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Every LotR Kiss

Here I will be talking about every kiss in Lord of the Rings (and there are a LOT.)

First off. Arwen and Aragorn kisses. There are FIVE.

Arwen and Aragorn kisses (lips)

image imageimage image


That’s right, five. Five long, long, loooong kisses. Now personally I really like the coronation one. Infind it very cute. And also the one that takes place in the moonlight. That’s my ship right there. But the one in his dream is so fake and gross looking. It almost made me turn Arawyn, especially when she said, “trust Us.” Us. Blech. Over the top, Arwen. Over the top. Let’s keep it simple, kay? Kay. Moving on.

Aragorn and Brego (nose)


I love how cute his horse, Brego, looks when it walks up to him and nuzzles his nose with it’s soft, horsey lips. So cute! Horse kisses are adorable. ^.^

Aragorn and Boromir (forehead)


The death of Boromir had me weeping. I like that he calls Aragorn, “my brother, my captain, my king.” I think it did the book justice, and I love the look on Aragorn’s face. In his eyes you can tell that he’s going to miss Boromir, who he’s travelled so many miles with, who like him, is a man of Gondor. Viggo was great at this part. But wow, Sean Bean died? Never saw that coming! >.<

Galadriel and Gandalf (temple)


I don’t really understand this sort of romance-thing PJ gave Gandalf and Galadriel in the Hobbit. They were just friends. Besides, she’s already married. So when she gets all weepy over him, and then bends down and presses her lips to his temple, and then they hold hands, I couldn’t help but go, “whaa?” especially when Elrond, Saruman, and a ton of other people who weren’t in the books started showing up. Maybe Jackson was trying to give them a friendship relationship, but he failed miserably, and now every ships them. In the books, they are just friends. People, you can be friends without automatically having to be shipped… although, sadly, everyone forgets that these days. *sigh*

Tauriel and Kili (lips)


I hate Tauriel. She’s not in the books. I could maybe overlook that if she was cool. But she’s not. She’s Katniss reincarnated with red hair, and that’s really unoriginal. Seriously, she likes bows, she’s rather rough-seeming but loving at heart, she has two guys vying for her attention and chooses the one everybody watching the movie hates. Plagarism is spelled P-J-“-i-n-v-e-n-t-s-“-T-a-u-r-i-e-l in my book. My hatred of her got in the way of my like for this kiss. Really it’s very sweet, and romantic, but since it’s The Thing doing it, I by law am forced to hate it. Sorry!

Sam and Rosie (lips and cheek)

image image

ATTENTION EVERYONE. SAROSE IS MY OTP. Of course, if you’ve read “The Land of Shadow”, you’ll know I am addicted to Sarose. They are the cutest. I love them. I was fangirling at the top of my lungs when they kissed on their wedding day. I would have been fangirling when they kissed on the cheek too, but honestly I didn’t even notice until the second time I watched the movie. Because I was still drowning in tears from witnessing another kiss thar came right before that one…

Frodo and Sam (forehead)


I watched this scene and I burst into tears. The look on their faces when they hug just broke my heart. Neither of them said much, but you could feel the emotion. Sean and ‘Lij were great here. I was already weeping from that hug. Then suddenly Frodo took Sam’s face in his hands, tilted his head down, and kissed him on the forehead. I shattered like glass, even though I knew that was going to happen (thank you, internet.) Literally. There was mascara pouring down my face. Some people say it’s overdone, but I disagree. These two are the best of friends. They’ve been through so much together. And now they are about to face the longest sepearation of lives – over sixty years until they will finally meet again – so I think a goodbye kiss to a best friend is appropriate. It’s so tender and sweet. I want a friendship like this. Sadly, the internet has their friendship all wrong…. grr. That stuff infuriates me. But anway, I really love this kiss. It’s my second favorite in the whole series. Second to Sarose lip-locking, of course. But I don’t think you can measure them the same way, because the Sam and Rosie kiss was their marriage, where this Sam and Frodo one is non-romantic (since they’re best friends.) I wrote too much. I should move on. Lets see, what haven’t I done yet… ah!

Galadriel and Frodo (hair)


Look at Elijah’s thick, curly hair. I’m amazed you can even see Cate’s lips through all those black waves. But it’s a cute kiss. Frodo doesn’t have a mom. Galadriel is sort of a motherly figure to him. So a kiss on the hair from her seems pretty legit. Although I’m not sure which of them has bigger ears. Hers are more pointy than big. Why do hobbits have pointy ears, again? Anyone have an idea? I’m lost.

Kisses that were not in the movie (but totally should have been)

-Eowyn and Faramir kissed on top of the tower, not caring who saw them. This was left out. Instead they got an unromantic hand hold – and that was only in the Extended Edition. Alas…

image*.* That’s so cuuuute! Too bad I already have an OTP. Sorry, Farawyn. Not sorry, Sarose.

-Sam gave Frodo four kisses

  • One on the forehead in Shelob’s lair
  • One again on the forehead in Cirith Ungol
  • He kissed his hand in Mordor
  • And then kissed both of his hands on Mount Doom.
  • He also held Frodo’s head in his lap while they slept. That was pretty cute, too.

-And while the amount of Sarose kisses were about the same, they got a scene where Rosie ran up to him and told him he looked great. In my head I was screaming, “just grab him and kiss him already! What are you waiting for?!!” Fanfiction on that is inevitable.

Did I miss any kisses? Which of these is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Every LotR Kiss

  1. Yeah, well. But really, I could sue PJ for leaving they out of the movie. I mean, it’s like critical the the ends of the story, cause otherwise you would never know that they were in love with each other.


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