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My Favorite Merlin Episode

I realize I haven’t done a lot of Merlin on this blog. Therefore, since it is 10:46, and I have nothing to do while I wait for my second breakfast to be done, I thought I might share what my favorite episode is.

A Servant of Two Masters


Merlin has a lot of great aspects – romance, adventure, and good special effects. However, one of my favorite parts of the series is humor. Season four was very dark, which is why I feel they threw “A Servant of Two Masters” in to give us something more light-hearted. It’s one of those episodes that you don’t have to watch for the show to make sense, but is definitely worth it if you do.

In the beginning  of this episode, Merlin and Arthur are running from bandits, and they are sperated.


(I didn’t make that confession, by the way.)

Arthur thinks Merlin is dead and he is very upset. By Season four Merlin and Arthur (much like Sam and Frodo) had ceased to be Servant and Master and become the very best of friends. I wouldn’t say they had a brotherly relationship yet (although it’s definetly there later on) but they were very close.

Merlin is not dead, though. But Morgana finds him. When he wakes up he is hanging by his wrists in her hovel. She plants a creepy snake-thing in his neck to make him do what she wants. And what she wants is for Merlin to kill Arthur.


When he gets back to Camelot, Arthur is overjoyed to discover Merlin is alive. He doesn’t think anything is wrong. But Gaius knows Merlin better than anyone, and he can suspect that something is up.

Merlin tries to kill Arthur in three different ways. First, he tries to poison him.


When that fails, he sets a crossbow trap.


By now Gaius and Gwen know what’s up. They narrowly manage to save Arthur and drag Merlin off when Merlin poisons Arthur’s bath.


Then there’s a hilariously awakard scene where Arthur is naked in front of Gwen and quickly grabs a pillow after doing this strangled shock scream.

Needless to say, Gaius and Gwen get the snake out of Merlin, but it grows back. Then Merlin has to do the “old Merlin” trick to go stop it at its source when they free him again.

Comic episode, but it all works out in the end. Even though Merlin almost kills Arthur, it has a ton of humor in the attempts, especially since they fail. What’s your favorite Merlin episode?


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