Tri Force Heroes Letting Me Down!

I have finally watched the trailer for Tri Force Heroes.

More precisely, I watched the first seventy-five seconds.

After that it became too horrid to look at any more. It terrified me. The evil witch who curses a fashionable princess to wear a leotard? Come on, Nintendo! By the time we get Zelda Wii U, the console will be almost past its time, and 3DS is dying. I feel sort of like they were working on Tri Force Heroes as a “just in case we need it” project.

No, we do not need it, if this is the best you’ve got.

Zelda Wii U looks terrific, but by now, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to play it! Tri Force Heroes looks awful. The animation seems to have trouble deciding whether its the Wind Waker or a Link Between Worlds (and I love a Link Between Worlds, even though I’ve enever actually played all the way through.)

If Zelda Wii U is as good as Hyrule Warriors, I will blog about how it was worth the wait, how the Wii U was made for Zelda games. If Tri Force Heroes manages to be amusingly under-done, I will apologize. But until then…

Well, as a commenter on Zelda Dungeon said, the CD-I games are no longer the worst in the franchise!


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