Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

The Fellowship’s Chatroom #2

addbratlove225 asked for a sequel to the original Fellowship’s Chatroom, and it was so funny so how could I refuse?


Leggsielovesarrows has joined the chat

Gimlithegreat has joined the chat

Elendilsheir has joined the chat

Leggsielovesarrows: Hey Aragorn, what’s up?

Elendilsheir: Um, you’re right here riding with me.

Gimlithegreat: We are, but the horses are so loud how do you expect us to talk?

Elendilsheir: So we go in a chatroom.

Leggsielovesarrows: Of course.

Pip has joined the chat

Merryisawesome has joined the chat

Gandalfthewhite has joined the chat

Pip: helo how r al of u dng 2da

Merryisawesome: Here we go with the text lingo…

Gandalfthewhite: I wonder what Frodo and Sam are up to.

Leggsielovesarrows: I could IM Sam and ask him to come online.

Pip: u haz Sam IM ho u get dat.

Leggsielovesarrows: We talk about flowers and plants and stuff.

Merryisawesome: Of course you do.

Gimlithegreat: So IM him!

Leggsielovesarrows: Okay, let me click over to iMessages…

Elendilsheir: What if they’re dead?

Gandalfthewhite: Oh, don’t be so dramatic, I’m sure they aren’t dead.

Pip: u nvr no Gandalf they mit b ded.

Gandalfthewhite: Enough with the chat speak!

Pip: Y?

Pip: Y?

Merryisawesome: Haha Pippin, you double posted.

Gimlithegreat: That still only counts as one!

Po-ta-toeSam has joined the chat

Leggsielovesarrows: He’s here!

Po-ta-toeSam: Hello everyone, how are you?

Elendilsheir: We’re good, how are you?

Po-ta-toeSam: Alive. Barely.

Ringbearer has joined the chat


Merryisawesome: Whoa.

Gimlithegreat: What in Middle-Earth is going on over there?

Ringbearer: Sam is carrying me up Mt. Doom, which is great, but then he let go of my legs to use his phone! You can’t carry someone one-handed!

Po-ta-toeSam: Yes I can. I am very strong.

Pip: Fro u is tecniclly on ur fone if u iz txtng us wich u iz.

Ringbearer: I’m not the one carrying a 45-pound hobbit!

Po-ta-toeSam: You weigh 48 pounds. Let’s be real here.

Leggsielovesarrows: How is it possible for Frodo to only weigh 48 pounds?

Po-ta-toeSam: I only weigh 46 pounds now. We’re kind of starving here.

Elendilsheir: Do you want us to fax you some cash?

Gandalfthewhite: There are no grocery stores in Mordor, Aragorn.

Gimlithegreat: There must at least be a McDonald’s.

Ringbearer: There is, but the burgers are made out of human or goblin body parts.

Merryisawesome: Ewwwww!!!!

Po-ta-toeSam: It’s a McDonald’s for orcs.

Leggsielovesarrows: I see…

Pip: …

Gandalfthewhite: …

Elendilsheir: …

ThePantslessWonder has joined the chat

ThePantslessWonder: Nassssty little hobbitses! Give ussss back the Precious! *gollum*

Ringbearer: Ack!!!

Merryisawesome: How did he get on here ?!

Po-ta-toeSam: He must have hacked the server.

Gandalfthewhite: Uh-oh…

ThePantslessWonder: We sees you, Baggins! Being carriedses does not mean we does not see you!

Ringbearer: Nooooo!

Po-ta-toeSam: Ack – fheaurkFeajge.akhghesr.kjghsukbb yuseibrs byrsuibrstb srybsuril

Pip: ?

Po-ta-toeSam: He’s attacking fheqf.ehferak.hgbefhjbh ghrje,avh me and randomly banging keys on ghj,hfgh,g dtyj dfy my phone!!!!

Merryisawesome: Uh…

Leggsielovesarrows: …

Ringbearer: Sam!

Po-ta-toeSam: Run Mr. Frodo!!!

Ringbearer: *runs*

Ringbearer has left the chat.

Gimlithegreat: This could become an issue pretty soon…

ThePantslessWonder: *bites Sam’s neck*

Po-ta-toeSam: Aaaaaaaah!!

Pip: Gollum u is mean let go of my frnd rit no i m sris i wl hrt u if u dont let go of hm. U ned 2 let go of hm.

ThePantslessWonder: Ooh, we accidentally took a selfie, precious! Then let us upload it, my love. *gollum, gollum*

Po-ta-toeSam: Ow…. *rubs neck*

Merryisawesome: *hugs Sam*

ThePantslessWonder: image

Gandalfthewhite: That is disturbing.

Leggsielovesarrows: I’M MORE PRETTY THAN YOU OR ANYONE!!!!

Gimlithegreat: No… please, no…

Leggsielovesarrows: FEAR MY PERFECTION!




MY –

Gimlithegreat: image

Leggsielovesarrows: What.

Gimlithegreat: I took it after the battle when you were filthy.

Leggsielovesarrows: What.

Po-ta-toeSam: It hurts… ow…

Gimlithegreat: Couldn’t resist.

Leggsielovesarrows: I hate you so much.

Pip: I m telng u Legolas figwit haz mre fangirls thn u.

Po-ta-toeSam: I’m just gonna make this quick. *cuts Gollum with a sword, runs after Frodo*

ThePantslessWonder: Owwwie!

Po-ta-toeSam has left the chat.

ThePantslessWonder: Stupid hobbit, you won’t get away so easy!

ThePantslessWonder has left the chat.

Pip: Yessssss go Sam.

Merryisawesome: And we’ve arrived at the battlefield, so…

Merryisawesome has left the chat

Pip has left the chat

Elendilsheir has left the chat

Leggsielovesarrows: If my hatred is a volcano, Frodo could destroy the Ring in it. That’s how hot it is.

Gimlithegreat: Well, then you’d die, and I’d put makeup all over your corpse and bury you that way.

Gandalfthewhite: Wrap it up you two, we have a battle.

Gandalfthewhite has left the chat.

Leggsielovesarrows: I hate you.

Gimlithegreat: We’re gonna die soon. I’m dying side by side with an elf.

Leggsielovesarrows: What about side by side with an enemy?

Gimlithegreat: Aye, I could do that.

Leggsielovesarrows has left the chat

Gimlithegreat has left the chat.



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