Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday Fic!!!

Happy hobbit day to everyone! Today is Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday! Here is a fic where Gandalf, Pippin, Merry, and Sam are over at Bag End.


Bilbo set the tray of small cakes and tea on the sidetable, setlling into the armchair beside it, across from Gandalf. The old wizard looked up and smiled. “I declare, Bilbo, at one hundred you are looking much the same as you did fifty years ago.”

“Do I?” Bilbo poured a mug of tea and passed it over. “Well, that will be the blood on my mother’s side – I am directly descended from the Old Took, you know.” He glanced down at the floor, where Frodo was playing with his cousins and Sam.

“Cay!” Little Pippin reached up for the tray of cakes. “Cay!”

“You want a cake, Pip?” Frodo asked. The one-year-old Took nodded vigorously. Frodo took down a cake, and pulling him into his lap, broke off a bite for Pippin.

“Yay! Cay! Thankooo Fwo!”

“You’re welcome, Pip dear.” Frodo ruffled the boys curls.

“M-waa!” Pippin kissed Frodo’s nose. “I kisshyou, Fwo!”

“Yes you did.” Frodo smiled and set him back on the floor. Pippin picked up the wooden horse he had been playing with and tried to feed it pieces of his cake.

“Frodo,” Merry said, tugging on his arm. “I didn’t give you your present yet.”

“And I didn’t give you yours, Mer-Mer.” Frodo reached for a slip of paper behind the armchair and handed it to him.

“You go first.” Merry handed over his package to Frodo, who carefully unfolded the wrapping and set it aside.

“Oh, thank you Merry!” he said, opening a green book. “Did you know I don’t have this?”

“Uh-huh.” Merry smiled proudly. “Fatty gave it to me for his birthday, but I don’ want it anymore.”

Frodo hugged him. “Thank you, love. Now you open yours.”

“There’s nothin’ to open, Fro.” Merry turned the piece of paper over, then paused and broke out into a smile. “Is me!”

“Yes, it is! I worked for a long time to get your nose perfect.” Frodo tapped the drawing. “But Uncle let me use his colored inks, so I could do your handsome blond curls just right.”

Pippin toddled over to the drawing, and then looked down at it. Confused, he looked up at Merry, then back down at the drawing. He grabbed Merry’s face in his pudgy hands and pulled it closer until they were eye-to-eye. Then he exclaimed, “der thwoo o’ you, Mer-Mer!” He kissed Merry’s cheek. “Mm-wa! I kisshyou.”

Bilbo and Gandalf exchanged smiles over the lad’s heads.

“It’s just a drawing, Pippin,” Sam told the boy.

“M-waah! Ikisshyou, Sam!”

Sam wiped his forehead off. “Yech.”

Frodo swooped down on Sam and kissed his hair. Bilbo laughed aloud. “Alright, lads, time for you to go to bed.”

“Awww.” Merry set his drawing aside.

“Come on, you can sleep with me if you like,” Frodo said. The boys skipped off, and abilbo and Gandalf sat back to smoke their pipes.


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