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Top Five Most Gorgeous Once Upon a Time Dresses

Aside from a good cast and plot, “Once Upon a Time” has downright gorgeous costumes. Here is a ranking of the five best.

5. Ruby’s Red Robe


Oh, isn’t that gorgeous. Red is my favorite color… and so is green. which is in her bodice. I need this dress.

4. Tinkerbell’s Green Getup


As I stated above, I love green. Look at this. So sparkly! It reminds me of the emerald city from Wizard of Oz. Is Dorothy in OUAT? She should be.

3. Belle’s Blue Bodice


Okay, that’s a dress, not a bodice, but for the sake of alliteration I changed it. She’s so pretty, isn’t she? I love Belle. Gotta adore a bookworm.

2. Snow White’s Snow White Stupendous Wonder


I want to get married in that thing. Look at it! I love the sleeves so much I can’t even tell you. But not as much as…

  1. Regina’s Victorian Black Awesome Thing


Yeah, alliteration failed there. But oh, my gosh. That dress is beautiful. It’s kind of gothic too, which I always like, because Victorian clothes are so epic.

What’s your favorite OUAT dress?


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