Obscure Fandom Friday

Obscure Fandom Friday #2

Hello! You forgot about this, didn’t you? I’m a bit sad right now, for reasons I don’t care to share, but I thought I could take my mind off sadness with some blogging. Today is Friday, so I must now share an obscure fandom with you all! Ohh, let’s see….

Ooh! I know!


Name of the fandom: Swallows and Amazons

Swallows and Amazons was published in 1930. It was the first in a twelve-part series. Each book is between 300 and 400 pages, with charming illustrations done by the author, Arthur Ransom. I’ve only read the first two, because they’re just so old it’s nearly impossible to find them. Out of the twenty-something libraries in my area, there are only three of the books between them, with only two or three copies of each. And there’s an audio book for book three. The main characters (at least, in the books I’ve read) are six children, the youngest being seven in the first book and eight in the second, the oldest being thirteen in the first book and fourteen in the second. There are two families. One is the Walkers – John, who’s about thirteen , Susan, who’s probably eleven or twelve, Titty (I guess that was a real name in the 30’s), who’s nine-ish, and Roger, who is seven. The other family is the Blacketts, Nancy and Peggy. I think Nancy is John’s age and Peggy is Susan’s. Anyway, the Walker children have a small sailboat named Swallow. The Blacketts own a pirate ship, Amazon. They’re very mischievous girls, and also very tough, so they call themselves pirates. They’re all vacationing on a huge lake in England, which has an island in the middle. The Walkers are going to sail out to the island and camp there. Little do they now it’s been claimed by the pirates… anyway, the kids all become friends and have tons of adventures. It’s really cute and imaginative. They’re all so much like me, especially Nancy, who’s sassy and likes to be in charge.

Books: There are twelve Swallows and Amazons books.

TV Show/Movies: There was a movie in 1974, and I hear there was a TV show, too.

Video Game: I’m fairly sure there was never a video game, but who knows?

Shippable?: I’d say there’s some shipping potential in this series, especially as I hear there will be more characters in the later books. (If I could only get my hands on them…) I ship Nancy and John a lot because they’re so cute together! The only other couples would be Peggy and Roger, or Peggy and John, but I’ve heard on the wiki that some other boy and girl come in. They might add more ships…

Fanfictionable?: SAA fluff would be an absolute blast to write.

Feels?: Since this fandom is mostly happy, there aren’t many emotional moments, and obviously, there’s no character deaths or anything. Just happiness. No angst.

My personal fanbase with SAA –

My OTP: Johnancy

My favorite character: Nancy. Of course.

My favorite book: The first because of the “war game” they played.

I felt so much suspense in book one when Titty was out on the boat alone. Okay, maybe naming her “Titty” is a little weird, as that’s not exactly a name you hear a lot, but it was the 30’s, so cut the guy some slack. Her name was changed to “Kitty” for one adaption and “Tatty” for another. She’s really cool, though.

To join this fandom, watch the movie or get a copy of the books. They’re probably easier to find than WWYA. You could only read the first one and you’d love it. Trust me on this one.


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