Character Assessment

The End of Twilight Princess

So I just beat Twilight Princess. It took me about eleven weeks, so all in all it was a fairly challenging game – but Ocarina and Majora took four moths, and Link to the Past took half a year, so not the most challenging. Now that I have beaten the game, you get to hear my overanalyzed rants about it. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First off, I want to say that Midna is incredible. I’ve talked about her awesomeness in another post, so I won’t go on and on here. I’m just going to say it again. I absolutely love her. I really hope they bring her back. Her words about how as long as the mirror is intact, “we could meet again” sounds like a knockoff of Into the West but hey, it works, right? (By the way, I’ve posted before about a Twilight Princess Into the West, which you ought to watch if you haven’t yet.) Yet it could be true. Midna could return. I’ve seen a lot of, “But then she broke the mirror, so no, she couldn’t.” Well, Zant broke the mirror earlier but Link and Midna were able to fix it.

Zant. I have a bone to pick about him. He is, in my opinion, quite possibly the lamest Zelda villain ever. I barely ever saw him, aside from cutscenes, until the boss fight with him. I suppose you could say we saw him when he turned Link into a wolf, but that interaction was brief and unmemorable. I couldn’t exactly tell what angle they were playing him from, until during the – I can’t remember if it was the fourth or the sixth – anyway, during the fourth or sixth section of his battle, he started slashing at me like a maniac, and I realized, “oh, he’s insane. Wow, that came out of nowhere.” And it did. Ganondorf is power reincarnated. Majora is lonely and immature. Ghirahim is fabulous, fabulous, and more fabulous. But Zant? He’s devoid of personality until about thirty-six seconds before his death (which I loved by the way, I loved how Midna stabbed him through the heart – rock on, girl!) And then it turns out Zant has just been a puppet the whole time.

That’s right, because who is it that was pulling the strings? Why, it was clearly none other than.. drumroll please… GANONDORF!!! 0.0 Whoa! I never ever would have seen that coming. NO WAY!!!! He manipulated Zant? He was planning to take over the world all along?

^Note the sarcasm in my voice.

There were a few other issues. For one thing, characters would come up with a problem, but once that problem was resolved, they sort of….faded away. Take Ilia, for example. For about hakf the game her memory is missing, but once you recover it, she only greets Link with an already-given line that conveys no emotion or romance, which some people love to imagine. Or Colin, who was so well developed for the first third of the game, then spent the rest of it standing in a hotel with that Native American girl who had so much potential but did absolutely nothing, like Ashei, Hannah, Shad, Rusl, Uli, Talo, Beth, Ralis, Telma, and nearly every other character in the game. *sigh*

Overall, there were a lot of good points to the game, but the sheer number of NPC’s, combined with the poor villains, made it one of the more “meh” Zelda games. But I did enjoy it, and I did tear up a bit when I saw the name “Satoru Iwata” under Executive Producer. But not my favorite game ever.

If we were talking about Majora’s Mask, now……


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