“Bad Guy” Ships

Everyone knows about good-guy ships. Example: Zelink (Zelda x Link). Or, Katpee (Katniss x Peeta lol). Or, Sarose (Sam x Rosie ^.^) But what about the bad guys? Often villains have love lives that are just as fascinating and ship-worthy. Here at Middle Hyrule, I strive to bring you the best, and so today I will be informing you of the best bad-guy ships out there that you may not have heard of before.

Clato (Cato x Clove) The Hunger Games.


I reeeeeally like Clato. There are some people who ship Glimmer with Cato because she cuddles his arm in the movie. Grr. Clato was the best ship ever. Okay, I take that back, Sarose is the best ship ever, but Clato is high up there. I especially like the part in the books where he begs her to stay with him, but that was taken out of the movies, annoyingly.

Firahim (Fi x Ghirahim) “The Legend of Zelda”


Fi is technically good, but Ghirahim is evil enough for the both of them. And yet, look how cute they would be together!! One thing cool my sister pointed out is that when Link and Demise are fighting, their swords clash. And since Fi and Ghirahim are their swords, Fi and Ghirahim are fighting, too. Eh, even married couples fight. I still ship them.

Tiadavy or Calyvy (Tia Dalma/Calypso x Davy Jones) “Pirates of the Caribbean”


As I have stated before, Tia Dalma/Calypso scares me. Her teeth. Her voice. Her handing over a jar of dirt and acting like it’s normal. All the weird things you see in her voodoo shop-thing. And don’t get me started on Davy Jones. The tentacles are so… disgusting. So this ship is a bit odd. But hey, it still exists.

Morgandred (Morgana x Mordred) “Merlin”


Isn’t this cute?

Boy, they’re evil. Eating dinner while discussing how to kill Morgana’s brother.

But boy are they cute together!!!

Especially now that he’s older and actually eligible for shipping….


Which is your Villanous OTP?


2 thoughts on ““Bad Guy” Ships

  1. Well, I don’t think Mordred and Morgana have any love connecton whatsoever, but I suppose that’s my opinion. I recently finished the Merlin series and I always pictured Mordred as a younger brother figure to her. Maybe because she met him when her was very young. SO I’d have to go with Tiadavy because Pirates of the Carribean are my favorite movies ever!


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