million names. Usagi alone has Usagi, Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, Usagi-chan, Sailor Moon-chan, and Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit.

Books: Sailor Moon is a manga series. Manga is a type of japanese art that translates into beautiful graphic novels read backwards for true japanese reading. I’ve read the first five (and there are fourteen of them for goodness sakes!)

Tv Show/Movies: Sailor Moon was an anime in the 90’s. It was later reproduced for a live action show. (I haven’t actually seen it… but I hope to soon!)

Video games: A series of Sailor Moon video games were released by the japanese company Angel. It included RPGs, versus battle games, and mini games.

Shippable?: There are so many Sailor Moon ships I can’t even count them all. There’s even a ship with cats (and I love that ship…)

Fanfictionable?: Sailor Moon fan fiction would be really fun and pretty fluffy, since the majority of it would consist of teenage girls hanging around having fun.

Feels?: So many. So many…. and the deaths are just… no. I can’t speak of it.

My personal fanbase with PGSM –

My OTP: Sailor Mask. Or would that ship be Mamosagi? Or Serendymion? However you call it, I SHIP IT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

My favorite character: Ami-chan/Sailor Mercury. Gotta love a girl who’s IQ is 300.

My favorite book: The third one. It was so good.

When Pluto died I was almost in tears. I loved her and she died not knowing Chibiusa would be saved by her selfless acts… oh Pluto-chan…. *cries*

To join this fandom, visit a library or watch an episode. It’s much easier to join than the other Obscure Fandoms I’ve posted so far.


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