Obscure Fandom Friday

Obscure Fandom Friday

Hello everybody! I have posted often about Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Hunger Games, and Star Wars… yet I have many other fandoms that are rather obscure. To enlighten you about these lesser-known fandoms, I shall present you once a week with: Obscure Fandom Friday!

This week’s obscure fandom is….


Name of the fandom: Wizards Warriors & You

The main characters are Wizard and Warrior. The book opens with about four pages setting the stage for the story. Then you get to choose whether you want to be Wizard or Warrior. Since it’s a choose-your-own adventure book, obviously, you make choices along the path. If you play as Wizard, you have a book of spells, and you get to choose which ones to cast. If you play as Warrior, you have a bunch of weapons, and you get to choose three to bring with you – along with your trusty Sword of the Golden Lion, on which is inscribed the word “forever”. Wizard and Warrior are allies, partners, and companions. They also happen to be best friends. Other characters – these ones non-playable – include Princess Saralinda, King Henry, Jebara the Dragon (the series’ main villain) and Agatha the Dragon Queen. There are about a million other characters, but they usually get killed off, so don’t get too attatched to them. The illustrations are stunning, too.

Books: WWAY is an eighteen-installment book series told in the second person, a “choose your own adventure” kind of deal.

TV Show/Movies: WWAY is not reproduced for film.

Video Game: While there was not a WWAY video game, there was a game similar to it released by Nintendo.

Shippable?: This fandom doesn’t have much potential for ships, because it doesn’t have that many characters – and most of the girls are evil. My sister and I super ship Saralizard (Saralinda x Wizard).

Fanfictionable?: This fandom is very sued to fan fiction. I’ve written so many gender bent fanfics on it, where i turned Wizard into a girl, or Warrior into a girl.

Feels?: This fandom has a ton of major feels. Bring tissues with you while you read. Lots and lots of tissues.

My personal fanbase with WWAY –

My OTP: Saralizard.

My favorite character: Wizard. I almost always play as him. He’s really cute, too. Classically handsome.

My favorite book: The third because there are so many Saralizard moments!!!

For me the most emotional moments were in book three, when Wizard became infected and Warrior shot him. But really the arrows saved him, because they killed the illness in his heart. Also in book seventeen, when Wizard had to turn into a fox and almost got killed. Or, if you choose the wrong path, he DOES get killed! Oh, and the lady in book… ugh, which is it… anyway, her name was Lady R-something. She loved Wizard a lot. I shipped them a little bit, but then Saralizard took control.

To join this fandom, try to obtain a copy. it may be hard, as the books are so old and rare and pricey on eBay. But it’s worth it. But if you happen to live on the same street as the former leader of a D&D club, it’s likely that he will have a copy.

This fandom is awesome, but dead. Help me revive it! Join WWAY!

Some of the books were written by R.L. Stine, if you need more persuasion.


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