The Selection

Hello everybody! On Friday I went to the library. Along with the fourth Mistborn book and some research for my report on the Salem Witch Trials, I picked up a book that’s quite popular, but I know very little about.

That is the fabulous book trailer for, obviously, The Selection  by Kiera Cass!

Warning: Massive spoilers for The Selection below. No spoilers for the other books though, because I haven’t read them yet.

I’m not crazy into romance books. I love them if there’s stuff aside from that, but where the romance is the plot, I generally tend to find the book slightly so-so. Books like  The HelpMistborn, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, and Around the World in 80 Days, where romance is not the key element, tend to get my attention more than flat-out romance. There are a few romance books I like – Jane Eyre and Anne of Green Gables, for example.

But The Selection did that rare thing – it got my attention simply by being a romance novel. Why?

Because America was such a good character.

She was real without being overly flawed. She was smart without being a genius. She was pitiable without being a charity case. And she was a strong female character without being a copy of Katniss, or Emma, or Eowyn.

Also, because the love triangle made you go back and forth. When we were first introduced to Aspen, I decide: “okay, no matter how awesome the prince is (because it was obvious America would be selected right from the first word) I will always be Team Aspen.”

Then we meet Maxon:

“Ohh, oh, I LOVE this guy. I love him, I do. Aspen dumped America! So I’ll be Team Maxon.”

We discover Aspen did not dump America and it was all a misunderstanding:

“Gah! No! Stop! I’m confused and I can’t pick a ship!”

And then there are the other girls in the contest. Celeste annoyed me to no end, which I guess what the point. Even so, I wanted to jump into the book and rake my nails across her face. I loved Marlee and Tiny. I was pretty upset when Tiny got sent home. A part of me thinks that if I decide to be Team Aspen, at least there will still be Marlexon to ship.

The end thoroughly bothered me with its seemingly randomness and America’s sudden defensiveness against Aspen. I liked her quote, “I choose me,” but i would have liked it better if only she said it at a more convenient, suspenseful moment. Still, it was a good quote. America could teach Katniss a thing or two.

Overall, it was a good book. I will say that it’s probably not a good book to be reading until you’re in high school. If you read The Hunger Games or Divergent, you should be okay with it. If not, read those first. (I haven’t read Divergent  yet though, so that may be an unfair comparison.)

Have you read The Selection yet?


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