And the winner is…..

Voting is officaily CLOSED for the new long fanfiction! So, which one was victorious? Let’s tally up the points…

In third place with one point is “The Quell”. Now you guys don’t have to watch your favorite characters die! Sorry to that one person who voted for it.

In second place with three votes is “To Hurt and To Heal,” or as Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and I call it, “THATH.” It was very popular in the beginning.

Which means the winner, with four votes, is Modern Multi Mash-up!!

But hang on. I’m making an executive decision.

What, H.G.?

I just realized yesterday that a ton of MMM is already written on another site – eight chapters, more than a week’s worth of posting. So MMM would be more copying and pasting than actual writing, until I got past those eight chapters. Then why not copy and paste MMM, but write “THATH”at the same time? Anne Marie Gazzolo was quite disapointed when she heard I would not be writing it. She even offered me mushrooms. (Well, e-mushrooms, I suppose.) No hobbit can turn down mushrooms!

And so, ladies and germs, Hylians and Hobbits, Tributes and Tatooineians, you will be getting TWO fanfictions for the price of one! That’s right, too!

However, THATH will be put on the same page that “Land of Shadow” already exists on, so I don’t have to make lots of pages. MMM will get its own page.

Tomorrow afternoon, when I get back from church, the first chapters of MMM and THATH will be coming.

Who’s excited?


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