Wizards Guide to Using a Muggle Telephone – 5 Steps

I found this on potterheadpnline.wordpress.com – great blog, by the way – and it’s hilarious. Check it out.


Greetings wizards, today we are going to help you use one of the muggles most used devices, a mobile phone.

1) Buy a mobile phone (Make sure you have a good camera as taking ‘selfies’ is what muggles like doing)

2) Unlike in the wizarding world, you always need to charge your phone. Electricity is important in the muggle world.

3) Download some apps, these are things that muggles use to pass the time. Unlike in the wizarding world where we have magic, muggles get bored easily and need apps to pass time.

4) When in a muggle town, take normal pictures instead of moving ones. Muggles will find it strange if the picture you took started moving. Take the photos with your muggle phone and not a magical one.

5) Instead of sending messages by owl, always send messages throughout text or other messaging apps. If muggles see you attaching…

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